Common castor oil is the best decoration for garden beds

Common castor oil is the best decoration for garden beds
Common castor oil is the best decoration for garden beds

The castor bean plant is quite common in urban design. It is often a decoration of flower beds in parks and squares. A bright picturesque shrub with reddish leaves cannot but attract attention.

castor bean

The historical homeland of this plant is Africa. The castor bean was cultivated in ancient Egypt about 4,000 years ago. Today it is popular all over the world. It can be found on the streets in almost any country. This plant is especially revered in India, Brazil, China, Iran and Argentina. In a humid hot climate, the bush lives up to three years and reaches a height of 10 meters, but in temperate latitudes castor bean is grown as an annual plant and rarely grows more than three meters.

Sprawling bush with carved catchy leaves and beautiful candles of reddish inflorescences makes an indelible impression on people. Castor beans look best not in compositions with other plants, but planted singly and framed by neat green lawns. Often it is used as a central element on large compositeflower beds.

castor bean plant

The castor bean plant, in addition to its decorative purpose in landscape design, also has considerable value. Its seeds are used in the production of castor oil, which in turn is used in the manufacture of paints, varnishes and plastics. Castor oil is used in instrumentation as an essential component of lubricants. You can not do without it in pharmaceuticals and perfumery. This oil is also popular in everyday life. Every housewife knows that the leather surface treated by him becomes soft and moisture resistant.

castor plant

Common castor bean is a heat-loving plant that does not tolerate low temperatures. Shoots are especially sensitive to cold. An adult bush begins to die already at +3 degrees. When planting this plant in open ground, make sure that the selected area is well lit from all sides by the sun. In order for the plant to be strong and he althy, it needs regular watering. With a lack of moisture, castor beans will stop growing, its leaves will be small and inconspicuous. But prolonged waterlogging of the soil also adversely affects the he alth of the plant. Castor oil can be affected by fusarium - rot. To avoid waterlogging, good drainage and regular loosening of the soil is necessary.

Castor bean is a capricious and tender plant. It is grown by seedling method. Of course, you can sow in open ground, but it is recommended to do this only in mid-May and after the threat of frost has passed. Seeds are laid in the ground to a depth of 10 cm, 3 pieces perone hole. Seedlings are planted in March in wide deep boxes. After 3-4 true leaves appear, the seedlings are transferred to the flower beds. It is better to transplant them in a transshipment way along with an earthen clod. Several times a season, the plant is fed with organic fertilizers, such as manure or bird droppings. Mineral complexes are introduced into the soil.

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