How to deal with the onion fly - a pest of the green garden?

How to deal with the onion fly - a pest of the green garden?
How to deal with the onion fly - a pest of the green garden?
how to deal with onion fly

After a cold winter and store-bought products, people dream of their own garden greens. Gardeners are looking forward to the planting season with great hope, and especially the cleaning of the garden. In particular, the first product that we can get in our own garden is onions. But it is not always necessary to experience the joy of such a delicacy due to pests that can spoil green spaces. The onion fly, fighting it can be an easy task for you. The fly feeds on the juice of the bulb, as a result of which the vegetable can dry out, and the arrows can turn yellow and deteriorate. How to deal with an onion fly, in addition to treating the plantings with a chemical? After all, these substances can harm not only the onion fly, but also humans. As a result of processing in this way, onions can accumulate a large amount of toxins. Of course, seasoned growers know the counter-force to this problem and provide advice that each generation passes on to the next.

One of these tips is to dig up a bed with the addition of ash and sawdust of coniferous wood. This method will help to fertilize the bed well.

There is another way to deal with the onion fly in the country. Irrigation and pollination with wild rosemary, valerian, mint, wormwood, lovage and other herbs with a pungent odor will also help in the fight against insects. The beds should be treated regularly. You should not wait for the appearance of a fly and only then take on the salvation of the crop - you need to take care of the safety of the garden long before the appearance of the pest.

onion fly control methods

One of the tricky ways to scare off an old and annoying pest can be to change the landing site. Onions and garlic are recommended to be planted in the old place no earlier than after 3-4 years. Of course, onions are planted in a well-ventilated area. By the time onions are recommended to be planted in early spring.

Some gardeners give advice on how to deal with the onion fly - water the bed with a solution of s alt. Take about 250 g of s alt and dilute it in 10 liters of water and, when the bow arrow grows to 5 cm, treat the bed with a solution, and after 3 hours pour it with plain purified water. This procedure can be repeated 1 time in 10 days. During the next treatment, it is recommended to take more s alt for the same amount of water - up to 400 g. When processing, do not allow the solution to get on the pen, but if an oversight was nevertheless made, immediately rinse the pen with purified water.

onion fly

Abroad gardeners know another method? how to deal with an onion fly - sprinkling beds with a mixture of lime and tobacco dust. Match the parts 1:1. Such a procedure will help get rid of not onlyonion fly, but also from other pests. The upside is that processing needs to be done once a season.

Onion fly (we have already considered the methods of dealing with it) - how does it look like? This is a very small insect, its body length is up to 8 mm. The onion fly is light brown in color, with a brown head and transparent wings. You can easily recognize the larva - it is long, white translucent color. At the end of the larva, a narrowing of the body is observed. The fly spends the winter period in the soil, which is why it is so important to carry out prevention and treatment of beds in advance.

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