How to calculate the number of wallpapers? How much wallpaper do you need per room

How to calculate the number of wallpapers? How much wallpaper do you need per room
How to calculate the number of wallpapers? How much wallpaper do you need per room

Today, interior living spaces can be equipped in many ways, but the market leadership is still held by wallpaper due to its diversity. Made using modern advanced technology, these products are able to refresh any interior, satisfying the personal preferences of the owners of private buildings and apartments.

Some novelties imitate a variety of natural materials. Affordable prices and the possibility of independent repair work invariably increase their demand among the population. To purchase the optimal amount of building materials, you need to consider how to calculate the amount of wallpaper. This will be discussed further.

Standard sizes

Before you start repair work, you need to consider how to calculate the amount of wallpaper. Thinking ahead of time for future actions ensures financial stability without the need to spend money on correcting mistakes.

How much wallpaper do you need per room?

Today, manufacturers offer an extensive selection of materials for decorating apartments and rooms in individualbuildings. For wallpapering, one cannot do without an accurate calculation of their number per room. It is advisable to take into account the standard parameters. The length of the wallpaper roll can be:

  • 10.05 m;
  • 5 m;
  • 8 m;
  • 12 m;
  • 15 m;
  • 18 m;
  • 20m;
  • 25 m.

You also need to know the width of the roll. By default, this indicator can be:

  • 0.53m;
  • 0.6m;
  • 0.74m;
  • 1.06M;
  • 1, 2m;
  • 1, 5 m.

There are types of materials that require the indispensable match of the pattern or without its fitting. Calculate indicators for walls. At the same time, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bdoors and windows is subtracted. Determine the height of the wall without spare rapport.

Features of counting

First of all, a linear value, suitable according to the accepted parameters, is accurately applied with the assumption of some error. Indicators are necessarily marked on the product.

Wallpaper roll length

Calculators given on websites set their parameters: 53 × 1005 cm or 0.53 × 10.05 m.. 10, 05 stands for 10 m + 5 cm. The developers have specially taken care of these parameters due to their ease of use.

There are also other sizes. For example, 106 × 1005 cm, similar to the previous wallpaper, but they are doubled in width. This variety speeds up the pasting process, while at the same time assuming the presence of certainskills. For many masters, this size is the most acceptable and comfortable for the task.

Foreign varieties are produced in a width of 74 cm with a roll of 10 m. Rare indicators of 60 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm also find their customers.

The thickness is of no small importance. There are options: extremely compacted with vinyl artsy ornament or thin, suitable for dyeing, on a fiberglass or non-woven base. Paper varieties are also used.


To purchase the required amount of materials, they calculate how much wallpaper is needed per room. They are classified based on the base and layer on the front side. The following types are known: made of paper, non-woven, vinyl, textile-based, fiberglass and natural cork or bamboo wood. This allows you to choose a wallpaper for any interior style.

Calculation of wallpaper with a shift

For pasting walls, you need to consider some important nuances. According to proven technology, it is necessary to take into account the additional distance at the top and bottom, followed by the removal of the excess part along a predetermined contour. This circumstance requires the addition of 5 cm. The required number of rolls cannot be calculated without an important side factor - the pattern with the need to combine it.

Varieties of pattern

To calculate the consumption of wallpaper, you must take into account the type of wallpaper. It can be an ornament without regard to image alignment.

Calculationwallpaper consumption

This pattern is the easiest and fastest to apply. This method is characterized by cutting the web from any point without the presence of small scraps. Often this type of wallpaper is presented:

  • applied in vertical stripes;
  • artificial, shapeless, ornament;
  • tinting elements;
  • chaotic image;
  • ornament without vertical shift.

A more complex version of the arrangement of the room involves the indispensable combination of two parts of the material in the horizontal direction of the applied pattern. Its height or step is called rapport. In the case of cutting this type of rolls, when marking, the beginning is carefully cut off. This circumstance affects the number of canvases taken from one roll.

Cut with a shift of ½ rapport

Some even professional masters may have a question about how to calculate the number of wallpapers. The number of canvases taken from the roll is determined by the pattern. The diagonal view requires another offset by a specific distance. Most often this is half of the rapport. Often, this type of product causes some difficulties for employees of construction companies and home craftsmen.

Calculation of the number of wallpapers by area

Removing excess material consumes rapport. In most cases, when selling, labels are indicated by a special icon indicating the rapport in the numerator, and the image shift indicator in the denominator. This must be taken into account when making calculations.Such wallpaper will require much more than materials with a monotonous pattern.

Dimensions of living space

The number of wallpapers is calculated by the area of ​​the room. First you need to multiply the length by the width of the room. Next, measure the height of the ceiling. With the help of special tables, the number of rolls is determined when choosing wallpaper of different widths.

Calculation of the number of wallpapers around the perimeter

The procedure is easier to perform in a room with right angles. An irregular shape with a more careful approach requires determining the size of ledges and niches for subsequent wallpapering.

You can calculate the amount yourself. To do this, another 10 cm is added to the height of the walls for the upper and lower trimming. If the wallpaper is offset, the rapport specified by the manufacturer is added to the result. Next, you need to calculate the wallpaper around the perimeter. The resulting value is divided by the width of the roll. Rounding is done up. This will allow you to calculate the number of canvases. The result is multiplied by the length of each segment. Get the footage that will need to paste over the room.

Important points

Window and door openings should not be subtracted when making calculations. It should be noted that the remains are most often obtained when cutting by connecting the pattern. In order to avoid unforeseen situations, skilled builders advise to acquire a spare roll in any circumstances.

Having considered the technology, how to calculate the number of wallpapers, you can determine the number of rolls yourself and purchase the optimal amount of materials forfinishing.

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