Pavilions: sizes. Construction of gazebos: design, shape

Pavilions: sizes. Construction of gazebos: design, shape
Pavilions: sizes. Construction of gazebos: design, shape

It would seem that gazebos, the sizes of which can be different, can be built according to your own plan. This, of course, is true, but then it will not be possible to save as much as possible when using the recommended design parameters. The first step in building a place to stay is the choice of its size. This issue should not be neglected for the reason that not only the capacity of the installation will depend on this parameter, but also the consumption of material, which affects the costs of construction.

Some builders, thinking about building a gazebo, choose their own sizes, not taking into account the fact that by choosing the recommended ones, you can save. This is due to the fact that the beam, as a rule, has a standard length and width. If this feature of lumber is not taken into account, then after construction, trimmings may remain that cannot be adapted anywhere.

Planning the parameters of the gazebo depending on the spaciousness

gazebos, sizes

If you want to do constructionpergola, the dimensions of which are important for you to plan correctly, then you need to choose a rectangular design with floor sides of 3x5 m. Preferring such dimensions, you can install not only a very roomy table, but also chairs. At the same time, the rest of the space will not be cluttered, there is still room for the movement of people. Such dimensions of the gazebo will be convenient for large companies, because you probably had to find yourself in rooms in which it is impossible for even one person to leave so that everyone else does not have to get up from their seats.

Size of Hex Arbor

gazebo drawing with dimensions

If you need a hexagonal arbor, in which five people can freely sit, you need to take into account a figure whose diameter is 3 m or more. The same statement is true for the octagonal building. Whereas if the territory of the suburban area does not have enough free space, you can reduce the diameter to an indicator equal to 2.2 m. However, it will no longer be possible to install chairs, but they can be replaced with a bench installed around the perimeter.

As for the minimum parameters of the gazebo, its dimensions may be different, but from experience it can be argued that if the structure has dimensions equal to 2x2 m, then a table with a couple of benches can be placed in its internal space. The latter will even have vertical backs for convenience. However, people will become very crowded. For some garden areas, this solution acts as the onlyright.

Choosing the dimensions of the gazebo depending on the size of building materials

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The dimensions of the country gazebo, which is supposed to be built of wood, it is preferable to choose from the calculation of lumber. So, if there is a wooden beam at the base of the walls, it must be taken into account that its length is a multiple of 2 and 3 m. If the master decides to build a gazebo, the dimensions of which are 3x5 m, then a meter of each beam will be superfluous and will end up in waste. It is for this reason that it is preferable to use dimensions of 3x3, 3x4 or 3x6 m for wooden buildings. When drawing up a drawing of a gazebo with dimensions, one of which can be seen in the article, the main thing is to take into account not only possible waste after work, but also how harmonious the structure is will look on the territory of the site.

Design features of gazebos

closed gazebos

Before you start construction, you need to prepare a drawing of the gazebo with dimensions. This will eliminate errors during the work. It is important to choose the design of the gazebo, which can be closed. Such a place to rest is suitable for permanent use, even in winter, which is especially important if you install a stove in the interior and insulate the walls. Another type of gazebo by design features is open, which is used exclusively in the summer season. Among the latter, several subspecies can be distinguished:

  • with awning;
  • in the form of fungi;
  • pergolas.

The latter are represented by arches connected to each other. Among other things, each type of gazebo can have a different shape - rectangular, round, and also hexagonal. If you decide to do the work yourself, then it is preferable to choose a gazebo that is rectangular in shape.

Preparation of materials and tools

gazebos for relaxation

A hexagonal arbor or any other should be erected only when all the necessary materials can be prepared. The example will consider the structure for the construction of which is to be prepared:

  • brick;
  • sand;
  • boards;
  • cement;
  • rebar;
  • steel corners;
  • rubble;
  • piles;
  • bars;
  • nails;
  • covering material;
  • electric planer;
  • hammer;
  • circular saw;
  • wrenches;
  • chisel;
  • screwdriver.

Choosing a place for a gazebo

dimensions and scheme of the gazebo

Regardless of whether the master will build closed gazebos or open ones, it is necessary to abandon the location of the structure in the lowland. Since this can cause rotting of the structure. But the proximity to the main building can be determined independently.

Building the foundation

garden gazebo dimensions

If there is no desire to mess with the construction of a complex base for the structure, then you should choose a columnar one. In addition, it will be cheaper compared to all the others.However, the gazebo can be installed on a strip or slab foundation. You can choose one of these bases as you wish. In order to build a tape-type foundation, it is necessary to initially mark the territory using a rope or fishing line, as well as wooden pegs. After that, you can proceed to earthworks, which involve the need to rid the previously marked area from the top layer of soil. It is necessary to go deeper by 0.5 m, but not less. You need to dig something like a tape that will go along the perimeter of the future structure. However, the foundation should be slightly larger than the gazebo.

Closed arbors have more impressive walls in terms of weight, this indicates the need for a solid foundation. So, after the pit is ready, sand and gravel will have to be laid on its bottom in layers. The thickness of each layer should be equal to 10 cm. Next, you can install the formwork and lay the reinforcement. Only after that it is permissible to start preparing the solution.

For the manufacture of concrete, which will form the basis of the foundation, it is necessary to use sand, cement and crushed stone. Foundation thickness should be 30 cm.

Insulation works

When building a gazebo for relaxation, it is necessary to take care of insulation; for this, a roofing material is laid on the surface of the base after it hardens. At the next stage, the master must proceed with the installation of brick supports, which are to be laid in 3 rows. This is done so that the wood at the base of the gazebo does not come into contact with other materials thatcapable of causing decay. Another layer of roofing material is laid on top of the pillars.

Building the frame

When building a gazebo for relaxation, at the next stage it is recommended to start building a frame. In the process of this, it is necessary to use wooden bars, as well as boards. When installing the base from the boards, nails must be used as fasteners, while in the case of load-bearing supports, wooden blocks must be included in their basis.

The dimensions and layout of the gazebo have been selected, the foundation and frame have been erected, this indicates that it is time to start work on the sheathing. You can also use boards. However, if you wish, then create a truly unique design by applying a different material. In addition, the design may have partitions with windows, overlays and wooden railings. As a decor, it is good to use a decorative mesh, as well as branches, from which to create wicker ornaments. Inside you can hang curtains made by yourself.

Roof installation

If you choose the size of metal gazebos, you can rely only on your imagination. At the heart of this design is a pipe or a corner, the length of which is completely different. This circumstance can be used when choosing products for manufacturing. Whatever the size of the gazebo, as well as whatever material it is based on, in conclusion, the roof has to be installed. A multi-pitched design will look great, while if you do not want to exert too much force in the process of working, then it is preferable to choose a single-pitched system.

If inSince it was decided to use slate as a covering material, initially it simply needs to be cut to the desired size, and then strengthened using nails. Fastening should be made to the lags. When using tiles, at the first stage of installation, it is necessary to fix the OSB-plates, and only after that comes the turn of bituminous tiles, which lie on top.

It should not be forgotten that any gazebo involves a serious approach at the construction stage. If you take into account all the rules, then the design can be used for a very long time, despite the bad weather and all kinds of external negative factors.

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