Porch tiles: creating a spectacular exterior

Porch tiles: creating a spectacular exterior
Porch tiles: creating a spectacular exterior

Any home begins with a front group, so it is so important to pay close attention to its design. Moreover, the choice of finishing materials plays an important role. What are the requirements for the porch tiles that are most often used for cladding?

Exploring characteristics

porch tiles

Firstly, this material must be durable and safe. Secondly, the steps must be made in such a way that stability is ensured even under the heaviest loads. Thirdly, the tile must be immune to the effects of aggressive chemical environments, fungus, and various pests. Fourth, to achieve safety, it should be firmly mounted with construction adhesive to a surface that will be non-slip. Thus, the tiles for the porch should be chosen wisely and responsibly. Very often, clinker or porcelain stoneware is used to finish this element of the house.

What are the characteristics of clinker?

Basically, preference is given to clinker, since porcelain stoneware is differenthigh price, and it can not be used in all climatic conditions. Clinker tiles for porches or steps are ideal because:

  • withstands repeated freezing and thawing;
  • high slip resistance ratio;
  • material surface does not wear out for a long time;
  • Easy to clean without damaging the surface.

Thanks to this porch, the entire front group will look very impressive and create a harmonious and integral look of the entire country house.

porch tiles photo

Laying tiles on the porch: features

The most difficult to finish are elements of the house, such as the porch, terrace and steps. Since the substrate deforms over time under the influence of wetting and freezing, laying must be carried out in strict accordance with the following rules:

- the steps must be monolithic, and they should be laid on a compacted base; concrete grade - not lower than M 200;

- you need to take care of the maximum protection of the structure from the effects of groundwater, and this will require surface waterproofing;

- the seams between the material must be carefully overwritten;

- porch tiles must be installed using a special high-strength adhesive.

patio tile installation

Covering with tiles is necessary not only to achieve a decorative effect, but to protect the structure from destruction. Laying material can only be carried outon a well-prepared, level surface. If the strength of the concrete is insufficient (this can be checked using special devices), then it should be strengthened with a mesh or primer. Facing can be started after the primer is well fixed. It is desirable that a whole porch tile be used (the photo shows how beautiful such a surface turns out). If the mosaic is made up of broken tiles, the appearance of the porch will be unpresentable, and besides, they are likely to quickly fall off. By following all the rules, you can significantly change the appearance of the parade group.

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