How to choose plastic doors?

How to choose plastic doors?
How to choose plastic doors?

Now more attention is paid to plastic structures. This applies not only to pavilions or stalls. Metal-plastic doors are widely used in the homes of citizens. It does not matter which profile is used and which company produced the products. Any manufacturer has its own product options for windows and interior doors.

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These products are attractive because they do not require additional care. It is enough just to wash such doors, and they will look beautiful again. If you decide to stay on this option, then pay attention to some features of the profile. Most often, metal-plastic doors are installed in the entrance group. These are offices, centers, shops or other public institutions. For this option, a wide and durable profile is used. If there is a question about a warm room, then it is better to take double-glazed windows.

Special attention should be paid to the loops in those places where there is a wide flow of visitors. If doors with a conventional swing opening are used, then it is better to install powerful hinges that can withstand a large number of swings. Very often in such places put sliding structures. In them, the doors part when approached.visitors to the door. But this is a rather expensive mechanism, so not everyone can buy it.

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Metal-plastic doors are often used as a common interior option. Here it is better to order a simplified version with a lightweight frame and sashes. If few people live in the apartment, then it is enough to install window hinges. Instead of the lower part of the plastic frame, an aluminum threshold is ordered. Its thickness does not exceed 20 mm, so it will not interfere when stepping over.

You have decided to install plastic doors in your apartment. The price, first of all, will depend on the version of execution. Laminated products are more expensive than a regular white solution. Painting in color on one or both sides will also add to the cost of the door. But you can save on further operation. You don't have to paint the doors yourself.

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The sash can be made in a solid version or have glass surfaces. Most often, a double-glazed window is installed in the upper part of the canvas, and a sandwich is used in the lower part. This helps to protect the door from deformation in the event of a kick. Interroom metal-plastic doors are made using various films, which makes it possible to give the profile a wood look. If you ordered oak furniture for the apartment, then you can also purchase doors in the same color scheme.

Combinations of colored sandwich and glass look very nice. Shapes can be rectangular or triangular,arched go trapezoid. Here your imagination and the capabilities of the manufacturer already play a role. Instead of ordinary glass, you can install stained-glass windows or use tinted films. Corrugated options, such as broken crystal, niagara and others, also look beautiful. Installing a plastic door is not much different from installing wood products. Arriving at the office of the company, you can order metal-plastic doors, photos or samples of which will be shown to you by managers. Choose, negotiate all the conditions and order.

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