"Electrolux": user reviews of technology, a review of the best models

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"Electrolux": user reviews of technology, a review of the best models
"Electrolux": user reviews of technology, a review of the best models

Every family needs household mechanized helpers. If in the second half of the 20th century a housewife did not know the joys of electrical appliances, and a washing machine was considered a sign of we alth, today it is difficult to imagine doing household chores without modern technology. A well-known Swedish company that entered Russia in the 90s successfully managed to conquer a large segment of the domestic market and earn excellent reviews. Electrolux, as a supplier of household appliances, still pleases consumers with the availability of goods and a wide range.

Brand products

Electrolux brand appliances used as home helpers are conventionally divided into several groups:

  • Dishwashers.
  • Devices for clothing care.
  • Apparatus for cooling and freezing food.
  • Instruments for indoor climate control.
  • Vacuum cleaners.
  • Cooking helpers for cooking.
  • Gas water heaters.
  • Storage water heaters.
  • Small appliances.

It is believed that the products of the Swedish brand cannot be cheap. The formed stereotype does not allow low-income families to consider Electrolux equipment. Reviews of users who prefer this particular brand inform potential buyers about the possibility of choosing a product for any wallet.

Types of equipment

Dishwashing machines

The manufacturer produces models that differ from each other in:

  • Installation type: built-in, partially built-in and freestanding.
  • Width: narrow and regular.
  • Height: regular and compact.
  • Color: white, red, black, gray and silver.
  • ease of removing and loading dishes: the presence or absence of the Comfortlift system.
  • Drying technologies: residual, thermal or AirDry.
  • Noisiness: 43 decibels and above.
  • Energy saving class: A, A+, A++, A+++.
  • Number of programs: 6 to 13.

If a family is considering the smallest budget model, then the professionals recommend any of the 6 compact designs. They are united by a low price and unique dimensions of 400x550x500 mm. Six washing programs of good quality and energy saving classes A and A + are characterized by positive feedback. Dishwashers "Electrolux", purchased at an affordable price, will definitely pleasea hostess who did not have such a domestic helper in the past.

Sophisticated ladies will need more expensive equipment. Here you need to understand that the built-in option is considered only when mounting a new kitchen. Either a compact model can be installed on an already formed workspace, or a free-standing dishwasher can be considered.

Of the separate units responsible for the quality of washing at the highest level, experts advise Electrolux ESF8560ROW, which has earned a lot of positive emotions and reviews. The Electrolux dishwasher of this model, of course, loses to expensive built-in structures in terms of additional functions, but is not inferior in cleanliness of washing dishes.


The advantages of the Electrolux ESF8560ROW are:

  • permissible load of 15 place settings;
  • big camera;
  • double spray system;
  • special place for glasses;
  • streak-free drying thanks to the AirDry system that opens the machine at the end of the cycle;
  • automatic detection of the amount of water needed to clean dishes;
  • 6 programs and 5 temperature settings;
  • start within 24 hours;
  • change the height of the upper basket;
  • indicators of additional funds;
  • foldable shelf and plastic container at the bottom.

Aggregates for clothes

To ensure cleanliness without compromising the quality of fabrics, the manufacturer has developed several options for machines: washing, drying,washers with dryers, steam stations and irons. Such technical devices will significantly save your time and work successfully for you.

The eyes of experts and consumers are riveted by complex units that include 2 functions: drying and washing. Reviews of the "Electrolux PerfectCare 700EW7WR268S" are quite popular on the net, because the model has many advantages. In addition to the ability to carry out a whole range of functions in one cycle to bring things into perfect condition, the unit recognizes the fabric and independently determines the desired temperature and drum movements. The model is also different:

  • overall dimensions - 850 x 600 x 572 mm;
  • average price;
  • maximum load - 8 kg for washing and 4 kg for drying;
  • spin - up to 1600 rpm;
  • presence of delayed start;
  • controlled foaming;
  • leak protection;
  • energy saving class A;
  • imbalance control;
  • large LED display.
Washing machine

Housewives who are meticulous about their clothes but can't afford a full-scale washing machine choose the Electrolux top-loading washing machine. Feedback from owners of the EWT1366HGW models indicates the ease of use and economy of the sample. Thanks to the SteamCare function, the machine can not only wash things, but also refresh clothes with steam, without resorting to chemical powders. In addition, the instance has 13 class A washing programs, automatic orientation of the drum flaps in the upper part, protectionagainst leaks, maximum spin up to 1300 rpm and a medium-sized LCD display.


Almost all Electrolux brand cooling appliances are equipped with the TwinTech No Frost Multi Flow system. There are free-standing and built-in models. With the help of air flows independent of each other, long-term freshness of products and high-quality freezing are ensured in refrigerators. To deserve good reviews, Electrolux has developed a model of the middle price category - EN3854NOW, with an optimal ratio of cost and technical characteristics. Experts call the most important advantages of the unit:

  • Efficiency class A++ promises low energy consumption.
  • Shelves are made of framed glass.
  • Electronic control is carried out using a panel mounted in the door.
  • Even temperature is maintained due to optimal circulation of air masses.
  • Presence of a special place for cooling bottles.

Climate control

The widest group of Electrolux brand products is divided into 6 subgroups:

  • air conditioners;
  • humidifiers;
  • warm floors;
  • electric fireplaces;
  • heaters;
  • fans.
Air conditioner "Electrolux"

If 10 years ago for the average citizen it was relevant to purchase simple appliances, today the leaders of sales are fireplaces and air conditioners "Electrolux". Customer Reviewson equipment that maintains the climate in residential premises are radically different. Some users are satisfied with the equipment, others regret the money spent, others expected something more.

Experts recommend not chasing a high class, but starting with simple air conditioners. You can purchase a budget model from the Atrium series, represented by three copies. These are traditional split systems with multi-level purification and air treatment thanks to a multi-component filter. The advantages of the samples are a good energy efficiency indicator, a timer and an additional function for using at night.

From the more expensive class of inverter instances, it is preferable to pay attention to the Arctic DC Inverter line, also represented by 3 instances. All samples are united by ease of installation, ease of use and a number of high-end parameters:

  • 3 cleaning steps;
  • antibacterial filtration;
  • temperature indicator;
  • auto cleaning mode;
  • switch to sleep position;
  • possibility to set real time;
  • power consumption - 0.8 kW;
  • heating or cooling capacity - 2.5 kW;
  • fault diagnosis;
  • heating and dehumidification mode;
  • extreme cooling.

Cleaning products

It is vacuum cleaners that are called the most purchased goods of the Electrolux brand. Reviews for assistants to get rid of dust are extremely positive. All models are divided into 2 categories:wireless and bagless wired.

The first type includes vertical devices powered by lithium batteries. Of these, 13 copies noticeably differ in price, but the quality guarantee remains unchanged. Maneuverability and power are the key to the cleanliness of any apartment. But it is recommended to choose a model depending on the expectations of the buyer and the conditions of the room. If there are pets in the apartment, then the ZV3230P sample will help to cope with the hair. Dedicated motorized nozzle, detachable roller brush, easy parking, quick cleaning function - these are the minimum advantages.

Vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers

Of bagless devices, users recommend the ZSPC2020 silent model. In addition to great additions in the form of a telescopic tube, two types of connectors, a turbo nozzle and adjustable power, the vacuum cleaner performs serious cleaning. A special filter filters out not only dust particles, but also various allergens, allowing the unit to be used in a family of asthmatics. The advantage of the device is the possibility of vertical and horizontal parking, compact size and relatively low weight. Additionally, you can note the inexpensive price compared to competitive products of the same class from other manufacturers.

Kitchen Appliances

Perhaps the most important and functional device of the Swedish company involved in cooking is the Electrolux electric or gas stove. The testimonials posted on the web that deserve special attention refer to samples with the PlusSteam function. Of the three dozen presented inrange of gas stoves, there are only 5 such copies. The manufacturer positions the use of steam in the oven as a baking powder. Buns are airy, with a fluffy middle and a crispy crust. Meat baked at low temperatures retains its usefulness and naturalness. The stove even allows you to pasteurize cans of vegetables for the purpose of subsequent rolling and storage for a rather long period.


The brand also presents about a hundred options for ovens and hobs, designed both for embedding in a kitchen set, and for separate installation. Four models with an additional steam function are powered only by electricity, have a rather high price and are not recommended for average users. They are more likely to be interested in a simple sample of the Electrolux oven. In the reviews of the OEEB4330X modification, attention is focused on the simplicity of the device and the convenience of the functions used. The distinguishing features of the instance are:

  • convection heating type;
  • 6 cooking modes;
  • grill function;
  • removable heating element;
  • easy-to-clean interior surfaces and door;
  • defrost function;
  • interior lighting.

Gas columns

The most budget option with acceptable reviews is the Electrolux gas water heater, model GWH 10 High Performance. Good performance at the rate of 10 liters per minute and 5 protective functions that ensure the safety of use inextreme conditions, allow this instance to lead among the equipment of this kind. The ease of installation of the wall-mounted sample, its light weight and compact dimensions will not create problems with its placement in the kitchen or bathroom. Of the attractive advantages, experts single out stepless power adjustment, the presence of a backlit digital display, indicators for turning on, heating and charging the battery.

Connoisseurs recommend taking a closer look at an expensive copy of excellent quality, which has earned many positive reviews. Geyser "Electrolux GWH 10 Prolnverter" luxury class, unlike the previous mechanically controlled model, has electronic control of modes. The sample is complemented by a built-in mechanism that automatically provides the desired temperature, regardless of water pressure. A capacity of 11 liters is a priority criterion in user evaluation who write good reviews about the Electrolux column, highlighting the favorable price and acceptable quality of the goods.This is in line with the promises of the supplier.

Water heaters

From inexpensive samples, experts advise the Magnum Unifix series, which includes a 50-liter Electrolux water heater. Reviews about the model in most cases are positive, because the heater is universal in terms of installation. It can be installed both vertically and horizontally, which saves a lot of kitchen space. The manufacturer notes the presence of an anti-corrosion system consisting of a fine coating and a large magnesium anodemasses. In addition to effective protection and ease of fixing in the working position, the device has a lot of advantages:

  • power consumption - 1.5 kW;
  • heating water to a temperature of 75 degrees is achieved in 2 hours;
  • the impossibility of turning on the column in the absence of water supply;
  • pressure relief valve;
  • prevent overheating.

Experts refer to mechanical control as a disadvantage, so there is no need to install a display and a heating temperature indicator.

Water heater "Electrolux"

Excellent reviews for the 50-liter Electrolux water heater received a sample of the Maximus line. Of the main modes and functions that take place in this model, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence:

  • three heat settings;
  • economy mode;
  • electronic or remote control via mobile app;
  • water sanitation systems;
  • timer;
  • antifreeze function.

Professionals note the power and temperature indicators and the available digital display as an additional advantage.

Small appliances

From small kitchen helpers with great functionality, a good opinion is formed about the use of coffee machines and Electrolux kitchen machines. Reviews of the EKF7800 coffee maker, given the quite affordable price, are distinguished by special impressions. Most of all, users like the long start function, whichgives you the opportunity to enjoy a fragrant drink immediately after waking up. The volume of the bowl for 12 servings allows you to prepare invigorating coffee for the whole family. And the strength adjustment and filter system ensures the taste of the drink without impurities.

Of the expensive kitchen machines, experts recommend the EKM4200 sample, which is necessary for use only by housewives who are able to delight their loved ones with a variety of dishes every day. With 10 speeds and 2 bowls of different sizes, you can mix any dough, prepare salad, chop meat and vegetables, and even make noodles.

For a simple menu, an ordinary inexpensive mixer model ESM3310 will suffice. The copy has 2 speeds, a standard whisk shape and the ability to remove the working part from the stand for mixing or whipping a small portion.

Table Blenders

The Electrolux blender, presented in 3 options with the lowest price, will cost even more economically. Using the desktop device, the hostess can easily prepare a cocktail or quickly mix and grind a small amount of food.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the Swedish company is represented on the Russian market by a variety of goods of various price categories. When choosing household appliances, experts recommend deciding on the necessary characteristics and relying only on the capabilities of your wallet. It makes no sense to purchase a high-end appliance that will slightly ease the range of household chores. It is preferable to spend funds in accordance with the income received. For example,choose a budget option of equipment and use it today, and not save up for an expensive purchase for months.

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