How to choose a thermal pot? How to choose a thermo pot for your home? Photos, reviews, recommendations

How to choose a thermal pot? How to choose a thermo pot for your home? Photos, reviews, recommendations
How to choose a thermal pot? How to choose a thermo pot for your home? Photos, reviews, recommendations

The life of a modern person cannot be imagined without the use of various electrical appliances. Numerous devices for us prepare food, wash dishes and in other ways make our life easier. Among those devices that are sure to be present in any kitchen, one can note the thermal pot.

In this article we will look for answers to popular questions of those for whom some devices are still new. More specifically, we will learn how to choose a thermal pot and what it is.

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Modern teapots: what do they look like?

Not everyone knows what it is about. In fact, this is a household electrical appliance that combines the functions of a kettle and a thermos. In other words, a functional and high-quality electric thermal pot can not only burn water, but also keep it warm for a long time.

The reasons why this appliance is purchased for the kitchen include the following tasks:

  • Preparation of tea, coffee and other drinks.
  • Brewing various foods.
  • Preparing baby food, etc.

In other words, there are a lot of cases when hot boiled water is required in the kitchen, so there are alwaysit is useful to have such a device nearby. And many are thinking about how to choose a thermal sweat so that it meets all the requirements.

Different manufacturers present their models, differing from each other in size, some design features and, of course, appearance. It is on the basis of this that a reasonable compromise will have to be sought.

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Main Features of Electrical Appliances

Modern electric thermopot – is a very functional and practical device. It can make life much easier, even compared to traditional household electric kettles. That is why many people prefer it, even despite the slightly higher cost.

The main features of this device are:

  • Fast boil water.
  • Maintaining the set temperature for a long time.
  • Water filtration (depending on model).

On the market, among the range presented, there are models that have gained a good reputation. Usually the best thermal pot – is the one that requires the least intervention. It is enough just to fill in the water in time, and it will always maintain the required temperature.

The main features of the device include the function of selecting the desired temperature - usually 60, 80 or 90 degrees. At the top there is a button, when pressed, it drains, i.e. the kettle itself does not need to be raised.

The most "advanced" models are equipped with filtersfor water. This reduces the level of contamination, and the prepared drink becomes safer, and even beneficial to human he alth.

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Design features

Teapot-thermopot, despite its capabilities, has a fairly simple and reliable design. The main elements are:

  • Water tank.
  • TEN (heating).
  • Control elements.
  • Water filter (depending on model).

In fact, such a device is no different from a conventional electric kettle, except for the presence of a filter. Also, for long-term preservation of temperature, the tank is covered with heat-insulating materials.

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Advantages of these household appliances

The choice of a particular device is primarily determined by certain advantages and disadvantages. It is on the basis of their comparison that it is possible to make the final choice. In addition, it helps to determine how to choose thermal sweat among all the variety.

Dignities usually include:

  • The ability to have a constant supply of hot water.
  • Ease of use.

Dealing with the controls is not difficult, therefore, by setting the necessary settings once, you can always have hot water at the right temperature at hand. In addition, unlike conventional kettles, thermopots can hold a larger volume of water. And the absence of the need to raise them (due to the presence of a special drain) makes suchdevices attractive to the elderly, women and children.

Disadvantages of household thermomotors

At the same time, it is necessary to talk about some shortcomings:

  • Longer water heating.
  • Higher energy costs.

The power of modern thermo pots varies from 600 to 1000 W, while in traditional electric kettles this figure reaches 2000-2500 W. Thus, heating occurs 2-3 times slower.

Also, maintaining a constant temperature requires more electricity. If the kettle can quickly heat the water when necessary, then the thermal pot will periodically turn on its heating element.

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Features of choice

When choosing, in most cases it is not enough to be guided only by technical specifications and descriptions from manufacturers. This is not enough to make the right choice. To understand how to choose a thermal pot, it is worth studying the reviews of other users to get started.

Now many are ready to share their experience in the operation of a particular model, so there should be no problems with this. The main features to look out for are:

  • Water tank volume.
  • Device power.
  • Options for customization (fixed temperature, timer, etc.).
  • Availability of additional functions.

You need to determine for yourself what is most important. Some put constant control firsttemperature, while others are interested in economy.

Models of the budget price category

Inexpensive models usually include Polaris thermal sweat. This manufacturer is famous for offering inexpensive, but practical solutions for a wide range of consumers. That is why many pay attention to this brand. There are also interesting models from other manufacturers.

Notable thermospots in this price range are:

  • Polaris PWP 3007.
  • "Fairy TP-401".
  • Supra TPS-3004.

The first model on this list pleases with its double-walled metal case. The power of the device is 750 W, the capacity is 3 liters. There is a standard set of functions - temperature control, blocking, protection against power surges, etc.

The other two models are somewhat simpler, but still reliable enough that you don't have to worry about the need for repair of the thermal sweat or other problems.

Users respond well enough to the Polaris PWP 3007. Among the main advantages are low cost, as well as reliability. Such devices serve for many years. Model "Fairy TP-401" is a good alternative, although it is produced by a little-known Chinese company. And this is the only significant drawback.

Mid-range models

In the middle price range, completely different models come out on top. Here, the Panasonic thermopot can be considered the leader. Although at the same time good positionsoccupies the products of Toshiba, which is not currently one of the world leaders, but sells its equipment quite confidently.

The ranking of the most popular mid-priced electrical appliances looks like this:

  1. Panasonic NC-PG30.
  2. Toshiba PLK-45SDTR.
  3. Toshiba PLK-30VETR.

Thermopot Panasonic has as many as two temperature modes, as well as a delayed start function. Separately, it is worth noting the presence of a useful option "Reducing the level of chlorine" and descaling.

Toshiba's products attract with good appearance, high performance at fairly affordable prices and a number of additional features.

Panasonic products are traditionally a good combination of price and quality. Many consumers speak positively about the products of this company and are ready to choose them, even with minor overpayments. Panasonic's thermal pot always provides hot water.

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Premium models

In this segment, the situation is changing dramatically. When we need thermal sweat, the price becomes an important criterion. And at the same time, everyone wants an efficient, economical and reliable model.

In this case, you should pay attention to products produced under such well-known brands as:

  • Samsung.
  • LG.
  • Panasonic.

Among the variety of models presented, it will not be difficult to choose the most interesting and useful thermal sweat for yourself. It can satisfy even the most demanding taste.Such electrical appliances are distinguished not only by functionality, but also by reliability, so thermopot repair is unlikely to be required, at least soon after purchase.

What do consumers say about this product?

Usually much attention is paid to functional features. Samsung and LG offer advanced models, the capabilities of which are beyond doubt. Also, many note the stylish and attractive design.

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Features of choice: main aspects

The most important characteristics of the device have already been mentioned above, but this is still not enough to answer the question of how to choose a thermal pot for the home. Many subtleties are misleading, so you have to consult with experts or study the information offered by the manufacturer in more detail.

The cost of the device varies from 3 to 12 thousand rubles on average, although there are also more expensive devices on sale. But regardless of the price, you want to get just such a device that will satisfy all the basic requirements, with which there will be no problems during long-term operation.

What criteria become the most important when choosing, it was said above. You should also pay attention to points such as:

  • Appearance.
  • Method of serving boiling water.
  • Design features.
  • Temperature maintenance features.

As for appearance, traditionally the most stylish, but also expensive, aredevices with a metal case. It differs not only in strength, but also in good heat resistance indicators, due to the presence of double walls. Plastic models are cheaper, so they find their customers among those who are not going to overpay money for a design.

Volume is one of the most important selection criteria, because it determines whether boiling water will be available even with constant use of the thermospot. When choosing, you must take into account the number of family members in order to calculate the approximate costs. The most optimal volume is usually considered to be 2.5-3 liters.

Don't forget about the method of serving boiling water. The thermopot kettle does not need to be tilted to draw water, because it has a special pump. On sale there are models with both electric and mechanical pumping. In the second case, the kettle can be used even when it is unplugged.

One of the key parameters is the temperature maintenance features. In fact, it is for this that such devices are purchased. According to this criterion, the models on sale are divided into two main categories:

  • Able to maintain any temperature constantly (automatically heating water when it cools down).
  • Working on the principle of a thermos - they allow you to maintain a sufficiently high temperature for 6 hours after boiling.

Obviously, the first type of thermopots are more practical and convenient to use, but they require a constant connection to the network and consume more electricity.

General conclusion

There are a large number of interesting and fairly inexpensive electrical appliances for the kitchen on sale. They will help to solve many problems and greatly simplify life. However, when choosing, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the pros, but also to the cons. Especially such as power consumption, management complexity, the need to provide special operating conditions, etc.

If everything is done correctly, then it is quite possible to purchase an inexpensive and reliable model. The leading manufacturers today are Panasonic, Polaris, Toshiba, Vitek and some others. A significant role in the choice is played by technical parameters - power, the presence of additional functions (timers, "Delayed start", self-cleaning system, etc.), volume and much more. Although at the same time one should not forget about such an important aspect as the design features of a household thermopot, because it should take its rightful place in the kitchen and fit into the overall interior.

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