Corridor design: wall and ceiling design ideas, furniture

Corridor design: wall and ceiling design ideas, furniture
Corridor design: wall and ceiling design ideas, furniture

The corridor and the hallway are an integral part of any apartment or private house. Therefore, their design should be given no less attention than other rooms. There are a number of recommendations from experts on how to complete the design correctly. The design features of the corridor will be discussed further.

Design features

The hallway or hallway is the space we leave when we go on business. Also, this room is seen first of all by guests who come to the house. The corridor is the hallmark of an apartment or house. Its design can say a lot about the character of the owners of the house. Therefore, the design of the corridor should be given no less attention than other rooms.

Corridor design in Khrushchev

It is worth saying that the hallway, even in modern apartments, can be quite small. There is no need to talk about typical Soviet-era apartments at all. Sometimes the corridor space does not exceed 2 m². Also, in the process of redevelopment of the bathroom, the partition that separates the bathroom from the hallway can be moved. In this caseusable corridor space becomes even smaller.

However, despite all the difficulties, it is quite possible to create a beautiful corridor design in a Khrushchev or other small apartment. It is important to think through everything to the smallest detail. At the same time, the configuration of the room, its area are taken into account. Here you need to create the right lighting. If electrical communications are not laid here, they will need to be installed (open or closed).

When choosing materials for finishing, it is worth considering that water from clothes can get on their surface. Dirt can appear on the floor, which is brought into the house on the soles of shoes. Therefore, the materials must be moisture resistant and also easy to clean. It is also worth considering that you can walk on the floor in high heels. Therefore, the finish must be durable, resistant to abrasion. All materials and furniture in the hallway and corridor should be practical. There should be nothing superfluous here.

Design Tips

Modern corridor design involves creating a functional and practical interior in a small space, which is the entrance hall. Don't experiment with styles. Everything here should be concise. First you need to create a design project. This will allow you to consider several different design options for the corridor, and then choose the most suitable design.

hallway design with closet

When choosing materials for decoration, light colors should be preferred. It is also important to make high-quality lighting in the corridor. Lamps may be neutral orcold shade of glow. Mirrors on the ceiling or walls also visually expand the space.

Walls should not be pasted over with wallpaper in bright colors or with a large pattern. This visually reduces the room. The design of the ceiling in the corridor requires special attention. In this case, it will be inappropriate to install suspended structures. They will visually reduce the height of the room.

Experts recommend using paint for walls and ceilings. This will create a monotonous finish. Moreover, the ceiling and walls will be painted in the same tone. Furniture should be purchased in small sizes. This allows you to rationally use the free space of the room.

Different materials are used to finish the floor. They must be resistant to abrasion. The decoration in the corridor looks beautiful, which continues into the adjacent living room or kitchen. So a small hallway will visually appear more spacious.

Small hallway

The design of a corridor in a Khrushchev or other small-sized apartment can be created according to all the rules. Even in such a small space, zoning is recommended. You should allocate space in the corridor where everyday clothes will be hung. You also need to designate an area for storing seasonal clothes and shoes.

Narrow corridor design

To make this distinction, you need to put hangers for everyday clothes on one side of the corridor. Here you can also install cabinets for shoes. On the opposite side you can install a built-in wardrobe. Seasonal items will be stored here. Cabinet color shoulddifferent from the hanger.

In a small hallway, you can finish the walls with thin plastic panels. They do not absorb moisture. Plastic is easy to clean from dirt.

When creating the design of a narrow corridor, you also need to zone the space. To do this, you can use different materials for finishing the floor or walls. Allocate a zone into which people fall, having crossed the threshold of the house. The second part of the narrow corridor is allocated, in fact, under the hallway.

To visually expand the space of the corridor, you can lay tiles or laminate diagonally. This finish will look original. The size of the panels should be medium or small. This will also visually enlarge the corridor.

Furniture and accessories in a small hallway

Determine the necessary set and type of furniture will be required in the process of developing the design of the corridor. With a closet, a small room can look quite harmonious. It is important to order small-sized furniture. It should occupy a minimum of free space. At the same time, all the necessary clothes should fit in the closet.

Design of the corridor in the house

You can order a closet in which one half will be open (here is a hanger for everyday clothes), and the second - closed (for seasonal items). It is welcomed if the furniture provides a compartment for storing shoes, as well as an upper shelf for hats. The cabinet must be installed along one of the walls. At the same time, it should not interfere with moving along the corridor.

The correct design of a narrow corridor in a small hallway can be created withusing mirrors. This finish must be installed on one wall. Mirror surfaces visually enlarge the space. It is important to pay attention to the correct organization of lighting. The wall opposite the mirror should be light. Otherwise, the desired effect will not be achieved.

Mirrors should not be framed. Such a frame will visually divide the wall. This visually reduces the space. Therefore, mirrors without frames are fixed directly on the wall. The material must not be finished. Laconic lines and simple execution are the best solution when creating a design for a small room.

Interior corridor in a private house

A spacious room requires the use of special techniques when creating a corridor design. In a house, this room can have a very vague configuration. The hallway and corridor can smoothly move into other rooms. Often the corridor space cannot be separated from the hallway.

hallway ceiling design

To fill the void in a spacious corridor, you need to pay attention to finishing, as well as the right choice of furniture. Here you can put not only a wardrobe, but also a table with chairs. The choice of furniture depends on the taste of the owners.

Often there is a window in the corridor of a private house. This allows lighting with fewer lamps. Also, the location of the window affects the layout of the furniture. The corridor in a spacious room can be finished with textured materials with a matte surface. The ceiling can be stretch or suspended. The floor finish can also be identical to the base material in the next room.

When designing a corridor in the house, you need to think about the arrangement of furniture. If a small table is installed here, it is better to install it near the window. A spacious wardrobe with mirrored doors will look good in the corridor. Here you can store all the necessary things. You can also install a pencil case next to it for storing other household items.

Color solution

In the process of planning a renovation, you need to consider different styles of corridor design. The main trends that are relevant today are natural eco-directions or minimalist design. The interior should be simple, concise and at the same time functional. There should be nothing superfluous in the room.

Wall decoration in the corridor

It is important to choose the right color scheme for finishing the corridor. Soft, pastel shades will do. This, for example, can be light green or light green. Furniture at the same time can be made of natural wood or have a finish that imitates it.

Shades of beige or cream color will fit well into the interior. It is better to give preference to warm tones. You can choose delicate golden hues. They create comfort in the hallway.

Multiple colors should be combined. The floor should be darker. In this case, the walls and ceiling are painted in the same color. Furniture may vary. You can make some bright accents. For example, a bright cape can be laid on a bench. If the layout allows, you can install several shelves near the cabinet. They place figurines of the same color as the cape forbenches.

Wall decoration

Before you create your finishing project, you need to consider a few interesting corridor design ideas. The main requirement for materials is wear resistance and resistance to moisture.

In a spacious room, you can use different textured materials for decoration. It can be decorative brick, natural stone, wooden lining. You can also use vinyl wallpaper for wall decoration. They do not absorb moisture. In the corridor, they do not lose their appearance long enough. Textile and paper wallpapers are not suitable for wall decoration in this room. They do not have the same durability as vinyl varieties.

The design of the corridor in the apartment

Also a good option would be the use of fiberglass. This material is practical, not afraid of mechanical stress. It can be used for more than 30 years. At the same time, the surface of glass fiber can be painted more than a dozen times. This allows you to refresh the interior if necessary.

How to choose wallpaper in a dark corridor? This question often arises among the owners of urban apartments. It is important here to use a light finish that will not have a large pattern. Pastel shades, as well as surfaces with a metallic sheen, will look perfect in such a room.

If you need to create a wall design in the corridor of a small apartment, it is better to give preference to moisture-resistant paint. There is a large selection of finishes of this type on sale. It is necessary to give preference to odorless paint. Walls and ceiling must be one color. However, the decoration of the corridor should include several different shades. Otherwise, the appearance will be boring.

Plastic panels are often used for wall decoration. They can have a different shade and pattern. It is better to give preference to plain panels if the corridor is small.


Special attention deserves the design of the ceiling in the hallway. Since multi-level and suspended structures are not suitable for this room, you can go the other way. It is quite possible to install a stretch ceiling in the corridor. It will reduce the height of the ceiling by only 5 cm. With the right choice of canvas, the room will appear visually larger.

To arrange a stretch ceiling in the corridor, you need to purchase PVC film. It should have a glossy surface. In this case, saturated shades of the film can be used. In this case, you need to correctly set the spotlight. It should create glare on the surface. So the ceiling will seem deep. This will visually expand the space.

When designing the design of a corridor in an apartment, you can consider another winning option for finishing the ceiling. In some cases, it is completely laid out from glass plates. This solution will make the interior stylish. Plates need to be fixed qualitatively on the ceiling surface with a special glue. You can create a frame structure if it does not reduce the height of the walls by more than 5 cm.

The simplest type of ceiling finish is whitewashing or painting. The second option is more practical and durable. In this case, you can choose the appropriate shade of paint.Whitewashing is rarely used today. It is important to pay attention to the correct lighting of the ceiling. The overall impression of the interior depends on this.


The design of the corridor in the apartment can be developed independently. It is important to take into account the features of the room, its dimensions. Finishing should be combined with other elements of the interior. Different materials are used to finish the base of the corridor. Their shade should be darker than the walls and ceiling.

Natural or artificial materials can be used to finish the floor. Most often, laminate, linoleum or tile are used for these purposes. These are practical, mechanically resistant materials. They are distinguished by a variety of textures and shades.

If the floor in the next room is finished with laminate, you should use the same material for the corridor. The shades and texture of the materials must match in this case. Laminate must be purchased with a sufficient strength class.

Linoleum is more practical in the corridor. It doesn't let moisture through. Therefore, such material will last longer. It is better to give preference to linoleum with a small monotonous pattern. A large ornament for a small room is not suitable.

Tile is also a good option for finishing the hallway. On sale are varieties of this material that can imitate the look of natural wood. For the hallway, this type of finish is well suited. The durability of the tile will be many times higher than that of a laminate or natural wood.


Corridor design is impossible without well-equipped lighting.It should be bright enough. This is a mandatory requirement for dark narrow corridors. You can use spotlights for this purpose. Lights on the walls will look good.

One of the interesting options for creating lighting in the interior is the use of a diode tape. It can be installed around the perimeter of the room. To do this, a special plinth is mounted under the ceiling. A diode tape is laid in it. It creates soft illumination of the ceiling. This technique looks especially impressive when arranging a stretch glossy ceiling made of PVC film. You can choose any shade of glow. Both single-color and multi-color ribbons are on sale.

You can provide for the presence of mirror illumination. To do this, install small lamps near the mirrors. You can use a diode tape for these purposes.

Knowing the recommendations of experts about the features of creating a corridor design, you can develop it yourself. The room will be transformed, it will become visually more spacious, and the interior will be more harmonious.

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