How to make a well in the country with your own hands?

How to make a well in the country with your own hands?
How to make a well in the country with your own hands?

If you have a homestead in your possession, whether it is located outside the city or is part of the house, it should be provided with water. Without moisture, plantings will not be able to grow, and you yourself will not be able to provide yourself with comfort.

This process may seem very grandiose, but it can be implemented on your own. You don't even need heavy drilling equipment for this. To date, several drilling methods are known that are easy to perform and do not require significant effort.

Which well to choose

do-it-yourself well in the country

A well in the country can be represented by:

  • well;
  • filter well;
  • filterless artesian well.

A well with a good spring will quickly fill up and become a reservoir of water, which holds up to 2 m3 of water. As for the well in the sand, it is a 100 mm pipe, which plunges to a depth of 30 m. An auger is used in the process.

A stainless mesh is fixed at the recessed end,acting as a filter. It is located in the sand of a large fraction. The minimum depth of the water source in this case is 10 m, while the maximum value is 50 m. Such a filtration well can be operated from 5 to 15 years.

A well in the country can also be represented by a filter artesian water source. It is used to extract life-giving moisture from layers of porous limestone rocks. The well is deepened to 100 m, and its service life can reach half a century. The exact depth cannot be determined in advance. Approximately this value is the same as for those wells located in neighboring areas. Deviations are possible due to the uneven occurrence of soil layers. It is necessary to buy casing pipes taking into account the parameters of water supply sources in neighboring areas. Only a small adjustment is taken into account.

Drilling tool used

cottage water well

If you want to know how to make a well in the country yourself, you should familiarize yourself with the list of drilling tools, namely:

  • auger drill;
  • bur-glass;
  • spoon drill;
  • bailer;
  • drill bit.

Auger drill is also called an auger and is designed for rotary drilling. This approach is relevant for homogeneous soil of ordinary density. In this case, we are talking about loam, soft clays, as well as wet steps. If we compare the auger drill with the garden drill, then the first one is two-way. Otherwise, the asymmetry of the soil resistance force will bemove the tool to the side, which will cause it to jam.

If you look at the photos of wells in dachas at the stage of their drilling, you can understand that in the process of work a drill glass can be used, which is also called a Schitz drill. This attachment is used for viscous cohesive and highly sticky soils in which the auger could get stuck. A drill glass is an essential tool for working with a rope-impact method.

For loose and loose soils, a spoon drill is used, which is part of the shock-rotary or rotational technology. A bailer is used to clean the trunk from crumbling soil. It is indispensable if there is floating soft semi-liquid rock or loose soil on the territory. The bailer is used for percussion drilling.

If you encounter difficulties in the process, you will have to use a drill bit. It is designed to break boulders. In the cross section of the tool lies a plate that has rounded edges. The inner diameter is the caliber from which 5 mm is subtracted. The drill bit is used when drilling with an impact rod.

Using manual drilling method

how to drill a well in the country

A well in the country can be equipped manually. To do this, prepare:

  • rods;
  • drilling rig;
  • drill;
  • casing pipes;
  • winch.

The tower will be needed when digging a deep well. This design provides immersion and rise of the drill withrods. If we are talking about a shallow well, then you can extract the drill string manually. Some masters even do without the use of a tower.

Drill rods you can make from pipes that are connected to each other by threads and dowels. The lowest bar is equipped with a drill. Cutting attachments can be made from 3 mm sheet steel. When sharpening the edges of the nozzles, it must be taken into account that when the drill mechanism is rotated, they will have to cut into the ground clockwise. When drilling a well in a country house, the tower must be placed above the place of the future water source.

The height of the derrick must be greater than the height of the drill rod. This will make it easier to extract the latter. On two bayonets of a shovel, in the next step, it is necessary to dig a recess for installing a drill. He will be the guide. The first turns of rotation can be performed by one person. Whereas, as the pipe deepens, it will be necessary to use help.

If the drill failed to be removed the first time, it is turned counterclockwise and try again. If you decide to start drilling a well in the country with your own hands, then you should be prepared for the fact that as the drill deepens, the pipe will rotate with great difficulty. You can cope with this work by softening the soil with water.

When advancing the drill every 0.5 m, the drilling structure must be removed to the surface and freed from the soil. The drilling cycle should be repeated again and again. When the tool handle is at ground level, the structure must be built up usingextra knee. It will take a significant amount of time to raise and clean the drill.

It is necessary to use the possibilities of the design, capturing and bringing to the surface as much of the soil layer as possible. Until you reach the aquifer, drilling will need to continue. You can determine this in the process of arranging a well in a country house with your own hands, paying attention to the condition of the soil being removed.

When you get to an aquifer, the drill will sink even further until it reaches the next layer, called an aquifer. Diving the tool to this level will ensure maximum fluid inflow into the well. Manual drilling should only be used to dive to the first aquifer. The depth can vary from 10 to 20 m.

To pump out dirty water when drilling a well for water in the country, you must use a hand pump or submersible type equipment. After three buckets of dirty liquid, the aquifer must be flushed. After that, clean water will appear. If this result was not achieved, the well will need to be deepened another 2 m. In addition, you can use the manual method, which is based on the use of a hydropump or a traditional drill.

Percussion drilling

A well for water in a country house can be obtained using the technology of shock-rope drilling. This method is that the rock is brokendriving glass. It is a rather heavy tool that is fed from the height of the tower. Such work will require a drilling rig and tools for this method, as well as equipment for extracting soil.

Outwardly, the tower resembles an ordinary tripod, which can be made from steel pipes or wooden logs. The design has dimensions that are proportional to the parameters of the downhole tool. The process is expressed in the lowering of the driving glass, which breaks and captures the soil.

The next step is to lift the drilling tool to the surface along with the captured blade. A metal pipe can be used for drilling type installation. Its end is complemented by a cutting device. It resembles half a screw coil. This element is in contact with the bottomhole.

There should be a hole in the steel pipe, which is located 0.5 m from the edge. From there, the extracted soil will be extracted, which will allow the drill glass to be emptied. A rope is attached to its upper part, with the help of which the glass is lowered, and its contents are removed to the surface.

If you are thinking about how to drill a well in the country, you should know that the well is freed from the soil as the structure deepens. This happens every 0.5 m.

Features of casing installation

garden water well

Dug well provides for additional casing. It can be made from an asbestos-cement pipe or sections of such pipes. In the latter case, special attention is paid todiameter, which will ensure unhindered immersion of the structure. Pipe links must be secured with staples to prevent slipping. The staples are then hidden under the stainless steel strips.

Casting needed:

  • to prevent clogging of the well;
  • prevent wall shedding;
  • overlapping upper aquifers.

A filter pipe is lowered to the bottom of the well, the lower part of which will hold grains of sand and provide water filtration. As soon as the pipe is at the desired depth, it must be secured with clamps. If the issue is taken seriously, then the upper part of the structure must be covered with a caisson, it is a cap that excludes pollution of water sources.

If you managed to make a well in the country with your own hands, then you must remember that over time the pipe can be squeezed out of the soil. This process is natural and does not require additional deepening activities.

Features of auger drilling

do-it-yourself water well

The device of a well for water in the country can be carried out using the screw method. This technology is one of the most budgetary and simple. Most of the methods are based on the use of small-sized drilling rigs. The technique is expressed in excavation using an Archimedean screw.

The process is often compared to drilling a hole for fishing. This method allows you to drill a well for water in the country with your own hands up to 10 m. To flush the structure, drilling mud orwater. Not all types of soil auger drilling can be applied. The method works in relatively soft and dry soils. However, if there are quicksand and hard rocks on the territory, then it is better to refuse such an approach. This is especially true for rocks, which can create certain obstacles.

Using the rotary method

make a well in the country with your own hands

Well construction in the country may include the use of a rotor. The technology consists in the use of a drill pipe, inside which a rotating shaft is immersed. It has a chisel tip. The load on it is created by a hydraulic installation. This drilling method is one of the most common. With it, you can achieve any depth of the well.

To wash out the rock, the same drilling fluid is used, which is fed inside with a pump or by gravity. If you are deciding how to make a well in the country, you should know that if water is supplied by a pump, then the solution, together with the rock, goes out by gravity through the annulus. This approach is straight flushing.

If the solution is supplied by gravity, then it penetrates into the annulus, and then pumped out together with the rock from the drill pipe by a pump. This flush is called backwash. With its help, you can achieve a large debit of the well, because it is possible to open the desired aquifer more efficiently. This technology provides for the need to attract appropriate equipment, which negatively affects the costworks.

Drilling the Abyssinian well

arranging a well in the country

Abyssinian well is being drilled after determining its location. It does not take up too much space and can be equipped even in the basement of the house. The only condition is the distance from compost pits and septic tanks, as well as other possible sources of soil contamination.

At the next stage, a piece of pipe with a welded tip of a pointed shape is taken. The pipe should have a mesh of stainless steel wire, which is soldered with tin or fastened with clamps. This element is hammered into the ground with a sledgehammer. With a wooden overlay, you can avoid sagging at the edges.

Work methodology

Next, the coupling is screwed on, and the next pipe section is also attached. The pancake from the rod must be put on the protruding segment and first raised to the top, and then lowered down to clog the pipe even further. Now you can wind new segments and deepen them into the soil. When the process starts to go easier, a probe can be lowered into the pipe to check for the presence of water. As soon as moisture appears, the pipe can be hammered another meter.

It is necessary to wind the pump on the upper end of the pipe, and then start pumping water until it becomes transparent. Water samples must be taken to determine suitability. The exit point should be concreted by installing pumping equipment and connecting the well to the water supply.

In conclusion

Autonomous water supply is a must. This applies not only to apartments andhouses within the city, but also suburban areas, where residents of megacities are increasingly resting. A well can be an excellent example of a water source, you can do it yourself.

If the well is supposed to be shallow, then you can get by with two people. Otherwise, you will have to use the appropriate technique. If this is not possible, then you can make some devices yourself, such as a tripod and a drill.

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