Disposable barbecue: design features, advantages, disadvantages and main manufacturers

Disposable barbecue: design features, advantages, disadvantages and main manufacturers
Disposable barbecue: design features, advantages, disadvantages and main manufacturers

Almost all trips to nature are accompanied by barbecue. This is a special ritual that must be performed according to all the rules. What could be better than delicious, freshly cooked meat? Especially when it's easy to make your own. What do you need for a good barbecue? Of course, meat, skillful hands and barbecue. It is about him and will be discussed. Today, you can greatly simplify the process of cooking meat on fire with a disposable barbecue.

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Main Features

This is a kind of flexible pallet which is made of high density foil. Inside the structure is charcoal. A wire grate is placed on top of the pallet. Skewers with kebabs are placed on it. The same design applies to barbecues. More about the characteristics of disposable barbecues with photos and descriptions.

DesignIt has a number of features that you should consider before purchasing. It can be for skewers (charcoal box) and with grates (charcoal tray).

The first option involves the traditional way of cooking. Pieces of meat are strung on a skewer. Another option is more like a grill. In this case, the meat is cooked on the grill. In order not to burn out the walls, they are made from special foil. The wall thickness is generally less than 0.5mm.

Due to its compact dimensions, you can easily take it with you on the road. Also, this option is comfortable in that in the absence of a car it is convenient to travel with it by public transport. It won't take up much space. In addition, there will be no need to wash it from fat and ash after cooking meat.

Using a disposable design is very simple and convenient, so it is a great choice for trips to the forest and to the country. Why are vacationers choosing this option more and more often? Certain advantages and minor disadvantages are decisive factors in choosing this type of barbecue.

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The design is very convenient. This fact is confirmed by everyone who has ever used a disposable barbecue. Reviews about him are only positive. It is presented in the form of a compact design that requires a minimum of effort and funds for assembly. All you need to do is simply collect it and throw it away after use. Therefore, in Europe, this innovation is increasingly being used. It is an ergonomic and eco-friendly option that has many strengths:

  • compact design dimensions;
  • easy use;
  • save time;
  • benefit on acquisition.

It is especially worth noting that the use of a disposable barbecue does not harm nature. With ready-made coal, you will not need to make fires or chop wood. After cooking the meat, there will be no scorched place on the ground. Therefore, for those who care about the state of the environment, this is the best choice.


Disposable barbecue has the following disadvantages:

  • Low reliability (the design quickly burns out, and the brazier itself is not very durable).
  • There is a possibility of purchasing defective goods.
  • Due to its small capacity, it is not suitable for large companies.
  • Low security.


Purchasing a quality disposable brazier is a great solution for a trip to nature. The kit should include a grill, a thick foil tray, skewers, a garbage bag. It is worth choosing a high-quality design, since a dubious option can ruin your vacation. Do not forget that this option is suitable for small companies.

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In Russia, there are several factories that produce these designs. List of disposable barbecue manufacturers:

  • Noginsk Casting and Mechanical Plant.
  • Moscow Plant of Steel Structures.
  • Pavlovsk Experimental Mechanical Plant.
  • Balesinsky Foundry and Mechanical Plant.
  • Dmitrovsky Foundry and Mechanicalfactory.
  • Kaluga plant of metal-plastic structures.

The factories have the most modern equipment for the production of disposable barbecues, the latest technologies are used.

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Usage Tips

It is worth considering the design features before using. Due to the thin walls of the brazier, it is not recommended to use firewood for cooking meat. While they turn into coals, the brazier can burn out badly. It is worth giving preference to ready-made charcoal. This is the best option.

The design should not be used indoors near flammable objects. Throw away the brazier only after it has completely cooled down.

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Assembling the structure with your own hands

Some craftsmen will be able to build a disposable structure on their own. What does that require? The first is aluminum foil. It must be as tight as possible. You will need to make a deep plate out of it.

For a disposable brazier, you can also use baking foil. It will need to be folded into several layers. This form will be more durable and stable. Coals are placed at the bottom of the plate, a wire grate is installed on top. If there is no lattice, you can build it yourself with a simple wire. It needs to be fixed on the edges of the foil plate.

After the coal has burnt out, it will be possible to spread the meat on the grate. The quality of the cooked foodwill be inferior to the one that was made on the traditional version of the barbecue.

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To go to barbecue, it is not at all necessary to bring an aluminum grill with you. Can be used disposable. It will take up much less space in the car, and then you do not need to suffer with washing it. After all, a disposable brazier can be thrown away with peace of mind after use.

This option has both strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, before acquiring it, you should assess the situation. If the company is large, then it is better to stay on the traditional type of barbecue. And for a small company, a one-time option is more suitable than any other.

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