Slide gate valve: features of use

Slide gate valve: features of use
Slide gate valve: features of use

Slide gate valve is a device that is designed to work as shutoff valves in various production lines. The mechanism is used on main pipelines to block the movement of dirty and sludge waters, bulk materials, paper and cellulose media.

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Devices are used in sewerage systems, treatment plants, energy, pulp and paper, mining, food, chemical and other industries and utilities. The gate valve differs from other similar devices in the design of the locking element.

This type of fixture uses a metal plate or wedge that is able to cut inclusions in liquids flowing inside the valve. Shut-off valves are used to completely shut off the flow of any medium in the pipeline.

Knife gate valve can be installed with a vertical spindle, handwheel up only on horizontalpipelines. Each stop valve can be either fully closed or open. The use of locking devices for throttling (incomplete closing or opening) is not allowed.

The gate valve with an electric drive allows you to mechanize the process of the device. It is used to maintain flows with a low pressure drop. Devices allow you to block access to equipment and have sizes from 10 mm to 2.7 meters. Throttle devices have large dimensions.

knife gate valve

The shut-off valve consists of a handwheel and a disk, which is controlled by a helical rod moving up or down at right angles to the flow. In the closed position, the flow stop disk abuts two surfaces. To keep the fluid in the pipes and prevent leaks, use the stuffing box that comes with the sealing materials.

Despite the breadth of application, the gate valve is not always able to perform the task. At low pressures, the force of the device may not be enough to seal the system; in such cases, valves with grease or wedge valves are installed.

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Isolation valves are made of various materials depending on the environment of use. Gate valve designed for operation in catalytic pipelines is made of low-alloy or stainless steel. Aggressive conditions and significant pressure drops are associated with the use ofvibro-compacting lining and elimination of austenitic steels.

During the flushing of pipelines with water, mass valves may leak a small leak in the gaskets. However, they should not be tightened, as the devices are not designed to work with water, and their tightness can only be checked under conditions of denser flows.

Electrically or hydraulically driven devices are usually used in the operation of technological piping of pumping stations, systems designed to receive and start separators.

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