Teen rooms. Original ideas and creative solutions

Teen rooms. Original ideas and creative solutions
Teen rooms. Original ideas and creative solutions

With the advent of a child in the house, caring parents make every effort to create special comfort and beauty for him. A cute cozy bed, original educational complexes, bright toys and soft lighting - all this is necessary to make the baby comfortable. Time passes, and the funny little one almost imperceptibly turns into a smart teenager. There comes a time when wallpaper with teddy bears in the nursery becomes out of place.

Teenage rooms

Teenage rooms, what should they be to meet the needs of advanced teenagers as much as possible? It is not easy to please them, but if you try, you can always find a compromise. Parents should definitely listen to the opinion of the child, because the room is planned for him, and buying expensive wallpapers and chic furniture in this way to demonstrate their we alth is definitely not worth it in this case.

Teenage rooms design

After all, the period of growing up is the time of idols and posters, parties and communication with peers, and it is better if there is a place for everyone in your own housethese important things from the child's point of view.

The functionality of the room is the first thing we should think about. School, lessons, personal hobbies, friendship and obligatory good rest - for all this there should be a corner here. Therefore, teenage rooms should combine a work area, including a computer desk with the necessary shelves for books and notebooks, and a living room where you can chat with friends. Yes, and a place to sleep should be given not the last attention.

How to fit all this into a fairly limited space? There are little tricks with which you can leave the necessary meters free, and original ideas are especially useful here, because teenage rooms have a unique style.

If the room is very small, the countertop installed in the continuation of the window sill will help out. Blinds on the windows in this case will be especially appropriate. Firstly, they will help regulate the flow of light, and proper lighting of the work area is extremely important for vision. Secondly, they are more compact than ordinary curtains.

Shelving, unlike cabinets, can let in air and light. An interesting solution would be a structure suspended on brackets that can rotate in different directions. Shelving is also used in cases where you need to divide the space into separate zones, and teenage rooms are just that case.

Teenage rooms for girls

A child loves to draw or is seriously into sports - his work and awards are simply bound to become a decoration of the room. In addition, personal anddefinitely family photos together must find a good place here. Indeed, for the formation of a growing personality, self-confidence and the support of loved ones are important, and successful joint photos will remind you of pleasant moments.

room for a teenage girl

Teen rooms for girls don't have to be pink. When choosing the color of furniture and other decorative elements, it is better to use three shades. By the way, this rule also applies to the “boyish” territory. But the mirror, cosmetics, beautiful trinkets - accessories exclusively for growing fashionistas - come up with a corner for them.

teen room

And one more piece of advice: don't turn the rework into a routine - take it with a grain of s alt. Why not get together with the whole family, dream up together, draw a grandiose project? Let each member of the family do their part - the result can be the best teen rooms for you, the design of which will be unique. In any case, it is interesting to know the opinion of everyone, and there will most likely be plenty of reasons for jokes and laughter. At the same time, a good outcome will be another common achievement for your family.

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