Plant growth stimulants as a guarantee of their vitality

Plant growth stimulants as a guarantee of their vitality
Plant growth stimulants as a guarantee of their vitality

Experienced growers know that for the harmonious development of crops it is necessary to use additional plant growth stimulants. Their task is to control the biochemical processes in cells, improving metabolic processes and promoting faster plant growth. In addition, they increase resistance to various diseases, adverse conditions, accelerate rooting, etc.

Plant growth stimulants

At present, based on the study of natural phytohormones, their synthetic analogues, the so-called plant growth stimulants, have been created. After treatment with such drugs in the cells of the plant, certain phytohormones begin to be released in large quantities, affecting its growth and fertility. In this way, it is possible to stimulate root formation (by affecting the hormone auxin), fruit formation, use anti-stress drugs to enhance viability and accelerate seed germination, reduce ovary fall, improve fruit quality, etc.Among the beststimulants include humic compounds obtained as a result of organic decomposition under the influence of microorganisms, oxygen and moisture. Usually they are part of the soil and affect its fertility. Artificial preparations based on humic acid are made from natural raw materials, which are treated with alkalis. The amount of inorganic introduced substance differs significantly from natural fertilizers: it, in comparison with peat and manure, is required much less. Therefore, it is more efficient to combine plant growth stimulants with mineral fertilizers. Hitting the soil, this

plant growth regulator

composition improves its structure, water permeability, reduces density and enhances microbiological activity, which in turn helps to increase the level of nutrients in the soil.Foliar feeding of plants is also common among farmers. The application of the drug to the surface of the leaf additionally nourishes it, ensures the rapid assimilation of the obtained microelements. At the same time, processes in cells are activated, due to which the immunity of plants is enhanced, their resistance to frost and drought increases. In addition, plant growth regulator promotes flowering, increased yields.

Plant growth stimulator

At home, it is recommended to use studied and safe plant growth stimulants, which give the greatest efficiency. It is worth noting that triple processing (seeds, shoots and sprouts during the budding period) will allow youget high quality results. However, all biologically active substances need a careful approach in order to avoid the oppression of cultures due to an overdose of concentrated compounds. So before using a plant growth stimulator, you need to read the instructions, take into account its biological compatibility with the plant, and only then apply it without exceeding the established norms.

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