How to choose garden shears. Secateurs garden and professional

How to choose garden shears. Secateurs garden and professional
How to choose garden shears. Secateurs garden and professional

Every summer resident has the necessary tools in his household. With their help, plants growing on the site are cut and formed. How to choose garden shears, what secateurs are, read in this article.

Pruning shears

This hand tool is essential for gardening and gardening. With the help of scissors, crowns of fruit and ornamental trees are formed, berry bushes, vineyards are cut, grass is cut on lawns. The tool consists of cutting knives connected by hinges, two handles and a spring clip.

Gardening scissors

The scissors are made of high quality steel. But the tool is not suitable for trimming thick branches, as plant stems may be damaged during operation. Garden shears are called a universal tool.

Inventory for pruning bushes

When choosing a garden tool, you need to focus on the amount of regularly performed work. For shearing shrubs that fence off the territory, two-handed scissors are used, the blades of which are long and pointed ends. They are called manual brush cutters. large plantsit is better to ennoble with scissors, the blade of which has jagged or wavy edges. The knife of such a tool will better hold the branch, you can not be afraid that it will accidentally slip out. Smaller shrubs are best cut with short blade scissors that have straight edges.

Shrub clippers

Garden shears for bushes can also be used in cases where it is necessary to trim excess leaves. Knives of manual brush cutters are often covered with a layer of protection against metal corrosion and vegetation sticking. They are coated with zinc, Teflon or other material. However, you should be aware that when re-sharpening the knives, the coating is removed, and the brush cutter will quickly become unsuitable for garden work. Now they are producing garden tools, in which old knives can be easily replaced with new ones.

Grass shears

This tool is an indispensable tool when you need to ennoble vegetation on lawns in places inaccessible to machinery. Scissors cut it perfectly, and the entire length of the knife is involved in this process, and not just its upper part. Produce garden scissors of different models. There are scissors that turn at an angle. Some models have extended handles, which allows you to mow the lawn not in a horizontal position, but in a vertical one.

Garden shears, manual

When buying a tool, you first need to try on the garden shears to your hand and try it out in practice. If a shoot is cut with a well-adjusted and sharpened tool, then this place will be even, without anyzamyatin.

Battery scissors

Battery-powered garden tools are self-powered, which is why they are widely used for country and garden work. Cordless garden shears are designed for cutting grass on lawns, weeds and roots in gardens and orchards. They are called lawns. Such scissors are household and professional. The configuration of different models is also different. In order not to make a mistake in choosing and purchase good garden shears, you need to carefully study the parameters of the tool:

Battery clippers
  • Frequency of movements of the cutting knife. The indicator is considered good if its figure reaches ninety blade movements in one minute.
  • Smooth movement. Cutting grass with a "ragged" character will not bring good results.
  • The size of branches, the allowable diameter of which for household tools is twelve - sixteen millimeters. Professional models have different parameters.
  • The size and stroke of the blades. The knives vary in length, but their range of motion is limited by the size of the branches and rarely exceeds two and a half centimeters.
  • Working time in continuous mode. Keep in mind that one battery charge lasts, at most, two hours.
  • The quality of the blade edges. If they are made of high quality steel and the warranty period is long, there is a chance that the clippers will last a long time.

Varieties of secateurs

  • Vaccination. Such a pruner is necessary when grafting fruit, coniferous or otherplants. It is equipped with a knife that has an omega shape. It is enough to choose the scion, rootstock branches of the same thickness, the right time, and a 100% splicing result is guaranteed.
  • Two-handed secateurs. You can’t do without it if you need to cut thick branches with a diameter of more than three centimeters, or they cannot be reached with a conventional tool. This pruner is called a pruner. It is equipped with long handles and complex levers, one of which is a ratchet gear. This pruner is also called a garden monster. It easily cuts thick branches up to six centimeters in diameter.
Tree clippers
  • Pruning shears are used when you need to work at such a height where other tools of this type cannot reach. It is called a high-rise lopper. This tool has a telescopic pole, thanks to which the gardener reaches the very top of the tree. Tree shears can cut any branch.
  • Pruner with anvil. Cuts dry and old branches with a diameter of three centimeters. Blades open wide. The tool is designed so that its design exerts force on the branch during cutting, and the lower blade is the anvil.
  • Pruner bypass, or standard. It is used when you need to cut live branches. The cutting part of the tool is represented by a movable knife and a fixed stop. This pruning is gentle.

One of the best models is the Fiskars secateurs (Finland). Secateurs are no less popular with gardeners.German firm Gardena. The tool of the Japanese manufacturer - APC is also very popular.

Garden pruner

This tool is the most common. He enjoys well-deserved respect among summer residents. Pruning is accomplished by moving a sharp blade across the branch, which remains stationary and does not slide back and forth. Garden secateurs come in two types: with double-sided cutting of branches and one-sided. The first has two cutting blades, and the second has one cutting and one support. Both secateurs leave a clean cut on the branch, which quickly cicatrizes. The blades of pruners with double-sided cutting move towards each other until the branch is cut by one of them, and the other slides along the surface from the inside. This blade has a curved shape and has a groove to drain plant sap. This type of secateurs is well known to gardeners. It is used when pruning branches of living trees.

Pruner with a one-sided blade is used to remove dead branches. They are not recommended to prune fruit-bearing fruit trees, as during work the branch is squeezed, which does not allow the plants to heal quickly. The handles of secateurs are different. For some instruments, they turn in different directions. It is very comfortable and does not form calluses on the hands.

How to sharpen pruners?

First, the scissors are taken apart and washed. This requires warm water, soap, and a cleaning tool such as a toothbrush. To wash stubborn stains from plant sap or pollution of a different origin, you need to take sandpaper ormetal shavings and scrape the area.

garden tools

It is possible to sharpen dirt on the grinder. If this is not available, a file with a bar is used. There is no fundamental difference between sharpening a secateurs and a knife.

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