Dollar tree: how to care for at home?

Dollar tree: how to care for at home?
Dollar tree: how to care for at home?

Zamioculcas, or dollar tree, is a beautiful flower that originated from South American latitudes. Many flower growers appreciate the plant for being unpretentious, and also for the legend that the plant attracts good luck and we alth. Every year, the tree is gaining more and more popularity in the landscaping of offices and municipal institutions. Before buying, you need to learn how to properly care for a dollar tree.

Features of flowering

Two Zamioculcas

The flower looks great in the house, office space. The plant has long branches, large and glossy leaves, they make a vivid impression and attract the attention of people around. Many people are interested in how to care for a dollar tree in a pot, how it blooms. The time of flowering can be seen in the plant, but it occurs extremely rarely - only in adulthood. Externally, the flowers are completely unattractive,presented in the form of cobs with pale small buds, however, surrounded by juicy and lush greenery, they look very original and elegant. And how to care for a dollar tree flower? Now we will look into this matter.

Choose a place, light and temperature

The plant loves sunlit windows. It is allowed to put it on a bedside table or a desk, which are located near the window. Don't know how to care for a dollar tree at home? Then immediately decide on the place, light and temperature. This is the first thing to do. Zamioculcas prefers diffused and soft light. In summer, the plant should be taken out to the terrace or balcony, and in winter, when the daylight hours are short, additional lighting will not be superfluous. Why is light so important? The lack of ultraviolet leads to the fact that the he alth of the plant is weakened and it becomes prey for many insects. However, artificial light is needed only from December to March, in other cases, natural light is the lifeblood of a flower, otherwise it will not be able to grow and develop. Due to the fact that the origin of the flower is African, it easily tolerates high temperatures. If the room is +30 degrees Celsius, then don't worry, nothing will happen to Zamiokulkas, on the contrary, he loves warmth and does not tolerate low temperatures.

Water and humidity

beautiful he althy plant

The plant does not tolerate dry air, fungal infections develop from this and insect pests appear. Recommended on hot daysput a pan with water next to the vessel, and with the beginning of the heating season, the leaves should be wiped with a damp cloth. It is necessary to water the plant from spring to mid-autumn, after which the dollar tree goes into a state of rest, therefore water will be needed only when the soil is completely dry. You grow a dollar tree, you know roughly how to care for it, but how much water does a flower need? The amount of liquid should be such that it is enough to moisten the pot, but no more. The excess will still drain into the flowerpot, which means that watering can be done less frequently. Stagnation of water is detrimental to the rhizome of the plant, and it provokes decay. Choose only clean, settled water at room temperature for irrigation.

Choose a pot

Beautiful plant in a blue pot

Interested in the dollar tree? How to care for him, are you also interested? Then pay attention to the choice of pot. If the plant is young, then it is better for him to pick up a small container, and over time, simply replace it with a large one. Give preference to heavy flowerpots so that the rhizome of the flower can grow quietly. Do not transplant the flower into a narrow and tall pot, as the plant has a tuberous root system.

Fertilizer and soil

You have already bought an indoor flower (dollar tree), you don’t know how to care yet, but you have already chosen a place and a pot. Now you need to pick up the fertilizer and soil you need. The ideal option is soft, loose and well-permeable soil, through which water and oxygen penetrate. The acidity of the soil should be neutral or slightlyabove this indicator, there should be enough useful substances in it. Usually land is purchased for indoor plants, soil for succulents or even cacti. You can even make good land with your own hands from the following ingredients:

  • leaf and sod land (take one part of everything);
  • peat and turf (in parts);
  • perlite, small amount of sand.

All living things require nutrients. While the green mass is growing, it is worth adding a complex suitable for succulents and cacti to the composition of the soil. Additionally, it is necessary to nourish the plant in the warm season. Much attention should be paid to young individuals that are grown at home. If you buy a seedling in a store, then it is allowed to “feed” it only a couple of weeks after the move. Organic fertilizer is favorably perceived by the plant. You can use a weak solution of chicken manure, wood ash and mullein for fertilizer. Top dressing should continue until winter and resume it in the spring.


Leaves of young flowers

You have already bought an indoor dollar tree, how to care, read a little, now it's time to talk about pruning. Such manipulations are necessary only in special cases, for example, an incorrectly formed crown. The crown is formed at the very peak of growth, a spherical shape can only be achieved by cutting the stems that grow up. Remove the upper bud, proceed to the incorrectly grown side shoots. After these manipulations, Zamioculcas activelythrows out new shoots, but at this time it is worth monitoring the uniform distribution of light and nutrition so that the crown of the plant is lush and uniform.

Flower transplant

plant root system

You bought a dollar tree, how to take care of it at home, you know about it, now you can talk about plant transplantation. The growth of the flower is slow, and it is necessary to transplant it no more than once every three to four years. After you buy a plant, it is allowed to transplant it after a month, not earlier. If you change the pot for an adult, then everything happens when the existing container is completely filled. The seedlings need to be replanted every year.

Don't know after buying a dollar tree how to take care of it at home? Then study this issue, the main thing - do not forget: when working with a plant, you need to be careful, and you can touch it with gloves. Why? The flower has poisonous sap that burns the skin on contact. Therefore, when transplanting, follow this rule. In addition, a transplant for a flower is stressful, and it is required to carry it out by transshipment in order to save a very fragile root system. At the bottom of the pot it is worth laying a drainage layer, at least a third of the total volume. You can put into practice expanded clay, gravel, stone fragments, shards. The second layer should be a special soil mixture for cacti and succulents (it was mentioned earlier). Do not deepen the roots too much so that they do not start to rot. Gently insert an earthen ball into the ground, and then lightly press down. ATend up to the rim of the vessel, pour the remaining earth, and after transplanting, water, but moderately.

Pests and diseases

Parasites appear as soon as the plant becomes weakened. A he althy flower in comfortable conditions is not afraid of any pests, but if you see that the foliage has turned pale and curled, it's time to inspect. Found aphids? So, you need to get rid of it.

Scale insects and mites are common enemies of the plant. As soon as they appear, you can install it and immediately begin treatment. If you bought a dollar tree, read how to care for it, then you already know that brown and black spots, cobwebs, twisting and yellowing falling leaves are the first signs of parasites. First you need to wipe the leaves with a sponge, which is moistened with soapy water. If you find larvae, then get rid of them with a tobacco spray, and after half an hour wash it off with warm water. It will be easy to solve problems with parasites, the main thing is to acquire the necessary funds for this.

What to do if the foliage dries up?

A lot of plants

If the old foliage falls, then this is a normal process in nature, but a plant devoid of young foliage is unhe althy. A common reason is improper care. Cold, cold water, rotting of the rhizome and so on can provoke falling off. Restore proper care for the plant so that it can delight you again with its decorative effect.

Propagation by cuttings

We continue to discuss the dollar tree (you have already read how to care for it). Now it's timetime to talk about flower reproduction. This method is ideal for medium-sized individuals that have already launched new shoots, but have not grown to division. Rooting is carried out quickly and in fact always successfully. Select a part of the stem and carefully cut it off with a sharp and crafted garden tool. The length of the planting flower should be from nine to eleven centimeters. The stalk is placed in a glass, where water is poured in advance, and activated carbon is added to the composition. The room should be warm and bright, the water needs to be changed with enviable regularity so that rotting does not start, and as soon as the first roots appear, plant.

Foliage propagation

Reproduction by leaves

This method is ideal for people who don't have a plant and have borrowed a leaf. Yes, the growing process will be long, sometimes it takes about six months. First, a large leaf is plucked to ensure that a good root is formed and the seedling develops faster. You can even take only the upper fragment of the sheet or the plate, however, in the latter case, you will need to completely remove the lower leaves. Rooting will take place in water or soil, but the ground will need to be disinfected. If you have large planting material, then it will need a backup, you can also use phytostimulants.

How to choose a good plant in the store?

Zamioculcas in a greenhouse

You want to buy an indoor flower dollar tree (how to care for it, you alreadyknow), but it is still unknown how to choose a he althy plant. When buying, carefully inspect the flower, sellers can be a little tricky and not even indicate the age of the tree. The young individual has foliage of a pale green hue, it has a short stature - up to thirty centimeters, but the mature representative has a strong root and an already formed crown.

Pay special attention to the greens. The foliage should be fleshy, taut and free of any defects. Did you like a middle-aged flower? Then choose a plant with a well-formed hat. Inspect the branches, if you see sluggish, yellowed and dried branches - these are signs of illness or parasites, so do not buy such a zamiokulkas.

Main recommendations

In the article you looked at a photo of a dollar tree, how to care for it, now you also have an idea, but it’s worth mentioning some recommendations:

  1. The tree grows well in a bright place, therefore it is better to place it near the windows of the east and west directions.
  2. In winter, put the flower closer to the window, to natural light.
  3. The soil is better to be dry than too wet.
  4. After wintering, the plant should gradually get used to natural light so that it does not get sunburned.
  5. Don't forget to wipe the leaves, spray them.
  6. Repot mature plants every couple of years.
  7. In the summer, take the flower to the balcony, to the garden, in other words, to the open air.
  8. For watering, use only soft and settledwater.
  9. If the plant has thick and fleshy stems, then support will be required in any case, otherwise the flower will collapse.
  10. The flower pot should be wide.
  11. Avoid direct sunlight on the plant, otherwise you will not avoid sunburn.
  12. From April to August, the plant needs top dressing, so every two weeks it needs to be fertilized.
  13. The soil for the normal development of the flower must be enriched with organic and mineral components.

Did you get a plant as a gift or did you buy it yourself? Since you already have a dollar tree houseplant, you probably know how to care for it, then just follow the general rules, try to follow the recommendations, and the flower will delight you for a long time. Perhaps it will also help attract we alth, who knows.

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