Dining room design. How do we see it?

Dining room design. How do we see it?
Dining room design. How do we see it?

From our small apartments, a separate dining room has practically disappeared. But there were times when it was the most functional room in the house: guests were received here, all family holidays were celebrated, a large family met at Sunday dinner. Today, the dining room begins to gradually regain its lost positions. In large country houses, spacious apartments, she can now occupy a separate room.

dining room design

Well, if you still live in a small city apartment, then the dining room can be combined, for example, with a living room or kitchen. Its interior will depend on what part of the room is designated for the meeting place at the table. And with the help of various techniques and design "tricks" you can separate the functional areas.

In order for the room to be comfortable and cozy, it is necessary not only to think over the design of the dining room, but also to correctly select furniture, color, lighting, and other accessories.

Most often inin small apartments the dining room is combined with the kitchen. In this case, designers advise, for example, when designing zones, to use materials that are different in both color and quality. They will help to visually separate these rooms.

Finishing the kitchen area requires materials that can be cleaned regularly, such as tiles, washable wallpaper or linoleum. The design of the dining area requires the use of other materials. Parquet or laminate flooring is ideal here, wallpaper under

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painting or textile wallpaper.

If a separate room is allocated for the dining room, then the design of the dining room requires careful development. Its layout should not contain anything superfluous and unnecessary. In such a room, as a rule, dining furniture is placed in the center. Choosing a dining set, you should choose a style that most fully emphasizes the dignity of this room. Classic, hi-tech, and country will be appropriate here. The main thing is that the style matches the general concept of this room, combined with its design.

The dining set usually includes not only a dining table and chairs, but also all sorts of sideboards, chests of drawers, sideboards or slides. Thinking through the design of the dining room, it must be borne in mind that both the table and the chairs must correspond to the same design solution. It is best if the upholstery of the chairs is made of genuine leather - the most reliable and stylish material. Tapestries or various types of fabrics are ideal for this. If the interior of the dining room is made, for example, in a classic style, then it is very harmoniouslook chairs made of natural wood: beech, maple, walnut, birch. And bright, decorative tablecloths or napkins will add a "zest" to the design of the room, which, in addition, will protect the tabletop.

When designing a dining room, one should not forget about the sideboard, which is always a real decoration of the room. Buffets look beautiful, the upper part of which has glass doors. At the bottom of the sideboard with wooden doors there are various drawers where you can place dishes, napkins, tablecloths and

dining room design

other little things. Vases with sweets, bottles of wine, fruit trays, carefully arranged glassware sets are the real attributes of the dining room. We should not forget that it is the little things that create the overall impression.

When choosing a color for the dining room, it is advisable to focus on pastel, delicate colors. After all, the process of eating, as nutritionists advise, should not take place with too aggressive or, conversely, depressive tones. Of course, you can decorate the dining room in any color scheme, but it is better if they are cheerful and sunny colors.

For example, a classic-style dining room with dark wood furniture would look perfect with a large, oval-shaped dining table and discreet beige curtains. And if you fill the room with greenery, then you are guaranteed aesthetic pleasure.

When choosing the design of the dining room, you need to take care of the lighting. The light in the room should be soft and diffused, but at the same time bright enough. Basicthe light source should usually be above the table, and for additional lighting, you can pick up a sconce on the wall.

But in order for the dining room to become a favorite place for both family and friends, it is necessary to fill it, first of all, with the spirit of cordiality, hospitality and kindness.

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