Seam roof: installation features and photos

Seam roof: installation features and photos
Seam roof: installation features and photos

Roofing protects the house, so its waterproofing qualities must be very high. At the same time, it should be not only of high quality, but also aesthetic. One of the best options is a seam roof. It is created from metal sheets with edges (paintings), which are interconnected in a special way.

The construction of such a roof is light and durable. However, when creating a seam roof, it is important to adhere to the technology of its assembly. This will allow you to connect all the joints qualitatively and tightly. This design is lightweight. Therefore, its truss system and crate does not require reinforcement.

Development history

The seam roof (photo below) used to be made of copper sheets. This material has good ductility. It was relatively easy for him to give the desired shape and thickness. The Germans originally practiced this technology.

Over time, sheets for seam roofing began to be made from ordinary or galvanized steel. At the same time, the cost of such a design has significantly decreased. Copper is still used today for roofing or in the construction of houses with a large budget.

seam roof

Currently, a special fastener technology is used. Sheets have special latches. In this case, the installer does not need special equipment. Therefore, even a novice builder can assemble the structure. Special polymer coatings were used to protect against corrosion.


The presented roof has a large list of advantages. Seam roofing is lightweight. Due to the tightness of the connections, this design prevents the formation of leaks. The device of such a roof avoids the appearance of corrosion, since there are no through holes in it.

Seam roof photo

Another important advantage is the ease of installation of this design. Even a novice builder is able to cope with this work. This allows you to save on the wages of professional installers.

Such a roof is combined with any building materials. It is equipped on roofs with slopes or hips. Moreover, the service life of such a building reaches 20 years. Thanks to these advantages, this design is in demand today in private construction.

Design elements

Seam roofing consists of several structural elements. They allow you to give the building the required performance. These include paintings, folds and kleimers. For a seam roof, it is important to properly mount all these elements.

Seam roof device

Picturesare rectangular sheets. They are made from steel. The corners of such sheets are carved. They lay out the entire structure of the roof. To prevent the metal surface from being destroyed and corroded, it is coated with special polymeric materials.

A seam is called a seam, which is obtained at the joints of the sheets. This structural element is highly durable. Seam seams do not require the use of sealant. These ribs provide rigidity to the structure.

Kleimers are nailed to the base of the roof. This element can be simple or movable. The first has a shape that is identical to the fold blank. Movable clamp ensures adequate response of roofing materials to thermal expansion and contraction.

Seam construction types

The paintings are combined into a single canvas cover. The folds may be different. There are only 4 stitch options. These include double, standing, lying and single folds.

Seam roof

The seam roof device may be different. If the edges of the seams are longitudinal, they are closed with standing types of construction. Horizontal slopes are covered with recumbent folds. Double standing seams are the most waterproof.

Sometimes special latches are not provided in the design. In this case, the joints of the paintings are rolled up using special equipment. You can also perform this procedure manually. This will also require a special tool.


Most clearly demonstrates what a modern seam roof looks like, photo(a gable roof is shown in the image below). This design has many advantages. However, there are also disadvantages. They are associated with improper installation or the choice of cheap, low-quality material.

seam roof photo gable roof

Only designs with special latches have an acceptable cost. It will be extremely difficult to assemble other types of sheets on your own. Therefore, you will have to call a team of experienced roofers.

Metal has a high thermal conductivity. Therefore, the insulating layer must be thick. These are additional costs. Also, the metal creates noise in rainy weather. To avoid this, you should use a flat crate.

Such material requires the installation of special equipment that will protect the house from lightning, as well as a high-quality grounding system. Snow that has accumulated on the slopes can avalanche down. Therefore, special protective equipment is required.

Material selection

Seam roofing on a hip roof or a gable roof looks very impressive. Its cost largely depends on the type of material of the paintings. Galvanized iron with a thickness of 0.6 mm can be purchased for 250 rubles / m². If the steel is coated with polyester coating, the cost of the sheet will be 290 rubles / m². The price of the material directly depends on its durability.

If the construction has a large budget, you can purchase copper sheets for the roof. Their cost is about 2700 rubles / m². This is a very beautiful roof. It does not develop moss, bacteria andfungus.

Seam roof on a hip roof

It is possible to create a zinc-titanium roof. A sheet of such material will cost about 2000 rubles / m². This is one of the best options for roofing material. The alloy is not subject to corrosion, is both ductile and hard.

Preparation for installation

Installation of a seam roof is carried out in several stages. First you need to prepare the base. To do this, ensure a flat plane of the slopes. Their slopes must be the same and located at the same levels.

The rafter system should be made of well-dried wood. This will prevent shrinkage after installation. Be sure to install a counter beam.

Further, a vapor barrier is installed from the inside of the rafters. The overlap between the sheets should be done by 20 cm. Docking with the ridge, wind board and chimney should be given special attention. It must be done very carefully.


The seam roof can be mounted both from finished paintings and from rolled steel. The material is brought to the workplace and it is prepared. For this, bending equipment is used. At the same time, additional elements of the roof should be created. These are skates, gutters, flashings.

Seam roof installation

The finished paintings are lifted to the roof. They are installed on the crate with the help of cleats. Sheets are laid out along the eaves from the middle. Curly elements are installed in the same way, which will be adjacent to the hips, dormer window, chimney, etc.e.

Further, using the selected technology, the seams are bent, combining the pictures into one canvas. In our country, single folds are most often used. They involve bending the metal once. However, double seams are stronger and more airtight. In this case, the bend is performed twice. Such seams are recommended to be made in places where snow and water will accumulate, as well as throughout the roof, if the angle of its slope does not exceed 25º.

The rebate height should be large if the roof pitch is less than 25º. This will prevent water from seeping into the building when snow accumulates. Vertical exits are covered with a special insulating material.

Care and maintenance

The seam roof requires special care. It should be periodically inspected by the owners from the inside, especially in rainy weather. If a leak occurs over time, this place should be marked. It is best to make a mark with chalk. When the roof is dry, you can begin to repair.

The location of the leak should also be determined from the outside of the roof. It will need to be sealed from the outside. After that, you can coat the joint with thick oil paint or red lead putty.

If a hole has formed on the roof, its edges should be carefully aligned. Near the hole, it is necessary to coat the roof with oil paint. The patch is made from cotton fabric. It is laid on a hole so that wrinkles do not form. It will be fixed with paint. The patch should be smeared over the entire area. This will hide the indentation in the material.

Painting a seam type roof should be done at least onceat 10. If corrosion has begun to form on the sheets, it is cleaned with an iron brush. Next, the treatment site is swept with a broom and a layer of paint is applied. If the roof is assembled from black steel sheets without galvanization, painting is performed at least once every 3 years. This significantly extends the life of the structure, prevents the destruction of the material under the influence of rain or snow, temperature fluctuations.

Having considered what a seam roof is, as well as the features of its installation, even a novice master will be able to assemble such a structure on his own.

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