Seam roof: do-it-yourself installation technology

Seam roof: do-it-yourself installation technology
Seam roof: do-it-yourself installation technology

Building a house is a complex undertaking. But even experienced workers say that the construction of the "box" itself is sometimes easier and cheaper than installing the roof. This is due both to the complexity and danger of this event, and to the price of materials for roofing.

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You always want to somehow reduce the cost of the process, and in the case of a limited budget, saving in general may be the only possible solution, because otherwise it will be very difficult to complete the construction. Seam roofing can help you save your money without sacrificing quality.

What is this?

This is the name of the technology when metal or even plastic acts as a material for covering the roof. In this case, individual sheets are fastened together with the help of folds. This is the name of the twisting of the edges of the metal. There are various ways to perform such work, but at present, special electric folding machines are leading in terms of frequency of use. Their use allows you to speed up and simplify the process of laying metal as much as possible.

A little about the cost

By the way,How much does a folded roof cost? The price per square meter depends on its type: if you make a roof yourself (from rolled or sheet iron), then you will pay only for the cost of the metal. In the case of buying a ready-made kit, the cost of such a roof will exceed 1700-2000 rubles per square meter.

seam roof do it yourself

Installation overview

The advantage of this type of roof is that it can be mounted both on the crate and on a solid base. Attention! It is the second option that is preferable, since in the first case you will have to calculate the pitch of the rafters as accurately as possible, because otherwise you risk getting the deflection of the sheets and the divergence of the seams. This entails the rapid occurrence of corrosion and damage to the metal. In this case, the seam roof will not last long.

What mounting technologies are there?

We have already said that the roof in this case can be made of solid sheets of metal, but this approach is becoming less and less popular every year. This is largely due to the fact that you have to very accurately observe the humidity and temperature conditions of the attic space. If you do not make every effort to do this, then as a result, condensation will constantly form on the inner surface of the iron. You can guess the consequences yourself.

And because the seam roof of rolled metal is becoming more common. The reason for this is the fact that the seams are very strong and of high quality, rarely diverge even under greatlayer of snow.

Benefits of roll mounting

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Firstly, you can use not only galvanized steel, but also metal with a polymer coating. Such material has great resistance to corrosion, and therefore is able to serve for more than a dozen years. In addition, the metal in the roll is quite flexible, which makes it possible to mount a double fold. As we said above, it has increased strength and tightness, it practically does not let water through.

Even if the seam roof is steep, the roll can be carefully rolled out, and not dragged onto it at the risk of life, sheets of iron each separately. In addition, in this case, it will be possible to lift the machine for twisting the folds onto the roof: it is many times easier to walk the machine along the entire rolled roll than to mess with individual sections of the material.


If you carefully read the material, you yourself could come to the conclusion about the special importance of the tool that will be used to twist the seam seams. There are two main types of clamping tools: mechanical and electrical.

If we talk about the first tool, then these are two special frames. The first of them twists the main fold, after which it is covered with the second frame with the next seam. We have already talked about the electric machine. It is very convenient to use, as it rolls a single fold in just one pass, after which it can be run in the opposite direction to twist the second seam. Of course, providedusing an electric tool, a metal seam roof takes much less time and effort.

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You will also need the following tools:

  • Several flat and button head hammers, normal pliers.
  • Scissors for cutting metal.
  • Drill, and quite powerful.
  • Extension cable at least 30 meters long.
  • Screwdriver or drill attachment. However, we recommend the first option, as it is much easier.
  • Rulers and tape measures.

Main stages of work

Firstly, you need to choose the appropriate type of batten, and then calculate the optimal pitch of the rafters. It can be made not only from bars or boards, but even from a metal profile or profile pipes. The surface of the crate should be as flat as possible, without potholes and depressions.

seam roof photo

Important points of work

First, a vapor barrier membrane is laid on the rafter crate, which protects it from moisture. The lighter and stronger the material used for these purposes, the better the ventilation will be, and the less the metal will corrode. If you made a crate of wood, thoroughly soak it with an antiseptic solution before work, as this will increase the life of the roof several times over.

Such a folded roof, the photo of which is in the article, will easily lie for more than half a century, without requiring special measures to care for it.

Distance betweenthe bars should be no more than 40 centimeters, since we have already talked about the consequences of the opposite approach above. Having installed the crate, mount the first sheet on the ridge. If you do not use rolled metal, then sheets of iron must be fed to the roof one at a time, otherwise you are at serious risk - the lines may break.

Please note that the flashing on the cornices is mounted in advance! After that, a support bar can be laid on the ridge. Do not forget about its installation also in the case of a hipped roof (it is laid in place of the stack). To make the roof more beautiful and solid, first lay the first and last sheets, carefully cutting them if necessary. Remember that after trimming, the edges of the sheets need to be wrapped slightly outwards.

In principle, professional seam roof installation technology provides for their processing with sealant, but you can do without it.

A little about flashings

seam roof installation technology

The overlap of the sheets must be at least 40 millimeters, and it must be installed only along the lower overhang. If you are working with a ridge or cornice, then each sheet must be attached to both the upper and lower bars on the crate. All flashings on the cornices and end parts must hermetically close the cavities under the roof. It is best to fix them with self-tapping screws with a rubber gasket. This way they won't loosen or fly off even after years of service.

If you plan to use snow barriers or roof bridges, be sure to mount them at the jointsheets.

Notes on body kit

The ridge and ribs of the crate should be as straight as possible: before installation, be sure to check them with a building level. The bottom board, which is called the eaves, should also not have any curvature.

Fasten the cornices immediately, without waiting for the installation of the seam sheets to begin. The gutter holders must therefore be attached even earlier. After that, valleys are attached to the crate, and their bases are neatly and tightly closed with a high-quality edged board.

A strong and dense polyethylene film can be passed along the rafters, which will protect the tree from the action of penetrating moisture.

There is also a professional seam roof, the nodes of which are already fully prepared by the manufacturer. You just have to drag them onto the crate, and then fix them.

metal seam roof

Basic styling tips

Before this process, skates are measured again. If they are rectangular, then all diagonals must be of equal length. Please note that the bottom seam should always be directed in the direction from which you are installing. Accordingly, some of the sheets may need to be expanded.

In all cases of longitudinal joints, the sheets are placed from the bottom up. If the slope on your roof is more than six meters long, it should definitely be made composite. The fact is that otherwise it will be very difficult for you to transport sheets of iron or a whole roll of material upstairs. As we have already said, the material is applied with an overlap.The pediment should be fastened so that it closes the fold. You need to mount it on roofing screws, which have a durable rubber gasket.

A little about the skate

If we talk about the skate, then flat and shaped varieties are allowed. In the event that the roof slope is more than 25 degrees, it must be fixed to reliable roofing screws. Attention! In those places that are close to the wall, other buildings or poles, it is imperative to lay a gasket made of rubber or plastic film. For the same purpose, a plastic wall profile is used.

This is how a seam roof is made with your own hands.

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