Why do I need a vapor barrier film

Why do I need a vapor barrier film
Why do I need a vapor barrier film

Vapor barrier film is a material that is used for arranging roofs with various types of coatings. Its main function is to protect the thermal insulation layer from water vapor, which can rise during washing, bathing, cooking and other household operations.

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In the Soviet Union, such material as a special vapor barrier film was virtually absent. On the roofs, at best, sleeve polyethylene film was used, and often only roofing felt, glassine or roofing felt. New materials appeared after the construction of elite cottages began, where the most advanced technologies were required.

Among them today we can distinguish reinforced polyethylene materials of increased strength, which can be used for both steam and waterproofing. For vapor barrier, non-perforated film is mainly used. A fabric or a special mesh is used as a reinforcing base.

In some cases, when the isolated room has high temperature and humidity (bath, kitchen,sauna, swimming pool), a special vapor barrier film is required. In this case, polyethylene films that have aluminum foil lamination on the inside should be used.

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Material such as vapor barrier film, the installation of which is not difficult, should be present in the construction of any roof. Because the absence of a vapor barrier layer significantly affects the thermal insulation characteristics of the room, because the thermal insulation that gets wet from below has a higher level of heat outflow. The film is laid on top of the insulation on the rafters and fastened with staplers or nails. The overlaps must be insulated with a vapor-tight film. Joints should be sealed with sealing tapes. On top of the film, in general, waterproofing, a counter-lattice to provide an air gap, a lathing and the roofing material itself (metal tiles, roofing iron, soft, bitumen, composite roofs, etc.) are generally laid.

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Vapor barrier film Yutafol is a classic building material. It is available both with an aluminum layer (Yutafol NAL) and without (Yutafol N). The material consists of a reinforced mesh laminated on both sides with polyethylene material. The film is suitable for arranging attic space under a flat and pitched roof. The product is certified. Roll dimensions are 1.5 by 50 meters, material thickness is 0.17-0.22 mm for ordinary film and 0.3 mm for film with aluminum layer. Yutafol is long lastingmaterial. It is believed that a properly laid film will last on average as long as any roof covering on average. And the inclusion of special components ensures low flammability rates.

In addition to optimizing the thermal insulation of a building, vapor barrier film helps to save money, because its flooring significantly extends the life of the insulation.

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