Do-it-yourself mirror framing: design options, materials and techniques

Do-it-yourself mirror framing: design options, materials and techniques
Do-it-yourself mirror framing: design options, materials and techniques

Now the original design is in vogue. It allows not only to decorate the interior, but also to emphasize the individuality of the owners of the house. Various accents decorate the interior, among which mirrors occupy an important place. Framing mirrors can be done independently, and for this, different materials are used. With the right choice, the mirror will not only fit perfectly into the existing interior, but will also become its real highlight. How to choose and make a frame will be described later.


Framing a mirror with your own hands (a photo of one of the options is presented below) can be done by everyone. You need to show imagination and choose the best materials for this work. Creating a homemade frame has many advantages.

How to frame a mirror

So, the master can independently choose the material that best matches the generalindoor design concepts. In this case, the frame will be stylish and very interesting. For example, you can make a frame from environmentally friendly materials. In the manufacture of such frames in production conditions, various chemicals can be used that are needed to process the material. However, home-made designs do not need such impregnations.

An important advantage of the hand-made framing of mirrors (their photos can be seen in the article) can be considered the low cost of the product. This reduces repair costs. By purchasing an exclusive designer mirror, you will need to pay a significant amount of money.

In this case, the owners receive a unique product. No one else has a mirror like this one. The decor can be very different. Here the imagination of the author is practically not limited to anything. One has only to consider in which room the mirror is located. You can find an original design for almost every room.

A beautiful mirror will not only make an interesting accent in the interior, but also be able to visually expand the space. This is especially important for small spaces. In the hallway, bathroom, small bedroom, etc., the presence of a mirror is not only welcome, but also essential. So that it is not the same type, similar to millions of other mirrors that can often be found in the interior of houses and apartments, you should pay attention to creating a homemade frame.

Design Tips

Frame mirrors (a photo of one of the options can be seen below) should be carefully thought out. Otherwiseit will not be in harmony with the surrounding space. Professional designers give some tips on how to correctly fit a similar product into an existing interior.

round mirror frame

So, when decorating rooms, it is better to give preference to mirrors with small or medium dimensions. If there are several of them, it is better that the dimensions of all the canvases are the same. Also, do not create a frame for mirrors of a non-standard shape. Framing will only be appropriate for a rectangular, square, round or oval shape.

If several mirrors are used in the room, it is better to create frames for them of the same type. So disparate elements can merge into a single picture. This is especially important for mirrors of different sizes.

Frame round mirror can be of different shapes. However, it is better if the frame repeats the main shape of the product. This is also true for rectangular or square products. Frames should be consistent with the design of the room. For example, if there is a wooden table in the room, it is better to make a frame made of wood, and the same shade as the furniture.

If a composition is created on the wall from several mirrors, it is necessary to avoid excessive heaps. You should not use a large number of similar elements, which are also decorated with a frame. However, in a small room, a composition of 3-9 mirrors will look harmonious. For example, in Khrushchev, such a technique will visually expand the space of the room. Although sometimes one mirror is enough for this.

Designers convergein the opinion that any handmade product will look good in the interior. At the same time, the general style of the interior should be taken into account. Stucco frames are suitable for a classic design. For modern styles, a simple, concise frame is enough. You just need to show imagination.


To make a frame for a mirror with your own hands, you need to decide on the type of material. Professional designers recommend using one type of finish for this. Do not mix many different materials. They may be structurally incompatible. This can make the mirror quite heavy.

DIY mirror framing

The most common materials used for this purpose are:

  • Paper or cardboard tubes. Even small children can be involved in this work. So the finished work will be even nicer. Straws can be dyed almost any color.
  • Polyurethane. This is a durable and lightweight material. It is suitable for creating a frame in a wet room. The frame can be repainted many times. Most often in this category, framing mirrors with a baguette is used. Therefore, this option is suitable for rectangular or square canvases.
  • Rope. The frame created from a rope or ropes looks original. They can be quite rough looking. This gives the mirror a special decorative effect. Rope is not suitable for finishing in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  • Mounting foam. This material is used as the main orauxiliary frame. For example, when using a hollow material (bamboo), the foam must be blown into each structural element. However, the frame itself can be made from polyurethane foam.
  • Tree. Wood is often used to frame mirrors. The material is easy to process, you can make different compositions from it.

Other decor options

There are other options for framing the mirror. For this, a variety of materials are used. They can be:

Metal. To use this material, the master must have certain skills. So, it is much easier to make a frame out of aluminum. He bends well. Compositions of various configurations are created from wire of different diameters. If you want to make a forged frame, here the master will need professional skills in this area. However, the forged frame will look luxurious in the interior

Large mirror frame
  • Mirror frame. This technique allows you to create an elegant object for decorating different interiors. You can make transparent coatings on the surface of pieces of mirrors, which will give the surface a certain shade. A frame is created from such separate multi-colored fragments.
  • Leather. Mirrors in a soft frame made of this material look stylish and impressive. In this case, the frame can be voluminous. To do this, a synthetic winterizer or other similar materials are added inside. This framing option is well suited for decorating the interior of a living room or bedroom.
  • Gypsum. Can be used asadditions. However, gypsum can also be used to create an original frame for almost any mirror. Stucco molding is created from it, which looks spectacular in a classic interior.

Color selection

Framing a mirror large or small should be carefully considered. The choice of color is important in this case. It is selected in accordance with the shades chosen for the decoration of the room. You can use contrasting colors. Since the mirror is a decorative element, its frame can be bright. This allows you to create accents in the room.

Black and white frames are a classic. They will fit into almost any interior. In this case, the focus on the mirror will not be made. The frame under gold, silver or copper looks spectacular in the interior. Such a frame attracts attention, looks luxurious.

Color frame looks original. For a child's room, this option is perfect. If the composition uses two or three close shades, you can create a mirror frame in almost any room. At the same time, the color must be chosen in accordance with the decoration in the room.

Mirror framing with seashells

In some cases, it is better to leave the natural shade of the frame. Such a solution would be appropriate, for example, when framing mirrors with seashells or natural wood. In this case, the frame can be coated simply with a colorless varnish.


Frame wood mirror looks spectacular. To create such a decor, a variety of materials are suitable. Wood isenvironmentally friendly material. She has the beauty of texture and form. If this material is used in a damp room, special impregnations must be used. They prevent the development of rot on surfaces.

DIY mirror frame

It is best to cover the wood with a clear varnish. So it will be possible to emphasize the natural beauty of this material. However, other options are also possible. Paints for gold, silver, and other shades look spectacular on wood.

Wood allows you to experiment. To create a finish, both logs and branches or bark are suitable. For example, you can cut many ovals or circles from a small log with a jigsaw. Their diameter is from 3 to 15 cm. A frame is assembled from such elements. Each individual circle is glued to the next one, as well as directly to the mirror surface.

You can cut structural elements of various shapes from bars, planks. Creating a composition from them, it is easy to achieve a stunning decorative effect. If the master knows the technique of wood carving, he can create a real work of art. Various curls, textured elements are cut out on the surface of the boards. This handmade looks stylish, elegant.

For framing, branches will do. Having collected the required amount of this material in the nearest park or forest, you can add compositions of incredible beauty from them. Such frames look openwork, original. Before you fold the composition of the branches, they are painted in a suitable shade or varnished.

How to make a frame?

How to make a wood mirror frame? First you need to prepare the material. It must be dry. Otherwise, over time, the product may be deformed. In addition, you will need special fasteners, as well as tools. Structural elements are fixed with self-tapping screws, corners and special glue. You need to purchase materials for decoration. It can be paints or varnishes. If necessary, purchase ribbons, stones, beads, etc.

The tool is selected according to the type of construction. If you want to create a simple frame, it is enough to prepare a hacksaw for wood and a hammer. For more complex designs, you will need a screwdriver, drill, furniture stapler. A ruler or tape measure, a pencil will also come in handy.

For example, you can make a frame from a door casing. In this case, you get a stylish and concise frame. A plank is created for each side of a square or rectangular mirror. The inner edge is made 1 cm shorter than the outer. The edges of the cuts should be at an angle of 45º.

On the reverse side of the planks make a small indentation. It will have a mirror on it. To fasten the planks together, you will need to use special carpentry corners. They are also needed to fix the mirror. After preparing all the details, you can assemble the structure by installing a canvas in it.

Pre-wooden elements must be coated with an antiseptic, and when it dries - with varnish or paint. Only after that you can start assembling.

If used to create a decorative framepieces of bark, branches and other similar materials, they are also first treated with an antiseptic, dried well, and then coated with varnish or paint. Then, using a special carpentry glue (transparent), all the parts are assembled into a single structure.

Ceiling plinth

To make a do-it-yourself frame for a mirror, you can use a regular ceiling plinth. It can have a smooth surface or have an interesting pattern. The width of the frame should match the size of the mirror, as well as the dimensions of the room.

Framing mirrors with a baguette

Different skirting boards are on sale. To create a frame, foam or polyurethane foam products are suitable. The first option is cheaper. However, it is a soft material that is easily dented and scratched. The mirror should be located in an area where mechanical damage to the surface of the baguettes is excluded.

Polyurethane foam baseboards are more expensive. However, they are more reliable. Their surface is less susceptible to mechanical stress. When creating a frame, you can not be afraid that the product will be damaged by an accidental impact or inaccurate movement. In operation, polyurethane foam baguettes are more durable.

Production procedure

How to make a mirror frame from a ceiling plinth? First you need to fix the mirror on a chipboard or plywood sheet. This allows you to create a reliable product. Next, 4 sides are cut out of the ceiling plinth. The inner edge should correspond to the length of the mirror, and the outer edge should be larger. From the bottom to the top edge of the plinth you needdraw a line at an angle of 45º.

Parts are connected with special glue. It should dry well. This design, for obvious reasons, is suitable for a rectangular, square canvas. When all parts are dry, the product is covered with putty. Particular attention is paid to the joints. There should be no bumps, gaps.

When the putty dries, it needs to be painted in a suitable color. In this case, you need to ensure that paints and other building materials do not fall on the surface of the mirror. It can be closed with special masking tape, which does not leave marks on the surface. The paint is more convenient to apply with a sponge.

If desired, you can add decorative elements. It can be beads, beads, ribbons or lace. Lots of options. Natural materials are also suitable for these purposes.

Round Mirror Design

The frame of a round or oval mirror can be made from paper lace. This will create home comfort in the room. Similar napkins are sold in stores with disposable tableware. THIS lace is often used for serving when a cake is laid out on a dish.

To create such a frame, you will need double-sided tape, spray paint, scissors, covering paper. The technology for creating a frame is quite simple. First you need to paint the lace with an aerosol. The composition dries completely in 2 hours.

The back of the mirror should be pasted over with double-sided tape. The protruding excess is cut off with scissors. The protective film is removed. The mirror is applied to the dyed lace. This option is suitable for smallcanvases. If the mirror is overall, it is better to use a special adhesive composition. Otherwise, the fixation may not be strong enough.

You can use lace as a stencil. In this case, it is carefully glued to the front part, and then the paint is applied directly to the glass using a spray can.

Having considered the options for framing mirrors, you can create an original decor. It will be in harmony with the interior, adding a certain charm to it.

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