Washroom equipment Cersanit Eko 2000

Washroom equipment Cersanit Eko 2000
Washroom equipment Cersanit Eko 2000

Polish company Cersanit, which has been producing sanitary equipment for bathrooms and toilets for almost 20 years, deserves to be considered a leader in its field. Its products are not only approved by world-famous specialists, but are also in great demand among ordinary customers. Among the variety of manufactured products, a special place is occupied by the Cersanit Eko 2000 equipment collection.

Distinguishing Features

Production of equipment for toilets and bathrooms is just one of Cersanit's activities. The company has a lot of different collections, which have been created by its leading specialists for many years. Of these, the most popular among consumers are products from the Cersanit Eko 2000 collection.

cersanit eko 2000

It includes the following items:

  • toilets;
  • accessories for them (seats and covers);
  • shells;
  • bidet;
  • components forsinks (pedestals and cabinets).

A distinctive feature of this line is that any equipment is supplied to customers in a complete set. For example, floor-standing toilet bowls that have already become familiar to everyone are necessarily sold together with related products (seat, lid, flushing device, as well as the necessary fixtures for attaching them). By purchasing any product of the Cersanit Eko 2000 line, the buyer receives a complete set of equipment and parts necessary for their installation. A person does not need to run around the shops in search of the missing elements. Together with the main product, he acquires a complete set, which, after installation, is ready for use.

Floor bidet

To attract the attention of a mass buyer, the manufacturer must certainly take into account his interests. This is exactly what the designers and designers of the company reasoned when they started developing new models. Taking into account the small dimensions of bathrooms in modern new buildings, they created an excellent option for a floor bidet as part of the Cersanit Eko 2000 collection. This product has a number of significant features:

  1. Ergonomic. It significantly saves free space, unlike the hanging version.
  2. Miniature. The overall dimensions of such a bidet (37x40x57.5 centimeters) are extremely small.
  3. Material. For its production, faience is used, covered with a special enamel that prevents cracks and scratches.
  4. Minimal surface porosity provides not only a perfect glossy sheen, but also prevents absorptiondirt, followed by the multiplication of all kinds of bacteria.
  5. The naturalness of the raw materials ensures complete safety for the consumer during the operation of such equipment.

For small rooms, such equipment can be considered just the ideal option.

Compact toilet bowl Eko 2000 E031

The Cersanit Eko 2000 toilet bowl is usually produced complete with a flush cistern. The design of this type of equipment is unique in its own way. The real star of this collection is the E031 series toilet.

toilet bowl cersanit eko 2000

It has optimal overall dimensions (35.5x65x75.5 centimeters) and is made in a minimalist style. The toilet bowl is made of white earthenware with a perfect glossy sheen. This floor model has a lower water supply and a convenient oblique drain. The toilet funnel is located in the center. This ensures high-quality rinsing as a result of swirling the liquid under pressure. The tank is equipped with a button with a double flush function with a volume of 3 and 6 liters. This solution allows you to economically use water, given the presence of meters in the apartments. Complete with such a toilet, in addition to the tank, there is also a lid-seat. It is made of white polypropylene with the usual type of closure and is attached using special plastic loops. The successful combination of all the main characteristics and the extreme simplicity of the design explain the high consumer demand for this model.

Seat covers

The Cersanit Eko 2000 seat was also developed by the company's specialists withspecial diligence. Its shape and dimensions are designed for maximum comfort.

cersanit eco 2000 seat

For the manufacture of such products, two materials are usually used:

  1. Polypropylene. It is a thermoplastic polymer that has many useful properties. It is resistant to various aggressive media and does not dissolve in any organic liquids. It is characterized by low moisture absorption and ideal electrical insulation. In addition, this material is strong enough and resistant to various mechanical stresses.
  2. Duroplast. This is a new generation polymer. Depending on the specified indicators, it can have a different degree of hardness, while maintaining high resistance to external influences not only of chemical, but also of animal and vegetable origin.

Lids and seats made of this material are very practical. If desired, they can be given shine or any shade.

Additional function

In some models, the Cersanit Eko 2000 toilet seat is supplemented with a microlift. Recently, this function has been used quite often. The uniqueness of the design lies in the fact that the cover does not need to be lowered or raised manually. Instead of a person, this is done by a specially built-in simple mechanism.

toilet seat cersanit eko 2000

This device has two main useful qualities:

  1. Quiet operation. The principle of its operation resembles a conventional door closer.
  2. Practical. Smooth loweringcover eliminates unpleasant noise. In addition, such a mechanism is convenient when there are children in the house. After all, sometimes they can get injured from a flapping lid. In addition, a sharp lowering sometimes leads to breakage of the lid itself. Cracks or chips may appear on it, which will spoil not only the appearance of the product, but also adversely affect its usability.

Lifts with microlifts are used not only in the Eko 2000 series. Today, such a mechanism is often included in new models.

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