LG F1089ND washing machine review

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LG F1089ND washing machine review
LG F1089ND washing machine review

Today, in almost every home you can see a washing machine. This is an indispensable household appliance that facilitates the work of every housewife. Any hardware store has a wide selection of automatic washing machines. Each woman can choose the right model for herself not only in terms of parameters, but also in terms of beautiful design.

LG F1089ND specifications

This model of washing machine has not only a modern look, but also a stylish design. LG F1089ND - has an assortment of exclusively white color, chrome door and digital display on the control panel.

lg f1089nd

Some customers prefer this model due to its compact size. Due to its small size, the LG F1089ND model will fit into a small room without any problems. The washing machine is 84 cm high, 45 cm deep and only 60 cm wide.

If listing specificationswashing machine, they are as follows:

  • Maximum load per drum - up to 6 kilograms.
  • Engine power - 1000 rpm.
  • The surface of the drum is bubbled.
  • Washing temperature - from 30 to 95 degrees.

The LG F1089ND has several modes that provide high-quality washing of wool, children's clothes, cotton and delicate fabrics.

Instructions for use

As with all washing machines, before you load it, you need to completely sort the dirty laundry, not only by type of material, but also by color. You also need to carefully check all pockets. Almost every garment has a special label that will help you choose the right wash.

After the clothes are sorted, you need to put them in the drum of the machine. Next, pour powder or other detergent into the drawer on the main panel, then turn on the machine and select the desired washing mode using the toggle switch. The digital display has many options to help you not only select the correct mode, but also keep an eye on the entire process.

lg f1089nd specifications

There are times when the machine signals sound alerts, and letters or numbers appear on the display at this time. At these moments LG F1089ND stops working. These abbreviated letters or numbers inform the owner of a technical problem, for example: the drain is clogged or stopped working, the water supply has stopped, the car door is not closed tightly, the water and temperature sensors have stoppedfunction, etc.

LG F1089ND reviews

This washing machine has a lot of positive reviews. The LG F1089ND model is highly praised by most mothers who wash their baby clothes in it. The powder washing function in this model is impeccable. The design of the washing machine is very attractive and modern. Shiny chrome details appeal to all buyers. Model LG F1089ND has only a white case. Traditional for washing machines. And the new version of LG F1089ND5 has a silver color. Also, everyone is impressed by the size of this technique. The manufacturer focused its attention on buyers with small rooms. Noise level LG F1089ND - minimum.

lg f1089nd reviews

There are also negative reviews. They are connected only with the management of household appliances. For example, some users can hardly understand the instructions for use. They are frightened by a large number of functions both on the main panel and in the display itself. Most parents complain about the "child lock" option, since it does not block the main activation button of the machine. The most ardent negative reviews are written due to the lack of a function for forced draining of water. The set of water in the drum exceeds the allowable rate.


The model of the washing machine that we discussed in this article has many positive qualities. If you do not take into account minor flaws, this household appliance will become your indispensable assistant for a very long time.

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