Dish and kebbe nozzle

Dish and kebbe nozzle
Dish and kebbe nozzle

In the twenty-first century, domestic and foreign chefs know recipes for amazing dishes from different cuisines. What can we say about professionals, when ordinary people at home can cook such delicacies that they never even dreamed of before. Of course, in the cuisine of every nation there are "crown dishes" that are the pride of a particular country. For food to be unsurpassed, you need to stick to the recipe, although sometimes experimentation leads to the discovery of something amazing.

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Arab food

It's no secret that Arabic cuisine is considered one of the best. The great chefs of the past came up with great meat dishes, which, in fact, brought such success to the region. In our time, you can see the exclusive recipe book Vusla il Ikhabid, which is filled with interesting facts and tips for a novice cook. In Arabic cuisine, one of the most popular dishes is kebbe, the recipe of which is quite simple if you use a special attachment made for an electric meat grinder.

What is kebbe?

Many people like Arabic cuisine. It always contains meat (goat meat, lamb, veal, but not pork, since eating it is prohibited by the Koran).But not everyone knows what kebbe is. These are amazing fried meat balls. It is very easy to prepare such a dish, and you can serve it both on a regular weekday and on a festive table.

kebbe attachment what is it

It is worth noting that the kebbe balls should turn out perfect. To achieve this result, you must use an electric meat grinder. Some machines come with a kebbe attachment. If there is no such detail, and the chef loves a dish of Arabic cuisine, then it will not be difficult to purchase it separately.

How to cook kebbe?

Before cooking an Arabic dish, you need to buy or make your own excellent minced meat. The advantage is given to veal, from which kebbe is made. Also, finely ground wheat is added to the minced meat, which helps the balls to keep a round (oval) shape. When everything is ready, the meat is fried in oil or fat. Some chefs prepare an Arabic dish in the oven. To make the balls perfect, a special kebbe nozzle was developed - the main assistant in cooking.

So let's get started. For Arabic kebbe, the following ingredients are needed: veal (500 g), lamb (150 g), onion (2 pcs), finely ground wheat (200 g), spices (s alt, pepper, cinnamon if desired), pine nuts (50 g) and, of course, butter or mutton fat.

Cooking steps

Before cooking meat, soak wheat in warm water. It should stand for about 30 minutes, after which it must be thoroughly squeezed. Next, using a meat grinder, you need to scrollveal, gradually adding onions, spices, wheat. Then the stuffing should be mixed well. It is important that it is not dry or, conversely, does not spread. Arab chefs advise adding water in the first case, and wheat in the second. By the way, you can use rice or barley groats instead.

kebbe recipe

The second onion is needed for frying in oil (fat). Lamb is added to the pan and fried together with the vegetable over high heat (after pouring a little water). After the liquid has evaporated, you can add nuts and hold everything together for no more than three minutes.

At this stage, a special meat grinder is used, the main element of which is the kebbe attachment. With its help, the stuffing gets an oval shape. Ready-made circles are stuffed with lamb with nuts, and the edges are neatly covered. The last step is frying the kebbe in fat (oil) until tender. Arabic chefs recommend serving the dish with herbs or finely chopped vegetables.

There are also other Arabic recipes. One of the most popular is Lebanese kebbe. A distinctive feature of this dish is ground beef.

what is kebbe

Kebbe ball nozzle

When buying an electric meat grinder, the cook sees that the kit includes a kebbe attachment. What it is, people do not always understand, since not all of them are familiar with Arabic dishes. It should be noted that in some equipment this element is absent, but this does not mean that it cannot be bought. The kebbe attachment is sold in many stores and is suitable formodern grinders. It was specially created for a traditional Arabic dish. With it, you can cook meat balls quickly and they will look great. Each housewife will be proud of her culinary masterpiece, which is not ashamed to serve to friends and acquaintances.

Surprisingly, in order to make kebbe balls, already processed meat is used, that is, ready-made minced meat. After the preparation of minced meat, a special nozzle is installed and a dish of Arabic cuisine is prepared: the sausages are stuffed and take on a specific shape. The main thing is not to forget to beautifully arrange the dish on a plate, prepare a side dish and invite friends. Bon appetit!

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