Tiling is an old but reliable finishing option

Tiling is an old but reliable finishing option
Tiling is an old but reliable finishing option

Ceramic tiles remain very popular today, although there are quite a lot of new original materials for wall and floor cladding on the building materials market.


Clay (like wood) is the oldest material that man has learned to process. When exactly ceramic tiles appeared is not exactly known. Archaeological excavations reveal more and more new facts and details of its appearance. Some experts believe that tiling was first used in ancient Egypt, others believe that Mayan Indians used tile analogues, others think that tiles were first used in ancient Rome. Despite disagreements, all scientists agree that ceramic tiles have been used in construction for a very long time. Modern production technologies have not undergone significant changes; the basis of the tile is burnt clay. The outer coating can be the most diverse, but the same clay remains at the base.

Bathroom tiling

Tiling is especially popular in rooms with high humidity. Since it itself is absolutely moisture resistant, and the materials that are used to fasten it are also not susceptible to moisture.To date, bathroom tiling is not only a classic, but also the best finishing option. After all, the tile will last for many years, without requiring special care and repair.

The technology of laying ceramic tiles is very simple. The only requirement is that the surface must be flat and clean. Tiling is carried out using a special adhesive, which is sold ready-made, just add water to it and mix. In addition to glue, you will also need a level and a notched trowel. The adhesive is applied to the tiles and to the wall only with a notched trowel to make the tiles easier to level. In order to make the whole wall smoother, you can install an even rail at the height of the first row and start putting the second row first, and not the first. The advantage of this approach is that it consumes less glue. After all, when plastering, it often happens that the bottom of the wall protrudes a little, which makes the upper layers of glue thicker.

Cladding with clinker tiles

But tiles are used not only for interior decoration. Clinker tiles are often used for facades. It is slightly different from ceramic in appearance, but it is also made from fired clay. Clinker tiles are a German invention. A feature of this facing material is that real clinker tiles are always handmade. The formation of its shape and subsequent firing is controlled by people, which ensures good quality and a minimum of marriage. Facing the facade with such tiles reliably protects the building, because it has dirt-repellent properties, does not fade, is not afraid ofmoisture and will not scratch.

When choosing a tile, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer. It must be a trusted company that has been on the market for more than a year, otherwise you buy tiles at your own risk, not knowing the truth about its quality.

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