Building a brick house: some tips

Building a brick house: some tips
Building a brick house: some tips

Brick houses have long been a classic of private and industrial construction. For many hundreds of years, this material has been valued for its high technical characteristics. In our country, the construction of a brick house has recently been a sign of the viability of the owner of the construction site. If you decide to save money, you can buy a silicate version, only its quality will be slightly lower than that of a clay product.

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building a brick house

Let's give some examples of how you can at least approximately "calculate" the construction of a brick house. We will immediately warn you that it will not work to save on the foundation, since even under a modest one-story cottage it is necessary to fill in a high-quality foundation. The colder it is in your area, the wider the masonry will be. The wider the latter, the wider the trench under the foundation and the deeper its occurrence. In some cases, it will be necessary to provide for laying a concrete cushion. If the house is two or three stories high, then the concrete in it must be reinforced. In many ways, the characteristics of the foundation you choose will depend on the soil on your site. Very important in advance(!) learn about the depth of groundwater.

Thus, building a brick house will immediately require the purchase of roofing material to perform waterproofing of the basement, cement, formwork materials, reinforcement and a large amount of ASG. These are the main items of expenditure at this stage.

calculation of bricks for building a house

Let's talk about walls

Despite all the scientific and technological progress, the laying of the walls is done only by hand. Bricks are fixed on cement, cement-lime, lime mortars. Do not try to save a dime on suppliers, as any savings now is fraught with huge problems in a couple of years. If you want to spend less money without sacrificing quality, then calculate the bricks for building a house with the help of wholesalers.


Most often they are concrete or reinforced concrete slabs. A good replacement can be their multi-hollow varieties. Please note that theoretically, when building a small cottage, you can use wood or SIP panels, but you can no longer dream of high-quality sound insulation between floors. In a word, even the construction of country houses made of bricks will in any case be a costly undertaking.

Roofing and communications

construction of brick houses

If the savings did not work out with the previous points, you can "recoup" on the roof. Today there is corrugated board, the cost of which makes it possible to greatly reduce the cost of construction. But with communications, the issue should be resolved even before the start of constructionbuilding. As you can see for yourself, building a brick house without a full source of water is almost impossible.

If there is no central water supply system, drill a well in advance or dig a well. Subsequently, it will be much more difficult to do this, and you can go broke on the supply of water in tanks. If there is no gas supply to the site, it is better to think in advance about including a boiler room in the project, since in especially difficult cases the cost of connecting it will almost cost the price of the construction team.

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