Acrylic gloss varnish: advantages and application features

Acrylic gloss varnish: advantages and application features
Acrylic gloss varnish: advantages and application features

There is a wide variety of paint materials suitable for various surfaces. The main determining factor in the choice is the material to be coated and its properties.

acrylic gloss varnish


Acrylic gloss varnish is used not only to provide decorative properties, but also to increase the life of the product and protect the surface from adverse effects. It gained its popularity due to many advantages, among which the following are worth noting:

  • fast drying;
  • create a reliable and durable coating on any surface;
  • does not change the natural texture and shade of the material;
  • high elasticity and strength;
  • sustainable.
glossy acrylic lacquer for artwork

Special formulations

Acrylic lacquer universal glossy Kudo has a high level of weather resistance and excellent adhesion.Suitable for creating a decorative gloss on plastic, wood and metal products, regardless of the presence of a layer of paint. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor work. At the same time, it protects the surface from abrasion and mechanical impact, hides coating defects. Like any acrylic composition, Kudo varnish is characterized by excellent performance. It is waterproof, transparent and odorless.

Acrylic Gloss Varnish for Artwork is best suited for treating colored surfaces to create a shiny and smooth top coat that is resistant to dirt, moisture and wear. Its use is not limited to this, it provides the following tasks:

  • fixing the details of work done with chalk or coal;
  • added to gouache paint to obtain wear-resistant characteristics and increase adhesion;
  • increasing the durability of coloring compositions and giving brightness;
  • acts as a binding base for making homemade paints.

Acrylic lacquer, the price of which starts at 200 rubles, is used not only to protect the surface, but also to obtain decorative effects. It is optimally suited for wood, as its composition penetrates the pores and forms a dense film. It also has antiseptic properties, which prevents the appearance of mold and mildew.

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What you need to know

Before applying the composition, it must beshake thoroughly. When applying two or more layers, if necessary, grinding can be performed. It is worth remembering that during the work the air temperature should be at least +5 degrees. To create a high-quality surface, acrylic gloss varnish during drying should not be exposed to ultraviolet radiation and drafts. Some components in the composition during long-term storage may settle to the bottom in the form of a loose residue, so the mixture is thoroughly mixed before use. So, after the sediment is distributed over the content, the material acquires a homogeneous structure.


Acrylic glossy lacquer for art works is made on the basis of polyacrylates, or substances formed after the polymerization of acrylic acid. Compositions are classified depending on the type of film-forming component:

  • Varnish with thermosetting oligomers (styrenes, acrylates and other substances). It creates an insoluble surface, film formation occurs in 30-50 minutes when exposed to high temperatures. There may be plasticizers that are dissolved using hydrocarbons, ketones and acetates.
  • Composition based on thermoplastic and high molecular weight acrylates. Forms a reversible surface, the film is created within an hour at room temperature during the volatilization of soluble constituents.
acrylic varnish universal glossy kudo

Application features

Acrylic glossy varnish is applied most often withpneumatic spray, the electroplating method is used for waterborne formulations.

To obtain a uniform high-quality coating on wooden surfaces and reduce consumption, pre-treatment with a special primer or tinted impregnation.

The creation of a mirror surface is possible after wet grinding. That is, the base is polished after wetting and drying, only after that a primer is applied. It is also possible to obtain this effect by grinding all layers of varnish, except for the last one.

Acrylic glossy lacquer is suitable for updating the painted surface, in case of thinning of the previous layer. To do this, the surface is treated with sandpaper and soapy water, then the composition is distributed, it is also possible to apply acrylic paints before using it. It should be noted that the varnish is diluted only in pure water, without the addition of drying oil and solvents.

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