How to grow bamboo at home: preparation, soil composition, planting and care

How to grow bamboo at home: preparation, soil composition, planting and care
How to grow bamboo at home: preparation, soil composition, planting and care

Bamboo is an unusual plant that is neither a shrub nor a tree. Giant grass in natural growing conditions reaches a height of 30-40 meters. In nature, no other plant can be found with such a high growth rate. Bamboo sprouts stretch up to 20 centimeters per day. This phenomenon is observed only in the wild. At home, culture develops much more slowly. In our article, we want to talk about how to grow bamboo at home.

Home plant

Not everyone knows that indoor bamboo is not related to the bamboo that grows in the wild. At home, we grow one of the varieties of a very popular crop - dracaena, to be more precise, Sander's dracaena.

The plant is a bare stem, on the top of which there are several leaves. The trunk can be straight or bent in a spiral. Usually indoor bamboo is painted in bright color. Sometimes there are plants of golden color. If the culture during the day is in the rays of the bright sun, then its color becomes dark green.

Is it possible to grow bamboo at home

Many flower growers are wondering: "Is it possible to grow bamboo at home?" After all, it is considered a plant that brings good luck and happiness. Apparently, for this reason, the plant is popular. If you place bamboo in the southeastern part of the house, then luck and financial stability will certainly smile at you.

Growing bamboo

How to grow bamboo at home? It is best to put the plant on the east window. Direct sunlight must be avoided. Despite the fact that the culture is photophilous, burns may remain on it from too intense lighting. In addition, dracaena does not tolerate drafts. Airing in winter can lead to the death of the plant. In the summer, bamboo should be watered frequently and be careful not to let the soil dry out. In winter, moisture should be more moderate.

If you notice that the plant is losing leaves, you need to increase the light. The tallest plants should be planted in large pots, which can later be placed in a place with diffused light. It is necessary to monitor the humidity of the air. Dracaena does not feel very comfortable in a room with dry air.

Growing methods

How to grow bamboo at home? There are three ways to grow a crop at home. It is worth noting that flower growers have long been arguingregarding how best to keep the plant: in water or in soil. Both options are perfectly acceptable, but each of them has its own characteristics.

Growing in water

How to grow bamboo at home in water? If you purchased bamboo, you can try placing it in a container of water. Dracaena roots are washed well, inspecting for damage. Rotted areas must be removed. Settled or distilled water is poured into the container and the plant is lowered into it, securing it with beautiful pebbles, previously boiled (for disinfection).

How to grow bamboo sticks at home

In the future, the liquid in the vase must be changed every 14 days. If the water becomes cloudy before the appointed time, it must be replaced. Once a month, the culture is fed with fertilizers for dracaena.

Ground landing

How to grow bamboo at home? In a pot with earth, the plant feels very comfortable. For planting, you need to pick up a spacious container so that the roots are not crowded. Expanded clay should be poured at the bottom of the pot as drainage. For planting, you must purchase a special soil for dracaena. It is sold in specialized stores.

How to grow bamboo from seeds at home

How to grow bamboo at home? The composition of the soil for growing dracaena is quite simple. If you were unable to purchase a ready-made substrate, then you can cook it yourself. To do this, you need to mix one part of peat, part of humus and two parts of clay sod. Dracaena is transplanted into a new containerno more than once a year. Older plants are transplanted once every three years. Bamboo is fertilized twice a month.

Growing in hydrogel

Bamboo can be grown in hydrogel. This method is the least common. The plant is placed in a container filled with water and hydrogel. In the process of using the capsule, the substances gradually change their shape and color.

How to grow bamboo soil composition at home

This cultivation does not cause much trouble for the gardener. Fresh water must be added to the vessel as needed. In addition, dracaena is fertilized twice a month.

Bamboo propagation

Bamboo is propagated in several ways: cuttings and dividing the roots. The latter method is good if you are planning a plant transplant. Large shoots can be separated from an adult plant, which can be immediately planted in the ground. At first, the seedling needs to be watered frequently.

How to grow bamboo at home from cuttings? To root a young plant, you can put it in a container with water. It is difficult to say how quickly the roots appear on the handle: a month or six months can pass. Do not rush bamboo. He will give roots at the right time. Some growers place the cuttings in a wide container of water so that they float on the surface of the liquid. After the roots appear, the plants are planted in the ground. This method is very convenient. Young plants do not need bright light, so they need some shade.

How to grow bamboo from cuttings at home

Sometimes flower growers are interestedhow to grow bamboo at home from seeds. In flower shops you can see bags with seed culture. However, experienced experts do not recommend purchasing them. Growing dracaena from seeds is almost impossible. This method is not used in practice.

Feeding fertilizer

Whatever growing method you choose, bamboo needs to be fertilized regularly. For this, organic and mineral fertilizers are usually used. Specialized feeding for dracaena can be purchased at flower shops. Their advantage is that they contain a complete set of elements necessary for plants.

In the cold season, top dressing is carried out several times a month. In summer, it is enough to fertilize once every three weeks. If you notice that a houseplant is growing too slowly, then this is an occasion to think about the need for top dressing.

Experienced gardeners recommend growing bamboo in the ground. In water, a plant can exist for a year or more. Its lifespan depends on the quality of care. Sooner or later the bamboo disappears in the water. Therefore, it is better to plant it in the ground so that the culture will please you with its decorative effect longer.

Getting plants from sticks

How to grow bamboo at home from this material? Very often, florists use bamboo sticks to decorate beautiful bouquets. Flowers wither very quickly, but decor elements can be used to get a plant. Experts believe that you can get a full-fledged dracaena from sticks. They should be placed in a vase of water and wait until they appear.roots.

How to grow bamboo from cuttings at home

Further, young plants can be planted in the ground or left in vases with water for further cultivation. The first way is more correct. Thanks to him, you can get a full-fledged plant that will grow beautifully for a long time in your home.

Diseases and pests

Bamboo, like other plants, can be affected by ailments. Ticks and aphids cause great damage to the culture. If you notice pests on the plant, you should remove them with a damp sponge. And then treat with a special solution.

Often inexperienced flower growers complain about the yellowing of the leaves and trunks of dracaena. This situation occurs due to too bright lighting. If bamboo is grown in the ground, then yellowing most likely indicates excessive soil moisture. Affected parts of the plant are usually removed and its further behavior is observed.

How to grow bamboo at home in a pot

Dracaena can be affected by fungal diseases. If you notice the appearance of rust spots or spots, this indicates improper care. The plant should be provided with access to fresh air, and then treated with fungicides.

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