Wall shelf in the interior of the apartment

Wall shelf in the interior of the apartment
Wall shelf in the interior of the apartment

In a modern apartment, hanging shelves have long and firmly registered as a necessary part of the interior. They are able to decorate the apartment, unload your cabinets and serve as a great decor thanks to their unusual design. So, for example, a wall shelf may be needed if there are no more places in the bookcase, or you need to place several elements to create an individual design (souvenirs, photographs, vases, flower arrangements).

wall shelf

Hinged shelves are of two types: open and closed. Open shelves - the simplest option, this is a plane for installing the necessary items on it. Closed shelves have ceiling and side walls, their doors can have both traditional and original design shapes.

Shelves are good because they are conveniently located above tables, sofas and other furniture. Of course, they will be useful to pupils and students who can store their books, notebooks, textbooks on them. A small wall shelf will become a convenient stand for a phone or a telephone directory. It is also suitable for other equipment, for example, for placing a tape recorder, speakers, radio.

Wooden wall shelves

Originalshelves for books and small items are made of glass. They can have an irregular, bent shape, due to which they serve as decoration for the interior of the room. The color scheme of the shelves can be very diverse: from standard, wood color, to transparent. Shelves made of glass can hold up to ten kilograms.

Also available in stainless steel and wood. For use in everyday life, wall-mounted wooden shelves are made of alder, oak, birch. Laminated chipboard is also used as a material. The dimensions of the shelves can be selected individually, depending on your needs and the design of the room. For example, an open shelf of a classic look can have the following dimensions: width - 60, depth - 26, height - 20 centimeters. A hinged shelf designed for books can have large parameters: width - 110, depth - 25, height - 58 centimeters. These characteristics will make it more spacious and will allow you to successfully place it in your office or library.

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If the wall shelf is placed in the kitchen, it will be a great place for a small TV. In addition, it can store kitchen utensils and utensils. Outwardly, the shelves may differ in the original design. For example, they are made with an arched frieze located on top, a semi-open facade and a figured balustrade. Such a shelf will not only be functional, but will also bring a special atmosphere to the design of the kitchen. You can successfully place it even above the hood.

In the children's room, especially if it is no differentlarge size, a wall shelf is an indispensable thing. It contains the child's toys, his books and photographs. Such shelves are both practical and very beautiful. For children, it is better to choose products made of high-quality material with a safe coating.

When choosing a shelf for your apartment, you need to take into account its dimensions, functional purpose, and the design style of the room in which it will be placed. About what wall shelves are, the photo gives a vivid idea. These are hanging racks, and showcases, and single classic open shelves. Choose - make your home even more comfortable!

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