Reinforced rubber hose. Specifications, prices

Reinforced rubber hose. Specifications, prices
Reinforced rubber hose. Specifications, prices

Reinforced rubber hose is widely used today in many areas. You can meet such products in a number of industries and in agriculture. Consumers also quite often use it for domestic needs.

Reinforced hose description

reinforced rubber hose

Reinforced rubber hose is a product of modern industry. It is constantly being improved and acquires new technical characteristics, which allows expanding the scope of use. Such modernization as reinforcement made it possible to achieve more impressive strength of products. The described standard type sleeves are rubber tubes that have the quality of flexibility. The walls are made up of several layers. Reinforcing pads occupy the gap between the material. These additions can be made of steel or filament cord. Among other things, a steel spiral can be used in the production process, as well as one that is made of polyvinyl chloride. Reinforcement made it possible to improve the quality of wear resistance. Hose is currentlyin demand for the transportation of all kinds of materials, it functions reliably even in aggressive environments, which may differ in intensity.

Features of use

reinforced rubber hoses for water

Reinforced rubber hose can have a smooth or reinforced outer surface. Such characteristics have an internal basis. It depends on the design and application. Corrugated hoses are used when better mobility is required, for example vacuum cleaner hoses. Reinforced rubber hose with a smooth surface is used to reduce resistance when transporting materials. This applies to more static conditions. The hose can be used for suction or discharge, and the media can be heavy and require the material to have increased resistance to mechanical and abrasion.

Scope of application

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The described sleeves have proven themselves from the best side in a number of areas of human activity, these include the food, light, pharmaceutical, and oil refining industries. Reinforced rubber hose 25 mm are often used in automotive production. This is a part of the hydraulic brake, on which the safety of traffic depends.

Additional uses

reinforced rubber hose 25 mm

Rubber air hosereinforced has also found its application in agriculture, where there is a need to transport bulk materials such as grain, fertilizers, etc. Most often, such products are used for watering plantations. Such qualitative characteristics as flexibility, environmental friendliness, as well as resistance to external factors, have found their full use. As for the last feature, the material is not at all afraid of temperature fluctuations, as well as precipitation. While the flexibility allows you to store products in a compact position. The rubber hose is also widely used in everyday life, when there is a need to transport natural gas, as well as in the design of vacuum cleaners, showers, washing machines, etc. Reinforced rubber hose, the price of which is quite acceptable, significantly improves the comfort of human life.

Cost of rubber reinforced products

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If you decide to purchase a hose, you will need to inquire about its price. While still at home, you can calculate what the costs will be. Thus, reinforced rubber hoses for water are offered for sale at a price of 23 rubles per linear meter. Quite often, the company provides free shipping when ordering a certain amount of goods.

Diameter and possible allowable pressure

After you know the cost, you need to think about what diameter will be needed. On sale you can find hoses, the mentioned indicator of which varies from 6 to 100 millimeters. The length of one sleeve reaches 150meters. It is important to observe the standard pressure when operating rubber products. As for hoses, this figure is 10 atmospheres. If you do not follow these recommendations, then the sleeve will quickly fail, after which it will no longer be possible to use it.

What else you need to know about rubber hoses

Reinforced rubber hoses for water have excellent quality characteristics. They can be used at a fairly wide temperature range, which is equal to the limit from -50 to +100 degrees. In order to achieve more impressive strength, several layers of pads made of fabric are used in the production of sleeves. It is necessary to distinguish ordinary hoses from pressure ones, the latter are used to supply compressed air. They are designed for impressive mechanical impact. Such products are also called pneumatic. They are made using a special technology. Hoses can be stored indoors, where sunlight does not penetrate. This is due to the fact that long-term exposure of rubber to ultraviolet radiation without operation can cause material failure. It is unacceptable that oils, kerosene, alkali, and also gasoline are nearby. This also applies to other substances that can damage rubber.


It is worth remembering before purchasing that the sleeves can be produced from different brands of rubber. Among them are technical, oil and petrol resistant, petrol resistant, as well as acid resistant. These qualitative characteristics will allow you to make a choice. Not worth overpayingfor a product that has special quality characteristics, for example, resistance to aggressive environments, this applies if you need to purchase a regular irrigation hose. Purchasing a petrol-resistant product would be inappropriate.

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