Flowers for the bedroom. What flowers are suitable for the bedroom

Flowers for the bedroom. What flowers are suitable for the bedroom
Flowers for the bedroom. What flowers are suitable for the bedroom

As you know, a person spends a third of his life in a dream. During this period, the body is renewed and cleansed, strength and energy are restored. Proper arrangement of the bedroom contributes to a good rest, restoration of working capacity, and also charges you with a good mood after waking up. In this regard, each person seeks to correctly choose the interior of the bedroom, as well as create a harmonious microclimate in it. An important role in this matter is played by the arrangement of the interior according to Feng Shui.

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What color to decorate the bedroom

According to ancient science, the most peaceful area in the apartment is suitable for the bedroom. At the same time, it should be removed from the bath, toilet and kitchen. The shape of the room should be square or rectangular. Depending on the location, the color of the bedroom according to Feng Shui may differ.

feng shui bedroom color

If the bedroom has a north orientation, wallpaper and furnishings should have a blue tint. With a southerly direction, red color should prevail in the room. With a western orientation, the feng shui bedroom color has all shades of white or silver. Green colors are suitable for oriental roomsclearance.

An ancient Chinese rule teaches that only people should be in the break room. Therefore, Feng Shui categorically forbids placing flowers in the bedroom. Photographs of plants are also highly undesirable in a room where a person is sleeping. It is believed that they take energy from the vacationer.

There is also an opinion that indoor flowers in the interior of the bedroom steal the air. This is primarily due to the fact that they suck in oxygen at night, while absorbing carbon dioxide.

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In reality, things are not so critical. First of all, any plants are producers of oxygen, which is released through photosynthesis during daylight hours. At night, this process stops, but the flowers continue to breathe. However, the amount of oxygen absorbed by flowers is so negligible that 10,000 kilograms of greenery would have to be collected in one room to harm human he alth.

How to choose flowers for the bedroom

Having green pets in the bedroom certainly helps relieve stress and relax after a hard day. In this regard, in the rest room it is necessary to place several plants that are suitable for the conditions of detention. In a small room, gloxinia, violet, cyclamen, and also begonia will look very harmonious. You should not strive for a variety of colors and species, since the abundance of variegated flowers and a pile of pots will disturb and annoy. This point should be taken into account when choosing indoor flowers.

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In spacious and large bedrooms, large specimens such as dracaena, eucharis, ficus fit perfectly into the interior. Palm-like species - liviston, washingtonia, yucca - will bring an exotic touch to your interior.

Record holders for air purification

Every day, in addition to polluted air on the street, we are exposed to harmful substances at home. These are various fumes emitted by synthetic materials: furniture components, floor and wall coverings. These include formaldehydes, benzenes, toluene and others. Indoor flowers do an excellent job with these enemies. The names of champions in air purification have long been on everyone's lips: chlorophytum, spathiphyllum, tradescantia. These "air conditioners" not only save us from the harmful effects of chemicals, but are also able to cope with tobacco smoke in a short time. Spathiphyllum is also popularly called “female happiness”, because it is believed that this plant will bring love, harmony and mutual understanding to the house.

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You should take into account the fact that these flowers need to be washed periodically or wipe the leaves with a damp cloth, because dust, seemingly invisible, settles on the leaves and interferes with air exchange.

Healing plants

People who have weak immunity and often suffer from colds, the following flowers for the bedroom are suitable: aloe, sansevieria, kalanchoe, geranium. They tend to release phytoncides into the air, which fight the reproduction of various kinds of bacteria andviruses. It is not in vain that our grandmothers loved geranium: it contains an essential oil that normalizes sleep, repels insects, relieves headaches, reduces tension, and also helps get rid of depressive disorders and fatigue. Aloe has long been known for its healing properties. However, only adult specimens that have reached the age of 2-3 years have them, so there is no sense in young shoots in this regard. But for keeping in the bedroom, scarlet is suitable at any age.

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Citrus "exotics"

Similar bactericidal properties have citrus plants, which are now presented in stores in abundance. These include lemon, tangerine, citron, grapefruit, orange tree. A wonderful aroma comes from both the flowers and the leaves. The smell that exudes the peel of ripening fruits has a calming effect. The only drawback of these tropical guests is the exactingness of a cool wintering. It is advisable with the onset of cold weather to send them to the balcony, which is heated. The optimum temperature for wintering citrus fruits is from +2 to +6 degrees. Those who still decide to place these plants in the bedroom during the warm season should remember that the chlorine content in the soil is extremely undesirable for them. In this regard, before watering, water must be carefully prepared. Citrus fruits respond very gratefully to spraying the leaves. With proper care, they will not only purify the air and get rid of extraneous odors, but also saturate it with oxygen,destroying harmful bacteria.

Which flowers are best for a bedroom with sleep disorders? Of course, this is potted lavender, rosemary and laurel. These wonderful plants release essential oils into the air that help to eliminate anxiety and stress, helping you relax and fall asleep quickly. Currently, potted species of such plants have appeared on the shelves of flower shops at an affordable price. However, their life span in indoor conditions is short, as they are very demanding in care.

Help plants for dry air

During the heating season, insomnia may occur due to dry air in the room. In such a case, indoor flowers are suitable, the names of which are quite common: these are monstera, hibiscus, cyperus. The first two plants have wide leaves through which moisture enters the air. Cyperus is a marsh plant that loves abundant watering. Through the roots, it absorbs a large amount of water, which after a while evaporates from the flower.

what flowers are best for the bedroom

Of course, the best flowers for the bedroom are those that the hostess liked the most. However, it is better to avoid some plants, as in some cases they have a negative effect on our body.

Unwanted green residents in the bedroom

When choosing flowers for the bedroom, it should be noted that plants with a pronounced smell can cause headaches, nausea and even vomiting. The "odorous" flowers include hyacinth, lilies, gardenias. bad neighbors forsleeping person - freshly cut lilies of the valley, lilac, jasmine. There is also no place in the sleeping room for plants that provoke an exacerbation of allergies: flowering oleander, alocasia, ferns. Their appearance in the bedroom of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and asthma is strictly not recommended. Some plants release characteristic fumes into the air, some of which are toxic. These include flowers of the milkweed family.

Which plants fit into the interior of the bedroom

For those people who are more concerned about the design of the bedroom, a variety of types of plants will do. Before starting any flower, you need to resolve the issue with the right lighting. With a lack of light, any green resident will suffer and will not only not decorate the interior, but will also leave an unpleasant impression. Therefore, before placing a particular plant in the bedroom, you should take into account the features of care: temperature, content, air humidity, frequency of watering and spraying.

Which flowers will harmoniously match the color of the wallpaper

If the bedroom has colorful or multi-colored wallpapers, a flower with large green leaves will look harmonious. On the contrary, if the walls are painted in a single color, a plant with multi-colored leaves will do. It should be taken into account that such species are more photophilous, they should be placed closer to the window sills. Flowering plants will be very appropriate.

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Thus, plants in the bedroom contribute to relaxation and stress relief. They purify and humidify the air,allow you to enjoy a sound and pleasant sleep.

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