Protective fencing - bumpers for the crib. For newborns, a special type of bed linen

Protective fencing - bumpers for the crib. For newborns, a special type of bed linen
Protective fencing - bumpers for the crib. For newborns, a special type of bed linen

Arranging a room or bed for a new family member that has just appeared is always fraught with some difficulties. And it's not just financial costs. First of all, you should choose the right bed. For the safety of the child during sleep and wakefulness, bumpers for the crib are used. For newborns, this is the key to a calm and carefree sleep.

Sleeping place - the main attribute of the children's room

When choosing a much-needed thing, you should remember that this is an essential item, and it should last more than one year. The sleeping place should be reliable, convenient and comfortable. If possible, then the place to rest as the child grows will need to be changed several times. There are several standard sizes. For children from birth to six months - these are cradles. Their dimensions are 90 x 45 cm. Children under three years old can choose sizes 120-125 x 60-65 cm. The model for the next age category is 140 cm long and 70 cm wide, it will fit a child up to the age of seven.

Baby Crib Bumpers

You can also purchase a transformer. As the child grows, the bottom lowers so that the baby does not fall out. Whatever model you choose, it is worth considering bumper bumpers in the crib for newborns.

Kids furniture features

Children's furniture is mostly made of wood. The most durable products are obtained from beech, birch or maple. Pine is a soft wood to work with, and pine models are cheaper. In any case, the furniture should be made of natural materials. Focus should be on the stability and safety of the bed. In general, all models are equipped with lattice fences and a removable front panel. The optimal gap between the rods of the fence is 6-8 cm. In addition, bumpers for the crib are used.

Bumper in the crib for newborns photo

For newborns, it is protection against accidental drafts. These are not just railings, but hinged soft pads of certain shapes and sizes, covering the cradle from the inside around the entire perimeter. When the child becomes more active - rolls over, crawls or rises to his feet, soft protection will protect the baby from injury, arms and legs will not get stuck between the twigs. If the child falls, the pillow will cushion the impact. In such a bed, the most restless toddler will be reliably protected from bruises and injuries. Some models only have hanging pads on three sides.

Bed linens and accessories

The sleeping place must be supplemented with a mattress, a set of bed linen and other accessories.In addition to the standard set - a sheet, a pillowcase, a duvet cover - these can be bumpers for a crib, for newborns - a veil or a net (mosquito net). All children's clothes must be made to meet quality and safety standards. Natural fabrics - cotton, linen, silk. Bed linen should not have coarse seams and prickly finishing materials; foam rubber, synthetic winterizer, holofiber, and holofan are used as a filler. The latter material has better characteristics than other synthetic counterparts. It keeps heat and at the same time passes air well, it is easily erased. Sanitary and hygiene certificates confirm its safety.

Bumper in the crib for newborns photo

When choosing a set of underwear and protection, you need to consider all sizes. It is better to choose soft pastel colors. The fabric should not shed when washed. Pay attention to how the bumper is attached to the crib for newborns, the photo is given above.

Make your own protection

Such a wonderful, safe and necessary invention is quite expensive. You can make a bumper in the crib for newborns with your own hands. It consists of two lateral parts and two or one longitudinal. Based on this, the amount of fabric will be equal to the sum of the lengths of the four (or three) sides of the inside of the bed. The height of the product will depend on the level of the bottom with the mattress. According to certain sizes, you need to sew four rectangular covers. Put a filler inside - foam rubber holds its shape well. In the case of a synthetic winterizer, it needs to be quilted or stitchedalong with the fabric. The bottom of the covers is sewn up manually or using a zipper. Ties can be made from the main fabric or you can buy ready-made ribbons. Finished ties are attached by trying on crib bumpers.

Do-it-yourself bumper in a crib for newborns

For newborns, the use of this option is not always justified. The baby needs enough fresh air. Therefore, you should periodically remove them and ventilate the room more often.

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