Indoor bamboo: photo, home care

Indoor bamboo: photo, home care
Indoor bamboo: photo, home care

People who are adherents of the philosophy of Feng Shui are confident that indoor bamboo can bring good luck, happiness and prosperity to its owner. This plant was brought to Russia from Asian countries, since then it has been widely used in the design of hotels, restaurants and offices. In this article you will find a description of bamboo, its photo and tips for growing and caring.


Indoor bamboo has only an external resemblance to all known plants. Historically, these are completely different species that have nothing in common. So, the representative of the flora, which will be discussed in this article, is a type of dracaena. It is also called Dracaena Sander. This evergreen exotic plant, it can fit into the interior of any room. Its appearance is quite interesting: bright leaves are located on top of green or yellowish bare stems. It does not reach a length of 40 meters, like tropical bamboo. However, with good care, it can grow up to two meters. The main secret of room carebamboo is to grow the plant in conditions that closely resemble its natural environment.

indoor bamboo

Growing methods

As already mentioned, indoor bamboo is unpretentious. This means that many popular ways of growing ornamental plants are suitable for him. What are these ways?

  • In a hydrogel. This is the best option out of all. Hydrogel is soil with a special composition. It is impregnated with a gel-like substance, which can have any color or be transparent. If you prefer this method, purchase a clear pot so you can see the colored gel.
  • In the water. This option cannot be called traditional. However, bamboo feels good even in water. It must be clean, it is best to pre-filter it. A layer of small pebbles is placed at the bottom of the pot, after which the plant is planted. In this case, care must be taken that the drainage does not exceed the level of the root system. An important condition that must be observed is the timely change or topping up of water.
  • Bamboo indoor plant care
  • In a pot with soil. Like other indoor plants, bamboo feels comfortable in a pot with soil. It is best to give preference to soil intended for dracaena. At the bottom of the pot should be placed decorative glass or small pebbles. They will perform the function of drainage.

Growing from seed

Indoor bamboo reproduces whenthe help of seeds or cuttings. The first is suitable for spring planting. It is produced in March, since it is in this month that forcing in natural conditions begins. To do this, the seeds must be soaked in water and wait until they fully germinate. Then they are planted in the ground. The proportions are as follows: half of the whole is earth, another ¼ of the mixture is occupied by sand and drainage. After the seeds are placed in the ground, they are covered with a film and thus create a greenhouse effect.

Propagation by cuttings

There is another way to grow a houseplant bamboo. First of all, it is necessary to pinch off the shoot from an adult plant and put it in water for three to four weeks. After this time, it will take root, that is, it will be possible to plant it in hydrogel, soil or water.

bamboo houseplant

Of course, there are other ways to propagate bamboo. For example, offspring or apical shoots. However, they are considered the most difficult and are used only in extreme cases.

Pruning indoor bamboo

Home care involves a series of activities in a timely manner. These include pruning of stems and shoots, which must be done annually. To do this, use special garden shears or, in extreme cases, a pruner for indoor flowers.

Shoots that have been cut can be used as cuttings to propagate bamboo. They are simply placed in water and wait for the roots to appear. To escaperotted in water, the sections should be lubricated with liquid wax. Pruning also allows you to speed up the formation of new shoots. To do this, you can cut off part of the trunk, after which leaves will grow on the sides.

Indoor bamboo turns yellow


A popular plant is indoor bamboo. How to care for him? Care must be taken to ensure that the lighting in the place of its cultivation is diffused and direct sunlight does not fall on the plant. You can create such lighting by using a light, light-transmitting curtain on the windowsill. It is better to place bamboo on the western or eastern side. According to Feng Shui, it is best to place the plant in the southeast of the room. This will allow him to fully manifest his magical properties. If the lighting is not chosen correctly, then the plant may lose leaves, as a result of which its growth will slow down.


Bamboo is an unpretentious plant and can withstand even high temperatures, reaching 30 degrees. However, he feels more comfortable at a value of 18 to 25 degrees to avoid the appearance of various diseases. It is not recommended to place bamboo near radiators, as the air in such places is too dry.


The plant is able to withstand different environmental conditions. However, you should regularly dust the leaves with a damp cloth to preserve the beauty of the bamboo. At the same time, high levels of humidity in the room should be avoided, as this can lead to yellowing of the leaves.

indoor bambooa photo


Indoor bamboo can be grown in three different ways. Depending on which one you prefer, the plant will be watered. So, when growing bamboo in water, you need to change it regularly. Every week you should get rid of the old water so that the plant develops quickly and harmoniously.

The soil in which bamboo grows should always be moist, as drying it out can lead to diseases of the plant. At the same time, the liquid must not be allowed to stagnate in the ground, since in this case mold may appear, which will not benefit the evergreen plant. Summer watering should be plentiful, but in winter and autumn they should be reduced to avoid yellowing and dying of leaves.


Many people who grow this exotic plant are wondering why indoor bamboo turns yellow. The most common cause of this problem is lack of fertilizer. The acquisition of an unhe althy yellow hue by the stem may be accompanied by the death of the leaves. Therefore, it is necessary to feed on time. If bamboo is grown in water, then it is updated every 2-3 months. You should use a mineral fertilizer that is intended for dracaena. Approximately the same fertilizer is applied if bamboo grows in the soil. In this case, they are simply connected to the water intended for irrigation.

Basic bamboo care tips

Bamboo is a houseplant, the care of which involves a number of activities. Summarizingall of the above, you can list several principles for caring for him.

Bamboo indoors
  1. Irrigate heavily in summer and reduce in winter.
  2. Feed with dracaena fertilizer once every two to three months.
  3. Watch the temperature in the room. If the plant is too hot, its leaves will turn yellow.
  4. Water only with settled water. Its temperature should be 18-20 degrees.
  5. Do not place bamboo on the windowsill on the side where direct sunlight hits.
  6. To avoid yellowing leaves, protect the plant from cold air and drafts.

Thus, caring for indoor bamboo is not difficult, the main thing is to do it right.

How to twist the "bamboo of happiness"

Indoor bamboo, the photo of which is presented in this article, has become widespread in interior design for its stem. The fact is that there are no leaves on it, and it can be bent, creating unusual shapes and even expositions from a plant. Simply put, bamboo is "twisted". How do you do it yourself?

  1. To spin a plant, you need to put its stem in a plastic tube and leave it there for a while, but not less than a week. The tube can be bent in many ways, and after a long time spent in it, the stem will take on its shape and subsequently no longer change it. Of course, you will need to pick up the phone after a while.
  2. If the stems are young, then there is morenot stiff, you can simply bend them the way you want and secure with wire. After a few weeks, the fasteners are removed, and the stem takes on the desired shape.
Bamboo room care at home

It is important to remember that bamboo grows in height. To give it a beautiful shape, you need to artificially twist it.

Feng Shui Meaning

Bamboo is grown indoors by many people. This plant has a certain meaning, according to the teachings of Feng Shui. It all depends on how many stems are used in the composition. Three stems will bring joy, 5 - financial well-being, 7 - longevity, 20 - love and happiness in family life, 21 - success in all areas. However, you should not create compositions using 4 stems, as this number is unfavorable.

To enhance the magical properties of bamboo, the plant can be tied up with red or gold ribbons, decorative pebbles placed on the ground, and an elephant, dog, frog or panda figurine can be planted on it.

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