Interior curtains: types, description, material used, photos, design tips

Interior curtains: types, description, material used, photos, design tips
Interior curtains: types, description, material used, photos, design tips

Do you have a small apartment? Then take a look at the interior curtains. They can be used instead of doors to separate one room from another. What is the advantage of curtains? They take up little space and add air to the room. What are the curtains and how to choose them, read below.


do-it-yourself interior curtains

Interior curtains made from natural materials are the most popular. Fabric tulles, curtains and curtains can be successfully entered into almost any interior. Such a "partition" between the rooms will help create comfort in two rooms at once. What is the advantage of fabric curtains over all the others? They are easy to match the interior, if necessary, the fabric can be bought double-sided. Hanging and washing such curtains is simple, and they are unpretentious in maintenance. Do fabric interior curtains have disadvantages? Yes. Curtains collect dust, and if they are not washed in a timely manner, they not onlyThey will look ridiculous, but they will also cause allergies. The fabric tends to fade, so the curtains will be short-lived and last only a few seasons, after which they will lose their presentable appearance. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, you can see photos of interior curtains in any glossy publication dedicated to interior design.


bamboo interior curtains

In Asian interiors, bamboo interior curtains are very common. But even in the modern designs of Russian apartments, you can see many variations of such decor of the interior space. Why have bamboo blinds become so popular? This phenomenon can be explained by the passion of Russians for everything foreign and unusual. People like to have different souvenirs brought from foreign countries in the house. Bamboo curtains look stylish, and unlike fabric counterparts, they do not collect dust. What else are the advantages of such a separating element? Bamboo curtain looks great not only in rectangular and square openings, but also fills the space well in the form of an arch. These curtains are easier to fit and adjust in height than any other.


interior decorative curtains

Girls like to use filament curtains as interior curtains. Such decorative elements are very diverse. They can be the simplest, without decorations, decorated with beads or rhinestones, or they canhave an interesting color transition. Thread curtains close the entrance to the room well, and if necessary, they can be easily assembled. Another advantage of this type of interior decor is the low price. Thread curtains, unlike fabric and bamboo, do not need to be made to order. You can buy them at any hardware store. Curtains are easy to maintain and operate. Such curtains are ideal for a one-room apartment or studio apartment.

Curtain of beads

interior curtains photo

Do you want something unusual? Take a closer look at the curtain on the interior doors made of beads. Bright plastic pebbles will be a spectacular addition to a room made in an oriental or modern style. Curtains made of beads will be heavier than their thread counterpart. This fact can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage. A large weight will not allow the curtain to scatter, and you can be sure that the entrance to the next room will not accidentally be ajar. But on the other hand, if there is a need to assemble the curtain, it will have to be tied for a long time so that it does not fall apart.

With the help of a curtain made of beads, you can successfully draw out a simple interior. Pick up beads of a complex color or with complex overflows, and you will get an interesting accent of the room that will attract everyone's attention.


Lace curtains look beautiful. But such curtains on the interior arch must be selected with great care. If you make the wrong choice, then instead ofstylish interior you will be able to reproduce the rustic design. Choose expensive lace as a curtain that will look presentable. To make it easier for yourself to care for such a curtain, it is better to look at light, but not white shades. Ideally, the curtain should be in harmony with the wallpaper. In this case, the transition to the interior space will be quite logical and appropriate. No one will have questions that guipure is superfluous here. The perfect addition to the lace curtains will be in a room decorated in Provence style.

Japanese curtains

Do you like the style of the Land of the Rising Sun? Then you will like Japanese-style interior decorative curtains. Fabric blinds will be a beautiful division of space. If necessary, they can be raised, and if it is necessary to hide from the eyes of the guests what is happening in the next room, the blinds can be closed. The versatility of such a curtain lies in the fact that it is made of fabric, not plastic. Such a curtain looks expensive and can successfully be combined with even the most sophisticated interior. You can look for yourself as a standard version of the white curtain, as well as more interesting options with a pattern.

Roller blinds

Designers offer to make interior curtains organic or invisible. Roller blinds will help you to hide the passage to the premises as you wish, or open it. What is the advantage of such a division of living rooms? The plastic material from which the curtains are made can be used not only forseparation of the hall and bedroom, but also for the visual separation of the kitchen from the dining room. Grease and soot will be easily washed off the roller blind without damaging it. If necessary, such a separation can be completely removed or partially replaced by broken segments. Such a purchase is strong and durable. As for the aesthetic appearance of the curtain, each person should have his own idea. It will suit a modern interior, but it will be difficult to fit such decor into something stylized.

Curtain of paper clips

Do you have a lot of free time? Or maybe your kids have nothing to do? Collect interior curtains. How to do it? You will need several packs of paper clips and colorful postcards. Cut colored cardboard into strips, and then wind them around a paperclip. Do you want the interior curtain to be not only original, but also pretty? Then try to fit it into the interior. Select postcards in the appropriate color scheme of the room. You can make a gradient transition between several colors. Spare parts for the future curtains need to be done a lot. When there are enough blanks, you can begin to create a curtain. Thread the paper clips one into the other so that you get a long vertical snake. The height of such a segment should be equal to the height of the doorway. Attach the finished curtain element to the bar and continue to make the second row. Similarly, the entire curtain should be assembled. You can experiment not only with the colors of postcards, but also with the colors of paper clips.

Glass curtain

Glass elements always bring somecharm. If you are a fan of this material, but could not successfully fit glass products into the interior, buy an interesting curtain. Such a decorative element can enliven any room. What are glass curtains? Most often, designers decorate filament curtains with colored or plain glass elements. Such designer things look interesting not only due to the color, but also due to the shape of the decorative elements. They can be made in the form of various figures or unusual futuristic elements. Glass curtains are heavy enough that they can separate even those rooms in which drafts are constantly walking.

Metal curtains

interior decorative curtains

Do you like the era of knights? Then you will like metal curtains. Such decor is well suited for both modern interiors and interiors of the future, for example, decorated in high-tech style. What are the advantages of metal curtains? Such decor does not lose its appearance over time, the curtains do not fade and get dirty badly. The curtains are made of stainless steel, so the metal does not corrode, does not turn yellow and does not rust. The moderate weight of the curtain allows it to separate one room from another, but at the same time create the effect of an air transition. This applies to both curtains, which are made according to the principle of chain mail, and curtains with metal decorative elements.

Knitted curtain

interior curtains designers offer

Are you short on free time? Then create an interior curtain with your own hands. It can be crocheted or knitted. Where to get inspiration for work? Look in specialized magazines and find some pretty patterns. Such elements will become the basis for your creativity. Make the curtain interesting. But do not combine more than three or four different elements. You need to choose a color scheme based on the color of the room. If you want to expand the space, then tie a light curtain, and if you want to narrow it down a bit, for example, a long corridor, then the curtain should be dark.

Macrame curtain

curtain designers offer

Do you do needlework in your spare time? Then it will not be a difficult task for you to make yourself an interesting decorative element that will decorate the interior space. Make a macrame curtain. Such curtains look airy and unusual. The usual thread curtains are too commonplace. They can be seen in every second interior. If you want to create a unique interior, you will have to work hard. But in fact, creating a macrame-style curtain is not difficult. Thick threads that need to be tied together with various knots quickly form an interesting weave. There is no need to make a long one-piece canvas. You need to decorate only the upper part of the entrance opening, the rest of the space will be filled with thick threads.

Shell Curtain

Curtains that are made of natural look beautifulmaterials. Shell curtains will give the room a unique style. Such a decoration will not only successfully fit into the interior in a marine style, but also delight the residents of the room with a melodic chime. Every time the breeze blows, the shells will ring. This fact should be taken into account for those people who want to buy a shell curtain and hang it in the nursery. Such a decoration will get very dirty if placed between the kitchen and the living room. Therefore, the best location for the curtain is between the living room and the bedroom.

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