Aluminum greenhouses: description, design and characteristics

Aluminum greenhouses: description, design and characteristics
Aluminum greenhouses: description, design and characteristics

Gardeners and summer residents are increasingly setting up greenhouses on their plots. You can make them yourself, but it's easier to buy a finished model. Aluminum greenhouses sheathed with polycarbonate or glass have become popular. As a result, the structures made of these materials will be of high quality, so you can safely grow any plants in them.

The proposed article describes the characteristics of an aluminum greenhouse and describes the main varieties of this useful structure.

General Description

Thanks to modern technology, greenhouses can be found on the market, the frame of which is made of various materials. Most often, manufacturers make these structures from galvanized steel, pipes or aluminum profiles. It is the latter option that is optimal for creating a modern greenhouse structure, which will have high technical properties and good performance. In addition, such a structure has an aesthetic appearance, so it will decorate the summer cottage.

To complete the description of the aluminum greenhouse, it is necessary to mention the distinctive advantages of thisfunctional design:

  • you can make it yourself (you will need a minimum set of tools and building materials);
  • Easy installation thanks to the light weight of the aluminum profile;
  • ability to withstand heavy loads, high temperatures, high humidity and frost;
  • it is allowed to sheathe the frame with polycarbonate, ordinary glass and polyethylene film;
  • the structure retains heat well and heats up quickly, as it perfectly transmits sunlight;
  • corrosion resistant.

Aluminum greenhouse - a design that can withstand a large weight load. In addition, she is not afraid of bad weather conditions (for example, strong winds).

aluminum greenhouse


Aluminum greenhouses are classified by shape into the following models:

  1. Arched - structures, the advantage of which is that snow will not accumulate on their roof due to the arched walls. However, in the greenhouses of this species, tall plants will have to be grown only in the center, since there will not be enough space near the walls for this. In this case, it is desirable to sheathe the frame with a film or polycarbonate.
  2. Shed - greenhouses, which must be installed close to the wall of a residential building. This is an economical option, since fewer materials will have to be purchased than with other methods. It is recommended to build such a structure on the south side.
  3. English - elite aluminum greenhouses with a high plinth.
  4. Gable - classicvarieties with high strength. The dimensions of such structures are determined by an individual project. The frame of gable greenhouses is made of aluminum profile.
  5. Pyramidal - small structures for growing seedlings.
  6. Dome - greenhouses, which, due to their unusual shape, let in a large amount of sunlight. But it is difficult to make such designs on your own.

Gardeners recommend building warm aluminum greenhouses, the frame of which will be sheathed with sheet polycarbonate or glass.

aluminum greenhouse with gable roof (classic)

Planning and site selection

To build a greenhouse, you must first develop its blueprint. This document displays the dimensions of the structure: the length, width and height of the structure, as well as the distance between the frame planks. In addition, the diagram indicates the places where door and window openings, roof parameters and other technical data will be installed.

When choosing a site, the following important requirements must be taken into account:

  1. The place should be well lit from all sides. If there are tall trees or buildings nearby, look for a less shaded area.
  2. The distance from outbuildings is an important condition, since the structure must be placed in an open area. This indicator should be at least 1.8 m, however, this requirement is irrelevant if a shed greenhouse is being built, attached to the wall of the house.
  3. It is recommended to install the structure in the directionfrom north to south: this way the object will be provided with uniform heating.

The project also indicates the number and size of future beds. For example, for a standard aluminum greenhouse with dimensions of 6 × 3 m, it is recommended to choose the following parameters:

  • number of beds - 2 pcs.;
  • width - 1.2 m;
  • longitudinal passage - 0.5-0.6 m.
aluminum greenhouse covered with polycarbonate


For an aluminum greenhouse, you need to build a strong foundation. You can use the following materials to organize the foundation:

  • screw piles (if clay soils prevail on the site);
  • reinforced concrete;
  • laminated timber.

The base will make the structure more reliable and protect the frame of the aluminum structure from environmental influences. If this requirement is ignored, white rust may form on the surface of the so-called greenhouse skeleton.

Masters recommend erecting a rubble-concrete strip foundation about half a meter deep. This is a reliable and strong foundation, for the device of which they dig a trench 30-40 cm wide, fill it with a layer of sand, mount the formwork from the boards and pour the solution. In addition, at this stage, you can make fences for future beds inside the structure.

Aluminum profile frame assembly

the photo shows the process of assembling the frame of the structure

First you need to prepare the parts according to the dimensions given in the drawing. As a rule, for the construction of an aluminum greenhouse framea profile pipe with dimensions of 20 × 20 × 1.5 mm is used. It is a well-workable material that can be bent, sawn and welded. Curved profile is used for the construction of high-end multifunctional greenhouses and arched aluminum models.

You can fix the frame in the following ways:

  1. Welding is a method that requires an inverter and special electrodes.
  2. Anchor bolts - the best option if you have to transfer the greenhouse to another area.
  3. With aluminum blind rivets - one-piece connection.

Initially, you need to attach the profile to the foundation with anchors. The result will be the base of the frame itself, on which it is necessary to fix the profile pipes using any of the methods described, taking into account the design documentation. Entrance doors and windows are arranged in the end parts of the structure.

To get a high-quality aluminum structure, its "skeleton" should be sheathed with polycarbonate or glass. Both options will be discussed in detail below.

Polycarbonate for aluminum greenhouse: advantages and installation

aluminum greenhouse, the frame of which is made of polycarbonate

This is a durable building material, the advantages of which include not only high technical parameters, but also a decorative look. Polycarbonate sheets are solid and honeycomb. It is the latter option that is considered suitable for sheathing the frame of the greenhouse. The advantages of cellular polycarbonate include the following properties:

  • high strength;
  • durability;
  • lightness and plasticity;
  • withstands temperatures from -35 to +60 °C;
  • high thermal insulation qualities due to multi-layer;
  • top layer protected from dust accumulation;
  • high light transmission;
  • when burning does not emit toxic substances.

To sheathe a finished aluminum greenhouse frame with polycarbonate, you must first fasten the sheets to the “skeleton” of the structure with thermal washers. This work must begin with the roof and walls, and then sheathe the doors and windows. Polycarbonate must be laid end-to-end using special connecting profiles.

Glazing aluminum greenhouse

If you sheathe the frame with double-glazed windows, the result will be a structure with high thermal insulation qualities. But a lot of money will have to be spent on the device and repair of such a greenhouse. A cheaper option is to use regular glass.

The roof must be sheathed from the ridge, and the walls from the bottom. To attach the glass to the aluminum frame, for this purpose it is necessary to use polyurethane sealant. To avoid gaps between the parts, they should be overlapped. In the photo, aluminum greenhouses, the frame of which is sheathed with glass, look very presentable (the picture is shown below). You can’t even immediately say that the main drawback of this design is fragility.

beautiful aluminum greenhouse sheathed in glass

Additional items

It is recommended to lay out a path inside a small structure from brick chips. Don't forget:in winter, the greenhouse needs to be heated. For these purposes, you can use stove, gas, water or electric heating. The latter option is considered optimal, since many types of powerful electric heaters are sold on the market. But such devices will heat the structure unevenly, so they will have to be installed in different places.

Greenhouses made of aluminum must also be provided with high-quality ventilation. Air vents and fans are elements with which you can solve this problem. It is better to place them in the roof, as this way they will not create a draft.

inside the greenhouse


Aluminum Greenhouse is a durable and useful structure in which vegetables and other plants can be grown. But it is equally important to provide the building with constant care. The beds should be periodically treated with disinfectants.

If you need to build a beautiful and original structure, the article tells how to do it. in conclusion, we add that the aluminum greenhouse is considered a classic model, time-tested.

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