Install a wooden fence in the country

Install a wooden fence in the country
Install a wooden fence in the country

At the moment, many residents of megacities have suburban areas at their disposal, where they can escape from the routine and everyday hustle and bustle. When a person comes to a dacha, he always feels the contrast between calm, quiet nature and a noisy city - nature relaxes, calms and helps to forget about the problems that have accumulated in daily life.

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The dacha is used for recreation, as well as for growing crops - it is often used to prepare various preparations: pickles, jams, compotes, etc. And how often they make you feel the summer mood in the cold winter! At the same time, how can you leave your possessions unattended? How to fence off your site from thieves, passers-by, homeless animals, as well as other adverse factors? In this case, a secure fence, such as a wooden fence, will be required.

It is the embodiment of the traditions of our country, since this material has been used in Russia since ancient times. You can remember the magnificent Suzdal and Novgorod churches, made of wood, in addition, ancient Russian buildings that were erected without nails. The wooden fence can be seen in the writingsRussian great artists who depicted them in their paintings quite often. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly material that does not contain artificial unnatural impurities, since it is created by nature itself.

No type of fence harmonizes so much with the nature of the cottage, like a real one

wood fences for cottages

wooden fence. With its artificial appearance, it does not stand out against the background of trees and other vegetation, it goes well with a log house.

Different carvings, ornaments will give it individuality, thus it will not look like any other fences. Of course, during its construction, various factors should be taken into account, including weather conditions - a wooden fence cannot be placed in wet or rainy weather. To preserve its appearance, you need to buy special tools that need to be treated annually. With proper care, it will serve you for more than 10 years.

It can also be said that wooden garden fences are the most popular types of fencing, due to the low cost of the material, ease of installation and attractive appearance. Even despite the fact that the period of their service is relatively short, many owners of summer cottages prefer them.

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If you are thinking about whether to install it yourself or turn to the masters, it can be noted that the workers involved in their installation for many years, in a short time and with ease, will be able to do the job, saving you frombug fixes and extra hassle.

A wooden picket fence is considered the most short-lived fence. In general, its service life reaches 10 years. It depends primarily on the soil and climate. In order to extend its service life, the required minor repairs should be carried out in a timely manner, as well as from time to time it should be treated with antiseptic materials and painted.

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