Hobs "Hephaestus": description, types, reviews

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Hobs "Hephaestus": description, types, reviews
Hobs "Hephaestus": description, types, reviews

Recently, built-in models of hobs are becoming more and more popular. They can be electric or gas. This household appliance is ideally combined with any stylistic design. Thanks to the features of the installation, it is a single unit with the countertop. This solution gives a certain charm to the entire kitchen space.

hephaestus hobs

Hephaestus hobs

Let's consider in this review several models of the Belarusian manufacturer. The Hephaestus hob deserves special attention. Reviews about this brand are mostly positive. Each consumer can choose a device based on personal preferences. All modern hobs are equipped with many convenient features and are significantly different from their predecessors. In this article it will be possible to get acquainted with the types of devices and their additional features. Thisinformation will help when choosing and buying equipment.

Currently, the products of the Belarusian brand Gefest are popular in Russia. There is a wide range of different models of cooking surfaces on the market. All of them have many differences. First of all, each device is made in the original design key. The product is available in three versions: electric panels, gas and combined. Also, each of the models has certain technical characteristics. Their popularity lies in the fact that Gefest produces high-quality products that meet European standards. Let's take a closer look at the types of hobs.

hephaestus hob gas

Varieties by food type

As mentioned above, gas, electric and combined appliances can be found in the Gefest model line. The gas hob works on the basis of blue fuel, the electric one, respectively, from electricity. What does combined mean? This type of hob can be powered by a gas cylinder, and if necessary, switch to power supply. Considering that in the Russian Federation today blue fuel is cheaper than electricity, it is gas models that are very popular. They are a device with four burners (in some versions, there may be two or three) located directly on the surface, and simple, convenient regulators. Some models are equipped with electric ignition. Worth notingthat gas hobs "Hephaestus" have an attractive appearance and a clear principle of operation for everyone. These criteria as a whole will bring a lot of positive emotions during the operation of equipment.

Electric hobs are safer to use. When installing such stoves, you need to make sure that the wiring in the room is powerful enough. Unlike gas models, the surface of electric models is easy to clean. To do this, just apply a special tool on the surface and leave for a couple of minutes. After that, lightly wipe the equipment with a clean cloth. Separately, I would like to note that the Gefest company cares about its consumers and strives to provide safe, high-quality products that are as convenient as possible to use.

Highlights of electric hobs

Currently, more and more buyers are choosing Hephaestus electric hobs. But there is nothing surprising in this. This technique provides a number of advantages. First, it is operational safety. The electric version does not provide for the presence of open fire, and in the operating mode, gas leakage is completely excluded. Secondly, these models do not consume oxygen during cooking, which is impossible when using gas burners. Thirdly, when cleaning this type of equipment, you do not need to make special efforts, since the surface does not provide for the presence of gratings and has a flat and smooth structure. And fourthly, they are installed in houses with a high number of storeys, where, for safety reasons, gas supply is not provided.pipes.


Hephaestus hobs have been pleasing domestic buyers for a long time. Many people know firsthand about their quality. Speaking about the advantages of this type of equipment, it is worth highlighting the long service life, reliable and high-quality workmanship, and the use of high-quality materials.

A significant advantage of built-in hobs is saving kitchen space. After installing such a device, the room becomes much more spacious, and most importantly, more functional.

According to the reviews of people who already use appliances from the Gefest company, the hob does an excellent job with all the duties assigned to it.

hob hephaestus reviews

Types of coverage

A wide range of models allows you to choose a device that will have an enamel or aluminum coating of the working surface. There is also a Hephaestus built-in hob made of stainless steel or glass-ceramic. Any coating copes well with thermal and mechanical stress. However, each of them has minor disadvantages. For example, if a heavy object falls on the enamel coating, the paint may chip off. But the glass-ceramic surface has more aesthetic disadvantage - it often leaves traces of water or fingers. Less demanding are aluminum coated appliances.

Glass-ceramic hobs look very impressive. Each buyer will be able to choose a model in black or white, and withdesire to choose a work surface on which a beautiful pattern is embossed. Such models are equipped with four burners, a small display and a control panel. They are of the induction type.

Gefest CBH 4220

hephaestus built-in hob

Let's look at a specific example of the products of the Gefest company. The hob electric model SVN 4220 has the following dimensions: 5, 5 x 76, 5 x 53 cm. The surface is covered with glass ceramics. Only 4 burners, one of them has an oval heating zone. The control panel is located on the side, there is a timer, a sound signal. Touch type switches. Rated power - 7 kW. The only drawback, according to customer reviews, is the rapid contamination of the ceramic coating.

Gefest SG SN 1211 K30

hephaestus hob electric

What other options does the Belarusian company Gefest offer the consumer? The hob gas model SG SN 1211 K30 has dimensions: 9.5 x 59 x 51 cm. The surface is enameled. Equipped with four burners: the largest - 3 kW, two medium - 1.7 kW, small - 1 kW. The panel is made of stainless steel, the grate is cast iron. The control is carried out by rotary switches. There is electric ignition. The device is equipped with a gas control system. The control panel is located on the right side.

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