How to make a horizontal bar in the house with your own hands?

How to make a horizontal bar in the house with your own hands?
How to make a horizontal bar in the house with your own hands?

What can be the most important thing in the life of any person? Of course, work (earning money for daily bread), a comfortable home and a beloved family. But what about everything else? After all, if your back hurts or your hands aches, then the house is not happy, and the work is not nice, and it will be very problematic to work a shift at a factory or at a computer in the office. You probably guessed where we are driving? Of course, sports and a he althy lifestyle are essential! Therefore, in order to fully return from your work, so that you can easily do various things, play sports wherever you can. Go to the gym and go to nature. Push up and squat at home. Swim in a pool or river. Harden yourself in the hole and visit the bathhouse. And even in a stuffy office, take 10-15 minutes to stretch your stiff joints. And now, so that you understand how easy it is to do all this, let's build, for example, a horizontal bar with our own hands in our apartment.

do-it-yourself horizontal bar

It doesn't take much skill to make it. First, let's decide where you want to install the projectile. You can hang and fix such a horizontal bar anywhere in the apartment, whether it is a narrow corridor, a wall opening or an arch. If you don't want to searchmetal pipe for the crossbar in various places, you can easily buy a ready-made kit in any sports store. Before buying, be sure to measure the distance between the walls with a tape measure where the crossbar will be. This is necessary in order not to run back to the store and not change the purchase. Suddenly the pipe will be longer or much shorter than your corridor or doorway. In the store, check that the crossbar itself and wall mounts are included in the kit. If you buy such a ready-made set, everything will be much easier - making a horizontal bar with your own hands will not be difficult. Come home and attach your sports equipment where you have already marked. To do this, you will need a puncher, a screwdriver and a hammer. Keep in mind that mounting the horizontal bar on concrete walls is much more reliable and safer than on the wooden surfaces of door blocks. Again, this depends on your weight. If it does not exceed 80 kilograms, then you can safely mount the crossbar in the doorways. Everyone measures the height of the horizontal bar for himself.

do-it-yourself wall-mounted horizontal bar

If you do not have money to buy expensive equipment, then you can build a horizontal bar with your own hands from improvised means. To do this, find the crossbar itself. This will not be difficult to do. A metal pipe with a diameter of 30-40 millimeters is easy to find in any enterprise, housing and communal services or in recycling containers. Armed with a hacksaw for metal, you can easily saw off the length you need. Fasteners will also have to be done by yourself. Any metal plates and steel blanks are suitable for this. Houses,by drilling holes in them with a drill, you can make excellent holders for the horizontal bar. If this part of the work turned out to be beyond your power, then feel free to go to the nearest workshop (or enterprise) - any turner or locksmith will make excellent fasteners for you within half an hour. Having fixed your product in the right place in the apartment, you can relax and take a break, because soon you will play sports. Well, now you know how to make a horizontal bar at home with your own hands.

do-it-yourself horizontal bar at home

If you have a large apartment, you can afford to have a separate room for sports. In this case, a do-it-yourself horizontal bar is also mounted, but between one wall and a vertical metal crossbar. This crossbar, unlike wall and door openings, can be adjusted and rearranged at different distances. This is a kind of stationary horizontal bar. It takes up more space and is used for more serious exercises. That's basically it. In this article, we talked about how you can make a wall-mounted horizontal bar with your own hands. It is wonderful! And now it will not be difficult for you to improve your he alth every day.

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