Choose projects of one-story brick houses

Choose projects of one-story brick houses
Choose projects of one-story brick houses

The desire to have a cozy and comfortable home is quite justified and natural, but at the same time its maintenance does not exceed reasonable limits. In an effort to build comfortable suburban housing, do not forget about rationality. Very often, having driven a short distance from the city, one can contemplate the projects of one-story brick houses, replete with complex roofing and panoramic windows, with all kinds of turrets and spiers. On paper or a monitor screen, this all looks, of course, impressive and original, which inspires you to purchase a project. But only after drawing up the estimate will it become clear how much all these delights will cost you, and after the housewarming, energy bills will spoil all the delights of country life.

Projects of one-story brick houses

Projects of one-story brick houses, from an aesthetic point of view, should not have any pretentiousness and catchy decor at all. An attractive appearance can be achieved in other ways, which will cost you much less.

Projects of one-story brick houses with a garage

Many projects of one-story brick houses can look very good in graphic design, but if the necessary proportions are not observed, the building will look awkward even with spectacular facade elements. Only strict geometric, ordered and balanced proportions will give the cottage architecture a harmonious and beautiful look. Projects of one-story houses, made by an architect who approached work from a rational, practical point of view, will even on paper have balanced proportions of wall height, window geometry, roof structure and its dimensions. For example, very often architects use such a technique as horizontal windows, which, given the horizontal orientation of buildings, will look very impressive.

Projects of one-story brick houses with a garage should have an average angle of inclination of the roof slope. If the angle of inclination is small, then such a house will outwardly look bulky and squat. When considering a drawing, this is imperceptible, but when you look at an already built house from a height of human height, the roof will simply not be visible. In this case, only gutters and cornices will remain visible. The angle of inclination of the slopes - and this should be reflected on the application when you are considering projects for single-story brick houses - should be at least 40 degrees. Such a roof will already be hard to miss, and with the right choice of roofing structure and material, it will even become a decoration of the house.

In terms of form,then, as practice shows, projects of one-story houses with a hip roof that look the same from all sides will look great on the outside. this type of roofing gives a one-story structure an ordered look, harmoniously completing the volume due to uniform lowering on all walls.

Projects of single-storey brick houses

When starting to build your own home, do not strive to choose projects that can amaze the imagination. The most important thing is not originality, but the reliability and comfort of your family "nest".

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