We repair the roof of a private house with our own hands

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We repair the roof of a private house with our own hands
We repair the roof of a private house with our own hands

Repair of the roof of a private house is carried out in different ways, it all depends on the type of material.

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Repair of cement-sand and ceramic tiles

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Cracks formed in tiles lead to leakage of natural tiles. Such a defect directly depends on sharp fluctuations in temperature and on the crumbling of cement, which is embedded between the particles. In order to prevent the occurrence of cracks, it is necessary to reinforce the roof. This is done by placing boards under the base of the connecting rafters. The distance between them is affected by the scheme of the roof of the house. To solve the problem with cement, the obsolete putty should be removed and replaced with fresh mortar. It is created from a part of lime and two parts of sand. Microcracks formed on the tiles can also be lubricated with the resulting mixture.

Repairing a metal roof

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Repair of the roof of a private house for suchcoverage will be required if it was installed in error. In addition, damage can occur during the cleaning of elements, with mechanical damage or loosening of fasteners. In order to protect the metal tile from corrosion, it is necessary to cover the material with paint if scratches were found on it. Repair of such a coating must be carried out by sealing the gap between the roof elements and the metal tiles, using adhesive tapes or a special silicone roofing sealant. If the problem is poor quality self-tapping screws, it is best to replace them with new ones.

Repair of sheet metal roofing

When the roof of a private house is made using galvanized iron, there are often violations of the integrity of the folds - seams that are designed to connect the sheets of the coating. They separate due to corrosion or mechanical damage, after which leaks occur.

In order to repair the roof of a private house, you must first clean the damaged sheets with a metal brush. From this material, a patch with dimensions much larger than the area of ​​the defect should be cut. Then it is covered with a special flux and soldered to the surface. After cooling, the remaining solder should be removed with a file and the roof should be covered with paint. If the damage was more voluminous, you need to change all the damaged sheets for new ones.

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Slate roof repair

Troubleshooting such roofing material is notspecial difficulties, but this procedure must be carried out with the utmost care due to the fragility of the slate. It is best, when repairing the roof of a private house, to use a ladder-ladder, thanks to which the weight of a person on the surface is distributed evenly. The procedure consists of sealing small cracks. For this, repair adhesive tapes and cement mortar are used. The damaged area is wiped with a cloth soaked in gasoline, and the protective paper is removed from the tape and attached to the crack. The surface can then be painted.

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