Small kitchen design: options and tips

Small kitchen design: options and tips
Small kitchen design: options and tips

Repair work in the kitchen is approached with special responsibility, since this is the most visited place in the apartment. Everyone dreams of equipping a room with high-quality appliances and equipping it according to the latest fashion trends. Is it possible to make an interesting design in the Khrushchev kitchen? For small rooms, there are many design solutions that can turn a room into a comfortable kitchen unit.

Features of the layout of small kitchens

In order to visually expand the spatial boundaries, there are a number of rules. Furniture for such kitchens should be comfortable and convenient, if possible, you should opt for high sets, due to their size they will fit perfectly into the interior and help save space in space. If possible, you should delimit the working area and the dining area, the latter can be moved to a larger room by removing massive dining furniture from the kitchen.

Arch kitchen design

Often interior designers suggest replacing bulky doors as they take up a lot of space. Instead of them, arches are placed that are able to visually enlarge the room and easily fit into any interior. There are many options and types of such openings, but it is required to select an element in strict accordance with the style of the entire room. By replacing the doors with an arch, you can safely count on freeing up some space in the kitchen area and occupying it with a small closet or comfortable shelves.

Arched kitchen design

The market is full of offers for ready-made arches made of various types of wood, along with the product, sellers offer a whole package of services: from the designer's visit to the installation and installation of the structure. In order to save money, you can install it yourself. Before starting work, you need to find out some important points:

  1. The functionality of the wall. If it is a load-bearing one, then it is not recommended to make a large opening; if the wall acts as an interior partition, you can proceed with dismantling.
  2. Determine the size. The width of the arch should match the dimensions of the opening, but the height should be approximately 150 mm larger.
  3. Before dismantling the wall, you need to find out what material it is made of in order to determine the type of tool.

For fastening the finished structure, guides and rack profiles, self-tapping screws will be needed, and dowels for concrete walls.

Arranging furniture

When designingsmall-sized kitchen raises a number of problems and questions. Often disputes and disagreements occur at the time of purchase and choice of a kitchen set. In small rooms, you have to give up large household appliances or furniture. Transforming tables fit perfectly into the modern design of a small-sized kitchen. When folded, they take up very little space, they can be easily moved to any part of the room: to the wall or to the center. When the structure is extended, the number of seats increases.

Choose a dining table should be according to the general style of interior design. In Provence-style kitchens, you can install a light wooden table that does not burden the atmosphere of the room and maintains its style, or a glass sliding table. For a classic design option, wooden dining furniture is suitable; in order to save space in space, it is placed by the window or in a free corner of the room.

Kitchen design with breakfast bar

You can completely abandon the dining table, replacing it with a bar counter. This solution saves a lot of free space in the room, because behind such furniture you can not only eat, but also cook. By designing the counter so that the wall is only on one side, you can easily slide high bar stools into the resulting empty space, which will slightly expand the room.

Equipment placement

If desires are not inferior to financial possibilities, then you should look at the built-in household appliances. It is necessary to give preference to models that combine initself a range of functions. For a microwave, you need to allocate a hinged shelf so that the oven does not take up much space on the countertop.

The design of a small-sized kitchen with a refrigerator should be considered based on the dimensions of the equipment. For small rooms, the solution will be a technique with a built-in freezer, which will significantly save space in the room.

Choose the right lighting

In kitchens, combined lighting is more often used, which includes lower light for work surfaces and upper light to illuminate the room completely. For wall lamps choose lamps with soft light. They are installed in the immediate vicinity of the working area.

Central kitchen lighting

For small spaces, central lighting is the best option. The shapes and sizes of lamps are quite diverse, but you should remember that you need to choose a lamp in accordance with the general style of the room.


For uniform distribution of light throughout the room, it is recommended to use groups of spotlights with a narrow dispersion angle. Such devices are divided into two types: rotary (they can be placed in any convenient direction and illuminate the desired part of the kitchen) and fixed, with a strictly directed light flux.

Spot lighting of the work surface

Spotlights have significant advantages: energy savings, clean light, long service life.

LED strip

This kindlighting is suitable for illuminating the working surface of the kitchen or any other part of a small room. The light is quite subdued, not bright, and can be used to decorate a cornice or ceiling. The backlight is easy to install, durable, protected from overheating.


White kitchen design

To visually increase the size of the room, you should choose the right color scheme when decorating. In the decoration, it is necessary to use a neutral color, for example, white, and complement it with interesting elements of interior decor. Textile decorative details should be chosen in pastel shades. In the design of the room, it is recommended to adhere to one style, try to maintain the atmosphere in one or two colors.

Provence style kitchen

The interior of this style is simple and comfortable, the room is decorated in soft, pastel colors. The abundance of greenery, floral arrangements of fresh and artificial flowers, dried flowers are actively used to decorate the interior of a small kitchen. Provence furniture should be functional, so the sliding glass table will become the centerpiece of the interior.

Provence style kitchen

Selection of textile parts

Provence is a gentle and romantic French style, so from ancient times housewives chose only light pastel colors for curtains and tablecloths, with or without a soft print. They preferred a discreet pattern, mostly it was a cage, peas or a delicate floral ornament. This styleis simple, so heavy curtains are not used in interior design. Curtains often act as a decorative element, they often decorate open shelves.

Kitchen textiles in Provence style

While the style doesn't take intricate ornate patterns or bulky furniture, it's not boring. In order to diversify a light tablecloth, you can use all sorts of bright trim details. For example, add a milky-colored tablecloth with a blue ruffle. Curtains and table coverings should match colors and patterns to maintain the overall atmosphere of the room.

For the design of a small kitchen with a window, this style is the most suitable, flower pots with plants installed on it will receive the necessary amount of sunlight and add zest to the interior. In this style, blinds or roller blinds will be relevant for the window, it is also possible to use light tulle of a delicate shade.

Kitchen room in classic style

Kitchen in classic color

This interior option involves the use of a large number of natural wood elements. Classic kitchen furniture is made of maple, ash or oak. Textile elements: curtains, tablecloths - should be chosen from natural fabrics, linen or cotton. To slightly dilute the classics with a touch of modernity, small porcelain souvenirs or figurines, compositions made from natural materials are added to the interior. The color scheme of the style is quite strict, restrained pastel shades prevail.


Minimalist kitchen

One of the modern styles that is functional and concrete, perfect for small kitchen interior design. In this design there is nothing superfluous, everything is simple and tasteful. In style, preference is given to calm colors and modern furniture. The only drawback is its simplicity, since decorative elements of various complex shapes should be absent.

Small kitchen design with column

Unfortunately, a significant inconvenience in the kitchen, faced by residents of small families, is a gas water heater that stands out against the background of the wall and spoils the view of the room. For this reason, the development of a kitchen design in Khrushchev is not an easy task. The pipe is masked and hidden in a special hanging cabinet, in which it is necessary to make a large number of holes for ventilation. Such a box will easily fit into any interior, just add a few hanging cabinets designed in the same style to it.

Development of a design project for a small kitchen

Currently, there are many enterprises that provide services for the design and creation of kitchen furniture, interior design. Specialists offer a wide choice of materials and colors, create projects according to the preferences of the customer. Designers draw the future kitchen interior in special programs so that the client can clearly see the location of the elements of the room.

If you have little skills in working with drawing programs or programsfor drawing, you can use online planners and develop an individual design yourself. The programs provide the ability to draw your own 3D design project in real time, and then save the work on a social network page or send it by e-mail. The finished project can be guided by the installation of furniture and appliances.

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