Do-it-yourself toilet dismantling - features and recommendations

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Do-it-yourself toilet dismantling - features and recommendations
Do-it-yourself toilet dismantling - features and recommendations

Surely every owner thought about updating the interior of a house or apartment. In particular, this applies to the bathroom. When making major repairs in it, the owners often face the problems of dismantling old plumbing. Dismantling and installing a toilet bowl is a very difficult task. However, this work can be done by anyone with minimal experience and tools. Further in the article, we will take a closer look at how to dismantle the old toilet bowl with our own hands.


First we need to prepare the work area. To do this, remove all rugs and shelves from the bathroom. Make sure that there are no fragile parts nearby. We will also need working tools, namely:

  • pliers;
  • hammer;
  • chisel;
  • hacksaw;
  • wrench;
  • stationary knife.

Additionally requiredbasin, rubber gloves, goggles and rags.

dismantling the old toilet

Before dismantling the toilet with your own hands, you need to turn off the water on the riser. Further, all the liquid from the tank is drained into a basin.

Phased dismantling

First you need to remove the toilet seat. This can be done with a wrench. Then the lid and support are removed from the tank. Next, you need to find the elements that fix the tank to the wall. Usually the element is fastened with bolts or nuts. They should be unscrewed with a tool.

What to do if the bolts are rusty?

Please note that fasteners may rust. In this case, for dismantling, you should use a hacksaw for metal. We cut off the necessary bolts and proceed to the next step.

Continue work

When cutting off the last nut, try not to break the tank - call an assistant to hold part of the toilet. Next, you need to disconnect the pipes that are brought to it. To do this, use a wrench. Pay attention to the way the toilet is fixed. It is usually installed to the floor with bolts and sealant. Using a sharp blade (you can use a clerical knife), cut the sealant.

dismantling the toilet

Next, unscrew the bolts. If they are also rusty, use the previous method with a hacksaw. Then slightly raise the toilet. It is necessary to move it relative to the main sewer pipe. Next, we proceed to the dismantling of the socket. To do this, you need to slightly scroll it and shake it in different directions. Often he immediatelydetaches after dismantling the corrugation.

When dismantling the toilet, try not to contaminate the sewer drain pipe. If fragments get there, it can cause a serious blockage of the system.

After that, drain the remaining water from the siphon. To do this, raise the edge of the toilet. Next, install the container and plug the pipe nozzle with rags. If this is not done, the sewer smell will spread throughout the apartment. This completes the dismantling of the toilet.


Installation should be done only after finishing work, that is, on a tile or on a flat, cemented surface. Start the installation by connecting the device to the sewer. To do this, use a corrugated outlet.

do-it-yourself toilet dismantling

It is better to buy a new element - it is unlikely to fit from an old toilet bowl. Next, a rubber seal is put on the toilet outlet. The latter is pre-moistened in water. Then the toilet is installed in the selected place and the second end of the corrugation is attached to the sewer pipe.

At the base of any modern toilet there are fixing lugs. Through them, using a marker or pencil, make marks on the floor. Disconnect the corrugation from the sewer outlet and move the toilet to the side. So we will free up space for drilling holes in the marked places. In the course of work, we need a puncher. The diameter of the hole must match the plugs that come with the toilet bowl fixture. You will also need special drills with victorious tips. They are suitable for working with concrete andtiles.

Next, the toilet is returned to its original place. It is required to combine the holes made with the factory ears. Fastening is carried out with bolts or with the help of long screws with a hex head. Pay attention to tightening torque. It is important not to overdo it, so as not to deform the ceramic floor tiles.

The final stage of installation is to seal all joints where the toilet bowl touches the floor.

If the toilet is without ears

There is also such plumbing. In this case, the installation is carried out on epoxy glue or cement mortar. But in order for the connection to be of high quality, it is necessary to ensure maximum surface cleanliness. For this floor, all dirt and dust is removed.

Fixing the drain tank

So, the main part of the toilet is already installed. It remains only to fix the drain tank and connect it to the water supply. To do this, we use two bolts and a rubber gasket. The latter is put on the outlet side of the drain tank. Long bolts with washers are installed in special holes. Next, the tank is installed in its place.

toilet installation and dismantling

You need to combine all the holes, namely two mounting and one drain. From below, the bolts are tightened with plastic nuts with so-called wings (turnkey metal ones will not work, otherwise the element may be damaged). The force of one hand is enough to ensure the tightness of the connection.

Plumbing connection

Now you should connect the toilet bowl to the water supply. For thisuse a flexible hose with nuts at both ends. What this element looks like can be seen in the photo in the article.

dismantling and installation of the toilet

It is important to ensure maximum tightness. For a better seal, you should use FUM tape, but sometimes rubber gaskets are included with the hoses.

This completes the installation and dismantling of the toilet bowl. Then you can turn on the water supply system. Plumbing will be fully usable after the sealant has completely dried.


So, we figured out how to install and dismantle the toilet. As you can see, all the work can be done by hand. When dismantling the toilet, try not to break the tank - it is very heavy and flimsy. The help of a second person will not be superfluous. Also, do not move the toilet yourself. The weight of a ceramic product can reach thirty kilograms.

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