Crafts from wine corks

Crafts from wine corks
Crafts from wine corks

Wine cork is the perfect material for a variety of creative ideas, from children's crafts to practical use in the home and garden. Therefore, if you have accumulated a certain amount of them, and it is a pity to throw away corks, this article will help you find out what interesting and useful things you can make from this recycled material.

If you haven't collected wine corks, perhaps you should do it today, because when you see what you can make from seemingly unnecessary corks, you will start to have a real creative itch and a desire to do something create something similar in your home. But where to get a large number of traffic jams? That's a good question. Surely bartenders from cafes will help you with this, unless they themselves are engaged in crafts from wine corks. They can also be purchased at the winery (if there is one in your locality).

Original candlesticks

If you're the kind of person who has a lot of creative energy, you'll definitely love the idea of ​​reusing cork, which is a little underrated andjust thrown in the trash.

What can be done with wine corks?

Using cork plugs, you can creatively decorate the interior of the premises of an apartment or a cottage in the country. Numerous advantages of cork made it popular among creative people involved in hand-made. What ideas for using traffic jams have been put into practice? First of all, these are all kinds of rugs, original panels, cork curtains, crafts, souvenirs and hot coasters.

To start working with wine corks, they must first be washed, and if necessary, remove stubborn wine stains, soak for 4 hours in bleach. After that, the corks must be well dried, otherwise they will not stick together in products. And to cut the cork perfectly, use a little trick in the form of a large paper clip.

Cork cutting idea

Hot stand

The main thing is that it is not difficult to implement any of the ideas listed above. For example, a stand for hot dishes is needed in the kitchen in every home. To create a stand, you will need a small form cut out of a cardboard box, 10-15 pieces of corks, a knife, a glue gun.

As you can see in the photo with the kettle, the corks are cut in half and glued onto the prepared base. In any kitchen or living room where tea parties are held, this idea will look creative.

Hot stand

Rug of wine corks

Great bathroom rug idea easy to useincarnation and found its admirers. A cork rug for a wet bathroom is good because it does not breed bacteria and does not absorb moisture.

There are several options for making a rug. It can be strung on a wire, and stacked in rows of barrels of corks. You can cut the barrel along the length and stick it on the prepared base. In any case, to make a rug, you will need about 200 pieces of corks, a glue gun, sandpaper and a base for the rug. It can be rubberized fabric.

If you perform the option with corks cut along, they must be processed with sandpaper on the cut line and carefully glued onto the base. In the photo below, the bathroom rug is made from solid corks and consists of 14 rows of 24 corks each. Corks are strung on a thin fishing line or silk thread, and then formed into a rug. On the connection lines, the rows are glued with a glue gun.

Rug in the bathroom

Cork curtain

If you have a fair amount of traffic jams, you can make something original and one of a kind from them - a cork curtain. There are different ways to bring this idea to life. It can be a completely floor-to-ceiling curtain, consisting of corks with beads of various colors and sizes alternating between them. It can be hung both on the window and on the doorway. It will look equally original.

To make a curtain, you need to drill a hole in each cork. Corks are strung on a strong silk thread or thin fishing line in alternation withoriginal beads. The number of threads with plugs depends on the width of the opening. Of course, you will need a large number of corks and beads for such a curtain. But you won't regret it if you love original stuff.

cork curtain

Decorative souvenirs

Crafts from wine corks can not only decorate the interior of your apartment, but also become a wonderful souvenir for friends, a gift for relatives. For example, a creative keychain that does not sink in water will be an original present for a friend. In the circle of friends and acquaintances, there will certainly be a person involved in sports, he will like your bodybuilder. In the summer, a pendant made of a wine cork will be in place, and a charming little mouse will please anyone: both a kid and an adult.

Crafts from wine corks

Frames and panels

We used to make some notes on pieces of paper that were at hand. Then they put this piece and forgot where …. But it is enough to place all these pieces on a panel created from corks, and nothing will be lost. This DIY accessory made from wine corks is very useful and has a certain value. You can fasten the leaves with the help of buttons that fit perfectly into the cork surface.

An original gift will be a photo frame made from corks. There are many family holidays and memorable days when this gift is appropriate.

Wine cork frames

To make the frame you will need cork wine corks, a small piece of cork wallpaper, cardboard orplywood, knife, scissors, glue gun.

The base of the future photo frame is being prepared from cardboard or plywood. A similar shape is cut out of the wallpaper, and these two blanks are glued together. It is better to put this blank under the press for better bonding. Corks are cut in half and glued to the workpiece. The finished frame should dry well.

From wine corks you can make various frames. It can be a frame for mirrors and painted pictures. There is no limit to ideas and their implementation.

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