Folding chairs: overview, types, specifications and reviews

Folding chairs: overview, types, specifications and reviews
Folding chairs: overview, types, specifications and reviews

Our apartments are not always spacious and comfortable. Often, choosing between beautiful and practical furniture, you have to compromise. A variety of folding furniture designs have firmly settled in us, and folding chairs are proof of this.

Who needs these chairs

This type of furniture will never lose its relevance. During the day, chairs perform their main function, and at night they become a convenient option for sleeping furniture. Armchairs in the unfolded form allow you to stay overnight with friends or relatives, help put all your children to sleep in your small apartment. The cost of these furniture elements is much lower than the cost of a bed or a large sofa. For example, a folding chair in Moscow can be found for only ten thousand Russian rubles.

Armchair eurobook

Difficulties in choosing

Designers and manufacturers are working to improve the appearance of chairs and their technical capabilities. To us, beforehow to update some multifunctional furniture in our home, we have to figure out some tricks of choosing it. A folding chair-bed is a convenient piece of furniture that has not gone out of fashion for decades. A variety of designs allows you to match such furniture with the rest of the room.

Positive Feedback

Let's look at the advantages that users note when using a folding sofa chair. They love such chairs mainly due to the fact that during the day they can be kept in the living room without spoiling the decent view of the entire room, and used for relaxation. In the evening, these same chairs, if necessary, can become sleeping places. Some models of folding chairs are often used for design in one room of small sizes, where even a small single bed will not fit.

Beige armchair

There are very miniature models of such furniture that can fit even in the corner of a small corridor. Even people who prefer to have a folding chair in their apartment instead of a full bed note that it is very convenient to fold and unfold it back. The transformation process takes place quickly and without unnecessary physical effort. Many people prefer chairs without armrests, this makes them lighter. Some folding sleeping chairs have a special niche inside, which allows you to significantly save space.


Judging by user reviews, the disadvantages of folding types of chairs mainly lie in poor transformation mechanisms. But this shortcoming inIn most cases, it occurs when the product was purchased from an unverified seller. Worthy firms monitor their products and try to foresee all the nuances that arise during the period of using their furniture.

Common types of folding chairs

  • Models of chairs, in which, when unfolding, the berth rolls out from under the seat, they are roll-out. The mechanism of this chair consists of three parts. It is worth pushing the front part, and then the other two will roll out. Roll-out designs when folded are very compact, pleasant and easy to use. When unfolded, the seams on this chair are almost invisible.
  • View of the folding mechanism "Dolphin". Here, with a slight movement of the hand, it is worth rolling out the lower part and then getting the upper part out of this part. The strength of folding structures and ease of repair make this chair a favorite with users. Another advantage of this type of construction, many include the high location of the place to sleep.
gray armchair
  • The most familiar option for everyone is a book. The seat of the chair rises up to a loud click, then presses against the back and falls with it. Main positives: budget, easy to repair, can be used with any floor covering.
  • Eurobook - a more pleasant version of the book we know. First, the seat rolls forward, then the back of the chair smoothly lowers into its place. The sleeping surface is smooth and without hard joints, which is liked by a large number of users.The good news is that you don't need to lift anything with effort. Eurobook has many variations of armrests due to its unfolding system. And under the seat, this model has a spacious box for storing bedding.

To purchase a model of a folding chair for your home, you need to understand for what purpose you are buying a chair. Based on this, you should choose a design according to the following parameters.

Choose the right model

  • The choice of unfolding mechanism for your chair will be based on how often you are going to use this furniture in its unfolded form. If you expect a nightly unfolding of the chair, opt for a folding mattress. If the chair is taken as a kind of fallback in case of overnight guests, then you can take a model equipped with a simpler mechanism.
  • Furniture frame is now available in metal and wood. Folding chairs on a chipboard frame are also in high demand. The wood board will serve for a long time and regularly, and the cost of the product is low. Wooden and metal frames are able to withstand the heavy loads that fall on the chair-bed. In addition, the metal frame of the chair has a removable cover, which is very hygienic. In the modern furniture industry, they prefer to combine all these materials. This undoubtedly increases the durability and comfort of the seats.
dark armchair
  • The best for such a chair will be an elastic filler madesolid piece. When buying a product, make sure that there are no dents or bumps on it.
  • Upholstery material must be wear-resistant, resistant to various types of dirt, hygroscopic, elastic and have a pleasant pattern.
  • The dimensions of your chair can be ordered individually. Although on sale there are a huge number of different models of different shapes. The dimensions of a standard folding chair are about a meter long and the same width.

Where there is no place for leather upholstery?

Ordinary armchairs upholstered in genuine leather or various leather substitutes look good and serve their owners for a long time, which is something to be happy about. But in the case when the chair is also used as a bed, this type of upholstery already has some disadvantages. Due to the fact that the surface of the leather chair is slippery, the bedding will strive all the time to "escape" from you. Changing the sheets frequently and catching the blanket on the floor won't make you feel energized in the morning.

white armchair

Chair for comfortable fishing

By the way, a folding chair for fishing also exists. This is a comfortable design, consisting of a seat made of very dense polyester and a high quality metal frame. Such a chair has a metal frame and is able to withstand a person's weight of more than one hundred kilograms. The back of the chair can change the angle of inclination, can be easily folded, takes up little space during transportation. You can make your own fishing chair, you just need to get an old cot.

Folding chair with your own hands forfisherman

Tools you will definitely need:

  • hacksaw;
  • metal pin;
  • drill.
Fisherman's chair

The task is to split the aluminum folding bed by cutting, remove the middle leg together with the entire middle part, then fasten the headboard and "foot" part. The result should be a chaise lounge chair:

  1. We mark the frame of the clamshell in the places of the alleged cuts with a hacksaw. We choose the places where we will cut so that we are satisfied with the size of the resulting seat.
  2. We make a metal insert-pin about eighty centimeters long. The rod should fit snugly into the aluminum frame of the sawn bed.
  3. Departing from the cut of thirty millimeters, we drill a hole for the future rivet in one of the tubes.
  4. Exactly the same hole will be drilled in the insert.
  5. Connect the insert and the tube and fasten with a screw.
  6. Now pull the end of the second connected tube onto the insert. We drill the tube and insert in the connected form.
  7. After this operation, we connect the tubes and inserts completely and fasten them with rivets.
  8. Fishing chair frame ready.
Armchair in the room

Next, let's start connecting the frame and the canvas of this chair. If the fabric of the cot is still good, you can use it. If not, let's take an awning fabric or canvas, arm ourselves with a strong needle and patience. We begin to sheathe the cloth around the frame of our homemade chair-sun lounger. The positive aspects of this folding chair are immediately noticeable: its frame is strong and resistant to temperature fluctuations and changes in air humidity. The easy chair develops thanks to possibilities of a folding bed. And also such a product can be easily transported in a car.

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