Makita lawn mower safety tips

Makita lawn mower safety tips
Makita lawn mower safety tips
Makita lawn mower

The Makita lawn mower is a common lawn care tool, but it must be built with all safety in mind. The Consumer Product Safety Commission puts forward this statistic: In the US alone, more than 60,000 casu alties admitted to emergency hospitals each year are injured while using lawn mowers unsafely. Children under the age of 15 are especially at risk of injury from lawn mowers. The following are important rules for the safe operation of the lawnmower.

Makita Petrol Lawn Mower Precautions

  1. Never smoke while filling up the gas tank.
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    Store gasoline in special containers designed for this purpose. Fuel must meet quality requirements.

  3. Never store gasoline (full fuel tank) indoors orindoors.
  4. Never store the lawnmower or fuel container where there is an open flame (may cause sparks) - near a heater and other similar equipment.
  5. Never pour gasoline into the tank of a lawn mower in a car or plastic floor box. Always place the tank on the ground, away from your vehicle, before filling.
  6. If gasoline spills on the surface of the tank or the mower itself, do not attempt to start the engine, move the machine away from the spill to avoid creating a source of ignition. Wait for the fuel vapors to dissipate.
  7. Never remove the fuel tank cap or add fuel while the engine is running. Allow engine to cool before refueling.

Makita lawn mower: safety measures for all types of mowers

  1. Before starting work, please make sure you have read the safety information contained in the manual supplied with each lawn mower in its entirety.
  2. Keep children away from the device while it is on.
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    The Makita lawn mower is not intended for use by young children.

  4. If there is a risk that children may be in the area where you are mowing, then there must be another responsible adult who will closely supervise them.
  5. The lawnmower blades spin very fast and can pick up and throw debris that can seriously injure others and yourselfemployee.
  6. Before starting work, remove small and large debris from the area to eliminate the risk of injury.
  7. Makita lawn mower is equipped with very sharp blades that can amputate arms and legs.
  8. Do not allow anyone to stand near the mower while it is running.
  9. Before leaving the work area, make sure the blades have come to a complete stop and the machine is turned off.
  10. Always turn off mower when crossing a sidewalk or road.

Makita Electric Lawn Mower Safety Precautions

  1. Use only serviceable extension cords.
  2. Always turn off the mower when you move away from it. When unplugging the power cord, never pull on the cord.
  3. Never use the electric mower when it is raining outside.

All of these precautions can also be attributed to a device such as the Makita trimmer.

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