Liquid starch: preparation and use

Liquid starch: preparation and use
Liquid starch: preparation and use

The household cleaning industry is replete with a variety of tools to help you get your house in order and do your laundry effortlessly. These products include liquid starch.


The main area of ​​application of such products is washing. The presence of starch compounds added to the rinse water makes the laundry firmer, which is useful for curtains, curtains, collars and shirt cuffs. In addition, starched fabric is easier to iron, wears less and looks new. Dust settles less on it due to the fact that the fibers do not bulge, but are glued together.

Liquid starch can either be used after washing for rinsing in solution, or applied with a sprayer directly during heat treatment with an iron.

Popular cooking recipe

How to make liquid starch? There is nothing easier. For such a solution, you will need any vegetable starch, but for white fabrics it is desirable to use corn starch, it has a lighter base and does not stain.

how to make liquid starch

Cooking liquid starch. Ingredients:

  • water - 1 liter (distilled or well-filtered is suitable, it will have less hardness, and the substances contained in starch,dissolve better);
  • vegetable starch - 4 tablespoons;
  • essential oil to taste and desire - 1 teaspoon.

It is worth mixing all the ingredients together thoroughly to get liquid starch. Now it is enough to drain the liquid into a container with a sprayer to get the product no worse than in the store, and you can start ironing.

Cooked Recipe

For thinner fabrics, liquid starch is best made using the custard method, this will require the same ingredients, but the cooking process will be different.

liquid starch

Water is divided into equal parts, one part must be brought to a boil. In the second share of water, dilute the starch and essential oil to a homogeneous state, combine the solution and boiling water together, you get a kind of jelly-like mass, which is added to the rinse water or the fabric is soaked immediately in the resulting mixture. This recipe will help curtain fabric, tulle, guipure, table napkins acquire shine and hardness.

Additional use of starch

Don't think that starch is only good for laundry, it can be used in the home in a variety of situations.

liquid starch

If you apply liquid starch to windows, let it dry and simply sweep away the remaining powder with a clean rag, then you can forget about buying special window cleaners.

Starch absorbs liquid well, which can help with coffee stains on any surface.

The powder is able to remove unpleasantshoe odors.

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