Residential complex "New Izmailovo". Characteristics and features of the new building

Residential complex "New Izmailovo". Characteristics and features of the new building
Residential complex "New Izmailovo". Characteristics and features of the new building

The construction of residential complexes in the suburbs is the most common type of construction. Moreover, these are not detached residential buildings, but entire micro-towns with shops, hospitals, educational institutions and banks. These residential complexes include "New Izmailovo".

Location of the neighborhood

This residential complex is located on the outskirts of the city of Balashikha near Moscow. 2 km away from MKAD. By private car, you can get here in 10-15 minutes along the Enthusiasts highway. By public transport from the Second Gate stop to Novogireevskaya station, the journey will not take more than 20 minutes.

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The microdistrict is located in an ecological area. Together with the suburb "New Izmailovo" Balashikha is surrounded by lakes and forests. Gorensky forest park is located right behind the residential complex. Favorably affects the environment and the absence of industrial enterprises near the microdistrict.

Houses and apartments

Recently put into operation residential complex "New Izmailovo" is a dozen houses, consisting of many sections. Houses differ in the number of floors. Here are the buildings from 12- to 25-storey structures. Atblock-monolithic technology was used in the construction of buildings, which gives buildings special strength and reduces their cost.

The buildings are lined up along the central boulevard. Plastered hinged panels are used to finish the facades. The plinths of the buildings are finished with ceramic granite slabs. All houses are built in the same architectural style of typical urban skyscrapers.

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About 370 sq. m occupies living space. Here are presented one-, two- and three-room apartments. Interestingly, the buyer can take part in the planning of the apartment, planning the location of the rooms at his own discretion. The ceiling height in many apartments is standard, but at the request of the client it can be changed up to three meters. It is possible to purchase both fully finished apartments, and those where there is no fine finish. Ramps are mounted in the entrances, there are modern high-speed elevators.

The cost of apartments starts from 2.5 million rubles (67,000 rubles per sq.m.). For buyers, payment by installments was provided until the end of construction. To date, there are mortgage lending, discounts, promotions.

Infrastructure. Parking

The yards of residential buildings are equipped with children's play areas. There are also sports grounds. Paths for pedestrians are paved, and squares with benches for rest are everywhere.

For the convenience of young families with children in the residential complex "New Izmailovo" two kindergartens have been completed and are successfully operating, capable of accommodating more than 300 children. A school was also built820 students with pool. The neighborhood also has its own medical center and police station.

Shops, banks, hairdressers, pharmacies, catering establishments are located on the first floors of new buildings.

Besides, "New Izmailovo" is located very close to Balashikha and Moscow, and its residents, in case of emergency, can use the infrastructure of these cities.

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The forest park area has also been ennobled. It has bike paths and comfortable walking trails.

Parking included in the project was to be a multi-level garage for 4,000 cars, as well as guest parking for more than 100 cars. In fact, there is only open parking, which can hardly accommodate the cars of residents of the Novoe Izmailovo district.

Builder company

In the late nineties of the last century, this area was called "Solntsegrad" and had a reputation for long-term construction with low-quality houses. The developer company could not cope with its obligations, and the city administration decided to entrust the construction to another company. In 2010, the district was renamed "New Izmailovo", and the Leader Construction Corporation became the main developer and seller, which was able to complete the construction and ensure the proper quality of the facilities.

On the account of the corporation "Leader" there are several more construction projects. These are already commissioned residential complexes and individual houses built according to customer projects.

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Advantages and disadvantages of a residential complex

The undoubted advantage is the proximity of this residential complex to big cities where you can find a decent job. At the same time, the presence of kindergartens and schools allows parents not to take their children far from home to attend educational institutions.

But, despite the amenities of the residential complex "New Izmailovo", the reviews left by the residents leave much to be desired. People complain about the congestion of the route, the overcrowding of buses and fixed-route taxis. In addition, the proximity of the freeway and the constant noise of cars make it difficult to sleep peacefully.

Also about the new building "New Izmailovo" reviews are negative about the quality of the purchased apartments. It is said that the developer often violates the promised footage and ceiling height. In addition, the installation of plastic windows is not carried out according to all the rules, as a result of which the structures are blown and damp.

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