A standpipe in your garden

A standpipe in your garden
A standpipe in your garden

Apple orchard, flower gallery, outdoor shower and even a bath - all this attracts us out of town, especially in the summer, to get some air and put some effort into the garden. The local water supply network in this case comes in handy.

Neither dachas, nor botanical gardens, nor separately located land plots can please us with plants without water. And our task is to equip a simple and convenient water supply in the form of a communications network for irrigation. The source of water can be either a local main, or a reservoir or natural reservoir with a pump.

Water network

Providing water to every corner of your garden can sometimes take a lot of effort. Therefore, the presence of such a device as a water column is just a gift. A hose is attached to it, and your plants not only drink, but also take a shower. Water is taken from the standpipes to deliver it anywhere in the territory.

Water column of various designs

The water column can have a different design and purpose. It comes with one or more outlets (popularly known as "geese"), of various heights (750-3500 mm), can be used fordomestic consumption (drinking water, for irrigation) or for firefighting purposes with nozzles for connecting fire hoses.

The column is connected by screwing to the hydrant located in the well at the required depth. With its help, an underground hydrant is closed or opened, from where water is taken.

These speakers can be used in areas with different climates - cold and humid, tropical, subtropical and temperate. The conditional value of the passage of the inlet pipe of the column intended for fire extinguishing is 125 mm, the outlet is 2x80 mm, which is quite enough for a good volume of water at the outlet. The water pressure of fire columns is 1.0 MPa. For dispensers used on land plots of dachas and settlements, a working pressure of 0.1-0.6 MPa and a nominal diameter of the supply pipe of 15 mm are sufficient.

The water column can be equipped with a lever with a spring, releasing which, we drain the water into the receiver. This is especially important in winter to ensure that no moisture remains in the above part of the dispenser, which, if frozen, can damage the entire device.

The column has such a detail as an ejector. It is designed to automatically suck out return water and prevent it from freezing in the device case. In any case, the above-ground part of the column should be insulated in winter. The length of the lower part of the device is determined by the depth of the pipes.

The upper part of the piston column body (cap) and the lower part (receiver) are made of cast iron, the middle part is a steel pipe. Withplumbing system, the water column is connected at the receiver point.

Column in the garden

For any thirsty passer-by, a pleasant surprise can be a street column, which can still sometimes be seen not only outside the city, but also within it - in parks, squares, squares. This seemingly insignificant detail provides additional pleasure for both children and adults during a walk.

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