Cross switch: wiring diagram, installation features. Switches Legrand

Cross switch: wiring diagram, installation features. Switches Legrand
Cross switch: wiring diagram, installation features. Switches Legrand

In long narrow corridors and on stairs in one place, it is inconvenient to turn on the light, because you have to walk half the way in the dark. A simple solution is to switch on from two places with walk-through switches (PV). When this amount is not enough, use a cross switch, the connection diagram of which is shown below.

cross switch wiring diagram

Unlike the feedthrough, it has four contacts, not three. It closes one of the two lines.

Operation principle

The cross device can only work when switching the polarity of the power supply, for example, when you need to reverse the motor. Here the principle of operation is extremely simple: if you apply voltage to the input, when switching, the keys at the output will change places "plus" and "minus".

In fact, the device is a line switch - one turns off one at a time and the other turns on. It is always installed between the PV. The device contains a pair of input andoutput contacts. In one position of the key, the first input and output wires are closed to each other. Accordingly, the second ones are also closed. When the key is switched, the first input wire is connected to the second output, and the second input wire is connected to the first output. It is only important to connect the contacts correctly, otherwise the system will not work correctly.

Cross switch wiring diagram

The switch is installed together with two pass-throughs, since it is not used alone in the home network. Most connections are made through the junction box.

The cross pass switch is the connecting part between the pass switches: it includes 2 wires from one and the same number goes to the second one.

cross pass switch

On the back of the crossover device, each pair of terminals has arrows indicating input and output.

Cross switch features

How the device works:

  • connection is made via a four-wire cable;
  • if several switches are used, they are all connected in one chain with each other, where the outputs of the previous one are connected to the inputs of the next one;
  • when creating complex contact groups, a cable with a large number of cores is used;
  • electricians prefer to use several simple circuits instead of one complex one.

Cross switch selection

In the store, the buyer may have problems with the choice of through and cross switches. Outwardly, they look likedevice of the usual type, and it is easy to confuse them with each other. The main difference is the number of contacts: a simple switch has two, a pass switch has three, and a cross switch has four. If the two-key model is selected, the number of terminals is doubled in each case.

For open wiring, an overhead model is purchased, and for hidden wiring - with a recessed box. Socket boxes are selected to the switches immediately in the store. Passage and cross devices are selected the same in appearance and type: rotary, keyboard, lever or touch. Their contact power should not be lower than that of the load.

In terms of manufacturer choice, Legrand switches perform well, although many may not be happy with the high prices.

switches legrand

The devices are the best solution for controlling lighting from multiple locations.

Cross switch wiring instructions

The work is done in several stages:

  1. Development of electrical wiring diagram.
  2. Groove gasket.
  3. Wall-mounted junction box. Its dimensions must ensure the creation of at least 7 connections, as well as the passage of other wires.
  4. Turn off the power supply to the installation site by the machine in the electrical control panel.
  5. Laying the cable from the junction box to the shield, switches and lights.
  6. Connecting the neutral core to the lamp contacts.
  7. Connecting the phase conductor to the contact of the first pass-through switch, and then according to the diagram.Wires between switches should be connected strictly in pairs.
  8. Connecting the contacts from the last PV to the lamps through the junction box.

If the connections were made without marking, you can find paired PV wires. To do this, first the extreme PVs are connected to the network, and then, switching the key of each, with an indicator screwdriver, there are phases on two of the four wires that go to the output. The remaining two wires should be connected to his other pair of terminals.

Double switch

Double cross switch, as well as a pass-through switch, contain two independent groups of contacts. They are designed to control lighting on two separate lines that are not interconnected.

double cross switch

In fact, a two-button cross switch is a pair of devices combined in a common housing. The connection of each line is carried out similarly to the previously stated instructions. It is advisable to first make the wiring to one lamp, and then to another. In this case, the connection circuits should not be interconnected. The control system for two light sources becomes complicated when a double cross switch is used. The wiring diagram is not particularly complicated, but there are many contacts and they can create confusion. If some electricians mount it, then during subsequent repairs, others are unlikely to deal with this circuit.

double cross switch

The number of connections in the junction box increases significantly, and there isthe problem is to hide everything inside it. In addition, cable marking is also more complicated. On sale you can find Legrand two-gang switches. The model is quite rare and not always available. Electricians usually try to divide such a circuit into two simple ones.


When it is necessary to increase the number of lighting control points more than two, a cross switch is used. The connection diagram must necessarily contain pass-through devices, except when it is necessary to change the polarity of the power supply. The system for switching lighting from several places is not complicated. It is important here to correctly mark the wiring and not get confused in the connections.

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