Burgundy roses - royal flowers

Burgundy roses - royal flowers
Burgundy roses - royal flowers

The queen of flowers - the rose - never ceases to amaze with its delightful beauty and enchanting aroma. This plant can be found in almost every garden. A bouquet of roses is the best gift that impresses with its beauty and harmony. Among the variety of varieties, burgundy roses can be distinguished separately. Their amazing shades from light to almost black tones cannot leave indifferent any connoisseur of beauty. This is the most requested and popular flower.


Each flower carries a certain symbolism. Roses are no exception. When choosing a bouquet, you need to pay attention not only to its beauty, but also to the meaning that it will carry in itself. The red-scarlet rose has always meant passion and love. White flowers are a symbol of innocence. Such a bouquet would be appropriate to present to the bride. It has always been believed that a yellow rose is a herald of separation or betrayal. A bouquet of burgundy roses signifies a woman's timeless beauty and elegance.

burgundy roses

But since these flowers can have different shades, their symbolism can change. Burgundy roses with a lilac hue mean some kind of charm. They are usually given to women of Balzac age. Maroon roses symbolize respect, and even sorrow. A bouquet of flowers in light shades of this range expresses admiration for the personality and her unusual abilities.

Rose "Black Prince"

Burgundy roses are presented in a large assortment. Each of the varieties has its own unique characteristics. "Black Prince" is one of the most popular varieties of roses among gardeners. She has a maroon coloration, which sometimes reaches black tones.

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The flowers have up to 80 petals, which makes them very dense. The bushes of this plant are short and compact. They grow up to 70 centimeters. The buds of this rose are almost black in color when they open. This makes them look velvety. In clear sunny weather, the opened flower has a bright crimson hue. These burgundy roses have been bred for a very long time and belong to the old varieties.

Hybrid rose "Astrine decanter"

Another member of the burgundy rose family is the "Astrine decanter". This flower is distinguished by a delightful aroma that you feel, even being at a considerable distance from the bush. The color of the rose has an intense burgundy color. Her inflorescences are large, thick with a terry effect.

Bouquet of burgundy roses

The bushes will decorate the garden, spreading their long flowingshoots. This hybrid is characterized by abundant flowering, which attracts gardeners and lovers of this flower. The height of the bushes reaches 120-150 centimeters. "Astrin decanter" became the winner at the international exhibition and received a medal for the best aroma.


This hybrid has a velvety shade of burgundy with a black sheen. Its height reaches 80 centimeters. The flowers of the plant are not large, but they are very dense. The tips of the inflorescences are slightly pointed, which gives them a special charm. The rose has few thorns and is very disease resistant. This hybrid does not like the sun, and the best place to plant it is in partial shade. "Blackbacara" is very well suited for creating bouquets. These flowers can last a long time in a vase. The flower will become a real decoration of any garden.

Rose Grand Prix

These burgundy roses, photos of which can be found here, are considered leaders among these flowers. They have a luxurious classic burgundy shade. The flowers of this rose are large and dense. They can be used in the preparation of bouquets both independently and in combination with other shades and colors.

maroon roses

This variety originated in the 19th century in Holland. The rose has a straight stem up to 1.5 meters tall with amazing flowers and luxurious foliage. The inflorescence does not bloom completely, which allows the bouquets to have a fresh look for a long time. The texture of the petals is silky and slightly velvety, which makes the flower extraordinarily beautiful.

Planting and care

Growing roses on your land is easy. If forproperly care for the bushes, then beautiful burgundy roses will grow. Photos of flowers will delight you even in the cold winter. When buying a seedling, be sure to find out about its features. Usually roses are planted before the buds begin to wake up. Watering the plants is carried out once every two weeks, but it all depends on the weather conditions. It is advisable to feed the plant twice a year, the first time in the spring, and the second after flowering. It is necessary to form a bush, cutting it regularly. It is better to cover roses for the winter, protecting them from severe frosts. Long shoots should be tied up. Sometimes they make beautiful arched compositions.

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